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Terresa Medy Lord (Dunson) MP (1812 - 1893)

Teyrnon Twrf Liant ap Pwyll (Lord of Gwent Is Coed), {Fictitious, Mabinogion} MP (deceased)

Thomas Lord, Jr. Dr. MP (1618 - 1678)

Thomas Lord, Jr., was one of those who owned lend “by the town's courtesie;” his home-lot was on what is now Wells St., next west of his brother, Capt. Richard Lord. Thomas Lord m. at Boston, Sept. 28,...

Thomas Lord MP (c.1585 - 1678)

Thomas Lord, smith, embarked April 19, 1635, in the “Elizabeth and Ann,” at London, aged 50, with wife Dorothy, aged 46.-Ch.: Thomas (l6), Ann (14), William (12), John (10), Robert (9), Aymie (6), Doro...

Thomas FitzThomas, 3rd Lord of Workington MP (1152 - 1200)

Thomas Lord MP (1721 - c.1763)

28. Thomas Lord married, 10 Jan. 1750-1, Mary Wise. This was his second marriage, since children were bapt. earlier. He died in 1767. Ammi-ruhamah bapt. 22 Nov. 1747. Lived in Limerick, Me. Mary ...

Thomas Lord MP (1773 - 1823)

Walcheline de Ferrers, seigneur De Ferrieres-St.-Hilaire, Lord Oakham In Rutland MP (c.1136 - c.1189)

Walcheline (Walkelin) de Ferrers or Ferrieres, of Derby, Lord of Egginton NOT the same as William de Ferrers son of Robert de Ferrers 2nd Lord of Derby married to Goda de Tosny (Tony) Note from...

William Lord, Sr. MP (1618 - 1678)

have to sort this out... 'A genealogical history of the Kelley family : descended from Joseph Kelley of Norwich, Connecticut, with much biographical matter concerning the first four generations and...

William Lord, Jr. MP (1656 - d.)

Notes "Another son, William Lord, removed from Salem, Mass., and probably to Kittery, Me. He married Mary Moulton of Salem, Mass., and perhaps the children of William and Mary Lord, found on the Ki...

William Lord MP (c.1673 - d.)

William Lord, Sr. MP (1577 - 1673)

William LORD 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 was born 6 1577 in , , England. He died 7 14 Jan 1673 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. William married 8 Abigail on 1636 in Salem, Essex, Massachusetts. 3. William Lord of...

William Lord, Jr. MP (1643 - 1696)

'Hyde genealogy: or, The descendants,in the female as well as in the male ... By Reuben Hyde Walworth Pg. 9 III. ELIZABETH HYDE(9), born at Norwich, Conn., Aug., 1660, the eldest daughter of Samu...

William Lord MP (1683 - aft.1756)

William LORD Birth: 20 MAR 1683 in Berwick, York, Me Death: AFT MAR 1756 in Berwick, York, Maine Father: Nathan "Elder" LORD b: 20 JUN 1656 in Berwick, York, Me Mother: Martha TOZIER b: 1662/...

Sgt. William Lord, III MP (1681 - 1736)

William Lord MP (c.1535 - 1610)

Good site for the Lord line: surname of LORD was derived from the Old English word 'hlalord' a nickname, often used no doubt, for one who aped the Lord. It may also have been used as an occupational ...

William Lord MP (deceased)

William Lord MP (1719 - 1819)

William (the Younger) Lord MP (c.1575 - 1672)

4. William Lord, Salem, Mass., called ' the Younger,' nephew of the above named William Lord ; who married Jane , as he himself tells us, though she signed her name sometimes as Eliza — perhaps her nam...

William Lord MP (1680 - d.)

Sources Vital records of Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, page 527, LORD, William, s. William, jr. and Mary (Moulton), 3 : 12 m : 1680.

Winifred Cohen (Lord) MP (deceased)

Winston Lord MP

Winston Lord (born August 14, 1937) is a United States diplomat and leader of non-governmental foreign policy organizations. He served as Special Assistant to the National Security Advisor (1970-1973...

Lord MP (c.1740 - d.)

Lord MP (deceased)

Alphonsus Gospatrick Lord of Calverley MP (c.1095 - d.)

