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5 daughters Luria MP (deceased)

Achsa Sagis (d. haAri haKadosh Luria) MP (deceased)

קורות חייו של האר"י הקדושלפי מסורות שמסרו תלמידיו, עד גיל 36 חי בבית דודו רבי מרדכי פרנסיס שהיה ממונה על המכס במצרים והיה סמוך על שולחנו, שם הגה בספר הזוהר, עד שנגלה אליו אליהו הנביא והורה לו לעלות לאר...

Rabbi Aharon ben Nethanel Luria, [the 1st Luria] ABD Heilbronn MP (c.1413 - 1478)

Over 3,000 Years of Humans Exaggerating Their Lineage on Family Trees ............ The Lurie family tree, on the other hand, is generally considered the oldest, or tallest, family tree in existence. Al...

Aminadav Luria MP (deceased)

Avraham ben Yechiel Luria II ABD BRISK (Luria), ben Yechiel MP (1465 - 1521)

Avraham was born in year 1460. Avraham 's father was Yechiel LURIA and his mother was Bat SHRENTZEL. His paternal grandparents were Aharon LURIA and Miriam Speyer SPIRA ; his maternal grandparents we...

Avraham Luria MP (1520 - d.)

Rabbi Azarya II Luria, II, [Maharal ancestor] MP (deceased)

Rabbi Benjamin Zev Wolf Luria, of Lublin MP (1532 - d.)

Zeev Wolf LURIA + (?) Avraham (Abraham) LURIA + (?) Yekhiel (Jehiel) LURIA + (?) Jacob LURIA + (?) Asher LURIA ? Abraham (Avi) LURIA Zeev Wolf LURIA + (?) Abraham LURIA Baruch Benedict ...

Dina Luria (Klauber) MP (c.1503 - c.1585)

Dreizel Miriam Zeisel Schrenzel (Luria), [ReMA Gd.mother] MP (c.1470 - 1559)

by: Hillel Pinchas HaLevi Applebaum & 50 others.

Elyakim Luria, of Germany MP (deceased)

Esther Heller (Luria) MP (1631 - d.)

Ida Rappaport (Luria) MP (c.1820 - d.)

Isaac Luria MP (b. - 1726)

Isaac Luria MP (c.1175 - d.)

Jehiel Luria MP (c.1250 - d.)

Jehiel Luria MP (deceased)

Joshua Moses Luria MP (1591 - 1591)

Judah Luria, [the physician] MP (deceased)

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Julia-Malka Katzenellenbogen (Luria), bat Yehiel of Brisk MP (1466 - 1510)

duplicate profile Managed by: Mark Za'k Rowan & 69 others.

Rabbi Kalman (Kalonymos) Luria, [Maharal ancestor] MP (deceased)

Krondel Auerbach (Luria), dau. Maharshal MP (c.1560 - 1625)

בת המהרש"ל, אשת רבי שמעון זאב אורבוך

Rabbi Laemel Luria (Ben Yekhezkel), [Maharal ancestor] MP (deceased)

Lipka Luria (Haberkasten) MP (1520 - 1572)

Source: of the Arizal, raised him after the early passing of her husband. While her husband was of a European Jewish background, she was sfardic/mizrachi. She had a rich brother living in Egypt and m...

Malka Luria (Lifshitz) MP (1446 - 1480)

Managed by: Vera Susan Meran & 10 others. MyHeritage Research: Event+et.birth+ed.+em.+ey.1446&qdeath=Event+et.death+ed.+em.+ey.1480&qevents=List&qname=Name+fn .Malka%2F3+ln.Luria%2FLifshitz+g.F&trn=par...

María Álvarez de Ejérica (de Xérica Luria) MP (1310 - c.1364)

Miriam Olga Isserles (Luria), dau. Maharshal MP (c.1530 - 1594)

According to one source ("Otzar Harabanim", p. 404 #19556) she was the daughter of R. Mordechai Yaffe (Halavush). R. Mordechai Yaffe is a famous 16th century rabbi and it doesn't make sence that he is ...

