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Albarta Jacoba Looman MP (c.1769 - 1845)

Aliide Looman MP (deceased)

Ann F Looman MP (deceased)

Ann White (Looman) MP (1575 - 1684)

Ann Mäeots (Looman) MP (1830 - 1905)

Saaga EAA.1290.1.533:321 - 1830 , 1851 Saaga EAA.1290.1.558:522 - 1830 - 1905

Anna Sophia Looman (Loman) MP (1727 - d.)

Anna Sophia Looman (Loman) MP (1741 - d.)

kind: , Anna Sophia doopdatum: 01-03-1741 kerk: Lutherse Kerk godsdienst: Evangelisch-Luthers vader: Looman, Christiaan moeder: [de] Ruijter, Hendrina getuige: Looman, Harmanus getuige: [van] Rijnbach,...

Annie Looman MP (deceased)

Antje LOOMAN MP (deceased)

Antonia Looman (Wiltenburg) MP (1853 - 1919)

Antonina Looman MP (1790 - 1846)

Ariaantje Looman (Leeman) MP (c.1720 - d.)

Bendina Looman (Greving) MP (1888 - d.)

Berent Looman MP (c.1827 - d.)

Berentjen Looman (Oberink) MP (c.1774 - d.)

Berhnardus Maria Looman MP (deceased)

Brian M. Looman MP (1976 - 2008)

Brian M. “Goof” Looman, 31, of rural Teutopolis died at 4:11 a.m. Sunday, June 29, 2008, at home. The funeral will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Lillyville, with burial in th...

Carole J. Looman MP (1942 - 2007)

Catharina Johanna Maria Looman MP (1869 - 1913)

Catharina Johanna Klijn (Looman) MP (deceased)

Catharina Looman MP (deceased)

Catherine Galtz (Looman) MP (deceased)

Charlotte Mae Underwood (Looman) MP (1930 - 2008)

Christiaan Loman (Looman) MP (1704 - 1783)

Doop 30-03-1704 Groningen Kind Christian Geslacht m Vader Hindr. Lohman Moeder Anna Sophia Getuige Jan Hebler Getuige Christopher Gripskerkck - Bron Doopboek 1695-1748 Kerkelijke gemeente - Groningen C...

Christiaan Looman MP (deceased)

Christiana Geertruij Looman (Loman) MP (1728 - d.)

Christina Maria Johanna van der Linde (Looman) MP (b. - 1908)

Christina Maria Looman MP (1909 - 1968)

Clair Stanley Looman MP (deceased)

Cornelia Looman MP (deceased)

Cornelia Looman (Loman) MP (c.1826 - d.)

Cornelia Rond (Looman) MP (deceased)

Cornelia Hermina Looman MP (c.1823 - d.)

Dawn Adalian (Looman) MP (deceased)

Derk Looman MP (1802 - 1884)

Derkea Margaretha Looman (Mansholt) MP (1835 - 1916)

QUELLE: Ortssippenbuch (OSB) Landschaftspolder, Datensätze der Nummern 1556 und 1582. QUELLE: Internet-Auftritt "Arntholz-Wegmeyer-Boes-Thaden" .

Derksen Barink (Loman (Looman, Groot Looman)) MP (deceased)

Dersken LOOMAN MP (1817 - 1894)

Dirk Wouter Looman MP (1876 - d.)

Dutch Looman MP (deceased)

Earl Looman MP (deceased)

Earl Rufus Looman MP (1897 - 1978)

Earline Johnson (Looman) MP (deceased)

Edith Looman (Ford) MP (deceased)

Elinor LOOMAN (Gilchrist) MP (1906 - 1997)

Elisabeth LOOMAN MP (deceased)

Elmar Looman (Lohmann) MP (deceased)

Engbert Looman MP (deceased)

Engele Looman (Schutten) MP (c.1820 - d.)

Engelina Venderbosch (Looman) MP (deceased)

Estema Looman (Hildreth) MP (deceased)

Ethel May Looman MP (deceased)

Evaleen Looman (Barnes) MP (deceased)

Eveline Ruarus-Looman MP (deceased)

Felicitas Olde (Looman) MP (1917 - 1960)

Flora Isabelle Looman MP (1890 - 1950)

Foster Richard Looman MP (1907 - 1996)

Fredrika Johanna Looman MP (deceased)

Gardina Looman (Radstake) MP (deceased)

Garritjen Reugebrink (Looman) MP (1770 - d.)

Geertje Looman MP (deceased)

Geesken Looman (Wegereef) MP (deceased)

Gerardina Maria Looman MP (1893 - 1953)

Gerretdina Looman MP (1827 - 1910)

Gerridina ter Welle (Looman) MP (deceased)

Gerrit Looman MP (1826 - d.)

Gerrit Jan Looman MP (deceased)

Gerrit Looman MP (deceased)

Gesiena Peppink (Looman) MP (b. - 1802)

Gesina Christina Looman MP (1819 - d.)

Gonnie Looman MP (deceased)

Grada Frederika Rensink (Looman) MP (c.1805 - 1864)

Grada Fredrika Rensink (Looman) MP (deceased)

Gwen Looman MP (deceased)

Hans Looman MP (deceased)

Hans Looman MP (deceased)

Hans Looman (Kangru) MP (deceased)

Hans Looman MP (deceased)

Hans Loomann MP (1868 - d.)

PR XVII 1864-1877

Harmen Looman MP (c.1838 - d.)

Harmen Hendriksen Agterkamp Looman MP (deceased)

Harold H. Looman MP (1919 - 2004)

Published in the Grand Rapids Press on 11/17/2004. Harold H. Looman, aged 85, passed away on Tuesday, November 16, 2004. He was preceded in death by his sister, Joan Peterson; brothers, Don Looman an...

Harold Looman MP (deceased)

Harry Looman MP (deceased)

Hein Looman MP (deceased)

Helen Etta Looman (De Young) MP (1920 - 2009)

Helen Etta Looman, also known as Etta by many friends, was a woman who always had an open place at her dinner table and a heart that never ran out of room for anyone within her reach. She was a woman w...

Helene Looman (Kangru) MP (deceased)

Helmi Looman MP (1904 - 1920)

Särevere vallaliikmete nimekiri Tulimurro põllutööline

H.A.J.M. Looman (Klaassen) MP (1908 - 1997)

Hendersken Looman (Heijsterbosch) MP (deceased)

Hendrica Looman MP (deceased)

Hendricus Joannes Looman MP (deceased)

Hendrik Looman MP (deceased)

Hendrik Herman Looman MP (c.1831 - d.)

Hendrika Loman (Looman, Groot Looman) (Buunk (Buijink, Bujink)) MP (1740 - d.)

Hendrikus LOOMAN MP (deceased)

Henrietta Looman (Hansen) MP (1917 - 2014)

Hermanus Looman MP (1749 - d.)

kind: , Harmanus doopdatum: 29-10-1749 kerk: Lutherse Kerk godsdienst: Evangelisch-Luthers vader: Looman, Christiaan moeder: [de] Ruijter, Hendrina getuige: [van der] Beert, Antoni getuige: [van] Soele...

Hermanus Johannes Looman MP (deceased)

Hermina Wilhelmina Looman MP (deceased)