Lord MP (deceased)

Lord (Pupic) MP (deceased)

Lord (Rickards) MP (deceased)

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Lord MP (deceased)

Lord MP (deceased)

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Marcellin Coppier de la Murette, Lord Montcoudiol MP (deceased)

(one) Lord MP (deceased)

(Private) garçon ou fille? Lord MP (deceased)

(three) Lord MP (deceased)

(two) Lord MP (deceased)

/ / Lord MP (deceased)

2 unknown Lord MP (deceased)

<Ukendt> Lord MP (deceased)

? Lord MP (deceased)

? Lord MP (deceased)

? Lord MP (deceased)

? Lord Faulkland MP (deceased)

? Lord MP (deceased)

? Lord MP (1775 - 1775)

? Lord MP (deceased)

? Lord MP (deceased)

? Lord (Howard) MP (deceased)

? Lord (Hirsch) MP (1849 - 1909)

? Lord MP (deceased)

? Lord (Barrow) MP (deceased)

? Lord Murray MP (deceased)

? Lord MP (deceased)

? Johnston (Lord) MP (deceased)

? Lord (Chouinard) MP (deceased)

? Lord MP (deceased)

? Mathews (Lord) MP (deceased)

? Fred Lord MP (deceased)

?? Lord MP (deceased)

?? Thompson (Lord) MP (deceased)

?? Lord MP (1947 - 1947)

______ Lord MP (deceased)

A Stanley Lord MP (c.1906 - d.)

a lord MP (deceased)

Aaron Lord MP (1732 - 1811)

Aaron Lord, Jr. MP (1758 - 1836)

aaron lord MP (deceased)

Aaron Lord MP (1714 - d.)

Aaron Lord II MP (1740 - d.)

Aaron Lord MP (deceased)

Abagail Hosford (Lord) MP (1744 - 1792)

Find a Grave Birth: 1744 Death: Dec. 9, 1792 Marlborough Hartford County Connecticut, USA Hosford, Abigail - consort of Enos - d. 9 Dec 1792 - age 48 yrs. Family links: Spouse: Enos H...

Abagail Lord MP (1830 - d.)

Abagail Stephens (Lord) MP (deceased)

Abbie A Lord MP (1844 - d.)

Abbie E LORD MP (1846 - 1893)

Abbie Ellen LORD MP (1847 - 1848)

Abbie Ann Lord (Doll) MP (1875 - 1967)

Abbie R. Foster (Lord) MP (deceased)

Abbie Lord (Hill) MP (1831 - d.)

Abbie Lord MP (1851 - 1944)

Abbie C Lord MP (1848 - d.)

Abbie Swett Lord MP (deceased)

Abby A. Lord MP (1848 - d.)

Abby Lord MP (1844 - d.)

Abby Tuttle (Lord) MP (1863 - 1946)

Abby Lord (Clark) MP (deceased)

Abby M. Burrows (Lord) MP (deceased)

THE GROTON AVERY CLAN, Vol. I, by Elroy McKendree Avery and Catherine Hitchcock (Tilden) Avery, Cleveland, 1912. p. 402

Abby Berley Lord MP (1831 - 1835)

(sources: gravestone inscription & Vital Records of Ipswich, MA to the end of the year 1849, births, deaths)Inscription:epitaph:"Weep not for the babe,Which thou wouldst not give,Oh, give it with joy,T...

Abby Caroline WIlson (Lord) MP (1855 - d.)

Abegail Baxter (Lord) MP (1814 - d.)

Abegail Lord (Nye) MP (deceased)

Abel Lord MP (b. - 1785)

Abel Lord MP (deceased)

Aberta Lord (Bwrw) MP (deceased)

Abiel Lord MP (b. - 1719)

Abiel Hovey Lord MP (1802 - 1890)

History of Logan County and Ohio One amongst two or three of the very earliest permanently resident physicians of Logan County was Dr AH Lord. He was not only one of the earliest but one of the most ...

Abiell Lord MP (1711 - 1790)

Abigail Lord (Cook) MP (1898 - d.)

Abigail Robbins Foote (Lord) MP (1770 - 1795)

Abigail Lord (Ayers) MP (1664 - 1742)

Abigail Lord (Milliken) MP (1750 - 1838)