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Lieutenant Albiano Lupo MP (c.1579 - bef.1626)

From Among the second wave of settlers in 1610, a gentleman by the name of Albiano Lupo arrived in America onboard a ship called The Swan. Predating the Pilgrims by ten years, Albiano, ...

Ambrosio (Ambrose) Lupo (de Almaliach) MP (1505 - 1591)

Ambrose was the founder of the Lupo family in England, and the first known member of the family to adopt the name Lupo, the Italian word for wolf. --------------------------- Lupo family From Wikip...

Elizabeth Lupo / Chandler (Bassano) MP (bef.1593 - 1635)

Possibly the BEST contender for the 'Elizabeth Bassano' who is listed as married to Albanus Lupo although there is no documented proof of even that she was a Bassano….. However, Albanus' Uncle Joseph...

Joseph Lupo MP (1536 - 1616)

Admitted to the musicians guild in Antwerp, Belgium, in 1557. Musician in the court string consort 1563 - 1616. Joseph Lupo turns up in British State papers beginning in 1563; was living in Blackfria...

Peter Lupo MP (c.1534 - 1608)

In 1606, King James of England granted a charter to the Virginia Company, charged with colonizing the "new world". The result was the settlement of Jamestown in 1607, the first permanent English colony...

? Dalfonso (Lupo) MP (deceased)

? LUPO MP (deceased)

Abbondanzia Lupo (Mascia) MP (deceased)

Agata Talluto (Lupo) MP (1850 - d.)

agnes lupo stokes MP (deceased)

Aida Lupo (Monteiro Esteves) MP (1903 - c.1982)

Albert Lupo MP (deceased)

Albiano Lupo MP (deceased)

Alexander Lupo MP (deceased)

Alfonso Lupo MP (deceased)

Alice L. Lupo (Lenfesty) MP (1873 - 1939)

Allen Lupo MP (1836 - d.)

Alvena Florence Lupo (Smith) MP (1921 - 2009)

Ambrose Lupo MP (c.1586 - d.)

Angela Lupo (Testore) MP (1912 - 1990)

angela selvaggio (lupo) MP (deceased)

Angela María Lupo MP (deceased)


Angelo del lupo MP (deceased)

Angelo Lupo MP (deceased)

Anili Lupo MP (deceased)

Ann Lupo MP (deceased)

Ann Lupo MP (deceased)

Ann Gerardi (Lupo) MP (deceased)

Anna Zerrillo (Lupo) MP (deceased)

Anna Lupo MP (deceased)

Anna Morrone (Lupo) MP (1889 - 1954)

Anna Lupo (immormino) MP (c.1848 - d.)

Anna Atkinson Lupo (Atkinson) MP (deceased)

Anna Mae Petkus (Lupo) MP (1926 - 2003)

Anne Lupo MP (deceased)

Annette S. Gerace (Lupo) MP (1928 - 2010)

Annie Lupo MP (deceased)

Anthony Lupo MP (deceased)

Anthony Lupo MP (deceased)

Antionette Lupo MP (deceased)

Antonette Lupo (Lopez) MP (deceased)

Antonia Lupo MP (deceased)

Antonia Lupo Castricone MP (deceased)

Antonietta DiPetrillo (Lupo) MP (1910 - 2001)

Antonietta Lupo MP (deceased)

Antonina Lupo (Palermo) MP (1879 - 1898)

Antonino Lupo MP (deceased)

Antonino Lupo MP (deceased)

Antonino Nunzio Tommaso Lupo MP (deceased)

Antonio del Lupo MP (deceased)

Antonio Lupo Rubin de Celis MP (deceased)

Antonio Lupo MP (deceased)

Antonio M Lupo MP (1810 - d.)

Antonio Lupo MP (deceased)

Antonio Lupo MP (1872 - 1936)

Arminda Lupo MP (deceased)

Arthur W. Lupo MP (1880 - 1954)

Is the "W" for "Wesley"?

Arturo Luis Lupo MP (b. - 1888)

August Lupo MP (deceased)

Aurora Lupo MP (c.1910 - c.1995)

Autelia Lupo MP (deceased)

AVIGDOR LUPO MP (deceased)

Avraham Lupo MP (deceased)

Azaria Lupo MP (deceased)

Barbara Lupo MP (c.1624 - d.)

Barbara (∞1921) Lupo MP (deceased)

Baruch Lupo MP (deceased)

Beatrice Lupo MP (deceased)

Ben Lupo MP (deceased)

Benito Lupo MP (deceased)

bernardino lupo MP (1916 - 1995)

Biaggio Lupo MP (deceased)

Billy Lupo MP (deceased)

Bobbie Ann Carroll (Lupo) MP (1940 - 2006)

Bobby Lupo MP (deceased)

Bobby Ray Lupo MP (deceased)

Bridget Lupo MP (c.1581 - d.)

Calcedonio La Magra MP (deceased)

Carmela "lupo" MP (deceased)

Carmela Elizabeth Roscigno (Lupo) MP (deceased)

Carmela Spera (Lupo) MP (1903 - 1995)

Carmela (Annichenni) Lupo MP (1912 - 2000)

Carmela Lupo MP (deceased)

Carmela Lupo (Villecco) MP (deceased)

Caroline Chappell (Lupo) MP (deceased)

Catalina Lupo MP (deceased)

Caterina Immordino (Lupo) MP (deceased)

Caterina Lupo MP (deceased)

Catherine Lupo MP (deceased)

Catherine M. Lupo MP (1914 - 2002)

Catherine Lupo MP (c.1792 - d.)

Catherine Campbell (Lupo) MP (deceased)

Family Search # L69C-TKR ​

Catherine Lupo MP (deceased)

Catherine Lupo (Price) MP (1792 - 1874)

Cesar Rino Lupo MP (1884 - 1936)

Chana Lupo MP (deceased)

Charles Lupo MP (1907 - d.)

Charlie Lupo MP (deceased)

Charlie Lupo MP (deceased)