Miriam Luria (Spira) MP (c.1403 - c.1450)

Used to teach students Torah while sitting behind a curtain."Jewish Life in the Middle Ages"by Israel Abrahams p. 343 - 344

Miriam Luria (bat Shlomo Shapiro) MP (1350 - 1427)

In the Landau Residence Privilege of 1427, which she obtained for her son and his wife and children, her name is clearly stated to have been Vergentlin, and not, as frequently assumed, Miriam. Vergentl...

Moses Aaron Luria of Orleans (Luria) MP (c.1200 - d.)

Moshe Yehoshua Luria MP (b. - c.1555)

Son of the HaAri HaKadosh

Mrs. Abraham maybe married cousin Luria (Lipschitz) MP (deceased)

Mrs. Azarya II Luria MP (deceased)

Mrs. Jehiel Luria (Lipschitz) MP (deceased)

Mrs. Kalman Luria MP (deceased)

Mrs. Laemel Luria MP (deceased)

Mrs. Rabbi Yehiel Luria MP (deceased)

Mrs. Yehiel Luria, of Lublin MP (deceased)

Mrs. Yitzhak Lipke? Luria (Frances) MP (c.1534 - d.)

Mrs.Yoseph ben Eliyah Luria MP (deceased)

Rabbi Nachman Luria, [Maharal ancestor] MP (deceased)

Rabbi Nethanel Ben Yehiel (pre-Luria) of Wurzburg pre-Luria, [of Wurzburg] MP (1385 - 1460)

According to Jacobi he is the first one to have the surname "Luria", maybe he settled in the town of Loria west of Bassano in the Vicensa district in Italy before he moved to Mantua. [Dr. Paul Jacobi...

R' Avraham Ben Yekhiel Luria, [Maharal ancestor] MP (deceased)

R' Yechezkal of Spain (Ezekiel) Luria, [Maharal ancestor] MP (deceased)

Rasia Luria MP (deceased)

Rivka Teomim (Luria) MP (1550 - d.)

Rivka Gombiner (Luria) MP (b. - 1648)

Profile family tree chart from "The Luria Legacy", by Dr. Neil Rosenstein. See Avotanyu Link

Rose Halprin (Luria) MP (1896 - 1978)

ROSELURIAHALPRIN 1896 – 1978 by Eric L. Goldstein Rose Luria Halprin was one of the foremost American Zionist leaders of the twentieth century, serving twice as the national president of Hadassah, ...

Salvador (Salvatore) Edward (Eduardo) Luria, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1969 MP (1912 - 1991)

Salvador Edward Luria (August 13, 1912 – February 6, 1991) was an American microbiologist of Italian descent. He won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1969, with Max Delbrück and Alfred Hers...

Sara Luria (d. REMA Isserles) MP (b. - c.1560)

Sarah Pollack (Luria), dau. Maharshal MP (deceased)

Shimshon pre-Luria [of Erfurt] שמשון פרה-לוריא מארפורט MP (1325 - 1417)

(See 6 source documents loaded 8/10) See also bottom of Rashi page at * * Physician in Orlëans. Cured Count Etampes of gout. Flourished about 1360-1370. He probably lived in ...

Undocumented? Shlomo Ashkenazi Luria MP (b. - c.1540)

Rabbi Shlomo Luria, MaHaRShaL MP (1510 - 1573)

Leading rabbinical authority of his generation. Solomon Luria (1510 - November 7, 1574) (Hebrew: שלמה לוריא) was one of the great Ashkenazic poskim (decisors of Jewish law) and teachers of his time. ...

Simcha Luria (Isserles) MP (deceased)

Solomon Luria MP (c.1275 - d.)


Solomon Luria MP (c.1225 - d.)

Teresa Álvarez de Ejérica (de Xérica Luria) MP (1312 - c.1321)

Valentina Ashkenazi (Luria), dau. Maharshal MP (1535 - 1595)

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Wife of Yechiel Luria (Treves) MP (1350 - d.)

wife, Isaac Josinot Lipschitz (Luria - sis. Maharshal) MP (deceased)

wife, Jacob Wahl-Katzenellenbogen (bat Jehiel Luria) MP (deceased)

Redundant, recently duplicated profile with no added information. Should not have been created in the first place! Redundant, recently duplicated profile with no additional information. Should not have...

wife, Nachman Luria MP (deceased)

wife, Yechiel ben Avraham) Luria (d.Yitzchak Klauber) MP (c.1500 - c.1585)

Source: Dina Luria Managed by: Yigal Burstein - יגאל בורשטיין , Rahel Jarach-Sztern, Boaz Brickner, Howard Lesser and Stephanie Lana Taylor NOTE: Dina Luria also was married to Shlomo Ashkenazi Dru...

Yechiel Luria MP (deceased)

Yechiel Yehudah Luria, [pre-Luria I, of Erfurt] MP (c.1370 - c.1450)

Source: Different sources quote different years of birth and death within 20 yrs of the quoted ones There is another profile for this man, they should be united.

Yechiel Yehuda Luria, II, ABD Brisk MP (c.1430 - 1470)

Luria. A family with wide ramifications and several of whose members were distinguished for mystical tendencies and rabbinical knowledge.Lived in Lvov & Brest-Litovsk, Poland.Av Beith Din Hielburn (Bri...

Yechiel Luria, of Slutzk MP (1485 - d.)

Source: חבל הכסף ע׳ 173 R' Yechiel (Yekhiel, Jehiel) LURIA rabbi of the Lithuanian city of Slutzk and an eminent Talmudist + (?) KLAUBER Father: Yitskhar Klauber Mother: (?) Shrentzels below, daugh...

Rabbi Yehiel (I) (pre) Luria (Luria) MP (1300 - d.)

Yehiel Luria of Lublin MP (deceased)

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Rabbi Yehiel Luria, of Lublin MP (b. - 1594)

אגרת יוחסין

Rabbi Yisrael Joseph Isserles (Luria), [RaMA father] of Cracow MP (1490 - 1568)

Parnass (Head) of Jewish community in Krakow. Built a synagogue in honor of his son (Rema/Remuh Synagogue) in the Kazimierz area in Krakow in 1553. According to The Lurie Legacy, The House of Davidic...

Rabbi Yitzhak Luria, Ha'Ari HaKadosh MP (1534 - 1572)

I saac Luria (1534 – July 25, 1572) (Hebrew: Yitzhak Lurya יִצְחַק לוּרְיָא ), also called Yitzhak Ben Shlomo Ashkenazi and known as "The Ari", "Ari-Hakadosh", or "Arizal," meaning "The Lion," was a fo...

Yochanan Luria, [of Strasbourg Alsace] MP (1445 - 1511)

Zvi Luria MP (1906 - 1968)

צבי לוריא

Luria MP (deceased)

Luria MP (deceased)

47 (Luria) MP (deceased)

46 (Luria) MP (deceased)

45 (Luria) MP (deceased)

44 (Luria) MP (deceased)

43 (Luria) MP (deceased)

42 (Luria) MP (deceased)

41 (Luria) MP (deceased)

Luria MP (deceased)

Luria MP (1440 - d.)

! Luria MP (deceased)

(first wife) Luria MP (deceased)

(Jacob) Aaron Luria MP (deceased)

(Jacob) Aaron Luria MP (deceased)

? ? (Luria) MP (deceased)

? Luria MP (deceased)

? Lame (Luria) MP (deceased)

? Luria MP (1830 - d.)

? ? Massel (Luria) MP (deceased)

? Luria/Lurie MP (deceased)

? Bat Yosinot Luria (Lifshitz) MP (deceased)

? Bat Eliezer Luria (Klauber) MP (deceased)

? luria (haberkasten) MP (deceased)

? Luria (Frances) MP (1534 - d.)