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Col Alexander Luttrell, MP MP (1663 - 1711)

Family and Education bap. 20 Oct. 1663, 3rd s. of Francis Luttrell† of Dunster Castle by Lucy, da. of Thomas Symonds of Whittlesford, Cambs.; bro. of Francis*. educ. Christ Church, Oxf. 1677; M....

Alexander Luttrell, Knight of the 5th Crusade MP (c.1236 - 1272)

In 1266, obtained from the King Henry III the custody of his elder brother, Sir Geoffrey, who had lost the use of his reason. Was among the first to assume the cross of the Crusaders, in company with t...

Alexander Luttrell MP (c.1452 - c.1480)

Alfred de Luttrell MP (c.1105 - 1170)

Sir Andrew Luttrell, 7th Baron Irnham MP (c.1364 - 1397)

when Andrew's son died at the Siege of Rouen in 1419, in pursuit of Henry V's claims to France Sir Andrew LUTTRELL Lord Luttrell [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 was born 1364 in Irnham, Lincolns...

Andrew de Luttrell, 1st Baron of Irnham MP (1208 - 1265)

Andrew De Luttrell served Henry III on the first journey into Brittany. He laid claims to lands in the county of Somerset, as well as the manor of Irnham, in the county of Lincoln, which formerly belon...

Andrew Luttrell, Sr., Sir, 5th Baron Irnham MP (1309 - 1390)

ANDREW'S PARENTS WERE GEOFFREY LUTTRELL & AGNES SUTTON, HAWISE LE DESPENSER WAS HIS 2ND WIFE. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Andrew's will st...

Sir Andrew Luttrell, Kt., of Dunster Castle MP (c.1498 - 1538)

Sir Andrew Luttrell, Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset1,2 M, b. circa 1486, d. 4 May 1538 Father Sir Hugh Luttrell, Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset2,3 b. c 1456, d. 1 Feb 1521 Mother Margaret Hill3,2 d. ...

Sir Andrew Luttrell of Chilton MP (c.1330 - 1380)

Born: Before 1330, Chilton, Devonshire, England [2714] Married: 1359 [2714],[15395],[15396] Died: Before 1391, Dunster, Somerset, England [2714] Spouse: Elizabeth DE COURTENAY Children: 1...

Anne Barnewall (Luttrell) MP (c.1510 - d.)

Anne Luttrell (Aylmer) MP (c.1495 - 1550)

Annora Luttrell MP (c.1256 - 1320)

Anston De Luttrell, (Norman Conquest) MP (c.1040 - 1102)

Anston De Luttrell was one of the Norman chiefs who accompanied William the Conqueror.

Katherine Beaumont, of Sherwell MP (1354 - 1435)

'Katherine Beaumont1,2,3 'F, #23195, b. July 1354, d. 28 August 1435 Father Sir John Beaumont3 b. c 1340 Mother Joan Stockhay3 ' Katherine Beaumont married Sir John Stourton, Escheator of Dorse...

Cecilia Rogers (Luttrell) MP (1523 - 1567)

Monumental Inscription Syr Andrew Lutterell's child, and Richard Roger's wife, Heve Lutterel lys in tomb, exil'd from mortal lyfe, By mother's syde extract, from Wyndham's worthy lyne, Who at her wed...

Eleanor Yorke (Luttrell) MP (c.1495 - c.1530)

Elisabeth Luttrell (Schill) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Luttrell (Reynolds) MP (1496 - d.)

Elizabeth Luttrell (Courtenay) MP (c.1333 - 1395)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Lady Elizabeth de Courtenay: Lady Elizabeth de Courtenay [1] F, #12031, b. 1333, d. 7 August 1395 Last Edited=7 Mar 2011 Consanguinity Index=0.02% ...

Elizabeth Carent (Luttrell) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Luttrell MP (c.1388 - 1439)

Elizabeth LUTTRELL Born: 1388, Dunster, Somerset, England Died: AFT 4 Oct 1438, Lye Hall, Weston, Norfolk, England Father: Hugh LUTTRELL (Sir Knight) Mother: Catherine De BEAUMONT Married 1: Wi...

Elizabeth Luttrell (Bathe) MP (c.1490 - 1554)

Francis Luttrell, MP MP (1628 - 1666)

Family and Education bap. 1 Nov. 1628, 4th but 2nd surv. s. of Thomas Luttrell† (d.1644) of Dunster by Jane, da. of Sir Francis Popham† of Littlecote, Wilts.; bro. of Alexander Luttrell. ...

Col. Francis Luttrell, MP MP (1659 - 1690)

Family and Education bap. 16 June 1659, 2nd s. of Francis Luttrell† of Dunster Castle, and bro. of Alexander Luttrell*. educ. Christ Church, Oxf. 1676. m. 15 July 1680, Mary, da. and h. of John ...

Genet Luttrell MP (c.1154 - d.)

Geoffrey Luttrell, 4th Baron Irnham MP (c.1276 - 1345)

Luttrell Psalter (British Library, Add. MS 42130) is an illuminated manuscript written and illustrated circa 1325 – 1335[citation needed], by anonymous scribes and artists. It was commissioned...

Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, 8th Baron Irnham MP (1379 - 1417)

Geoffrey Luttrell, 2nd Baron Irnham MP (c.1235 - 1270)

in 1266 he was found to be mentally incapable of managing his own affairs and his brother Alexander became his legal guardian

George Luttrell, MP, of Dunster Castle MP (1560 - 1629)

LUTTRELL, George (1560-1629), of Dunster Castle, Som. b. Sept. 1560 at Carhampton, 1st s. of Thomas Luttrell of Marshwood and Dunster by Margaret, da. of Christopher Hadley of Withycombe. educ. priva...

Hawise Luttrell, Baroness Of Luttrell MP (1393 - 1422)

Henry Fownes-Luttrell (Fownes), MP MP (c.1722 - 1780)

Family and Education b. ?1722, 1st s. of John Fownes of Nethway, Devon by his 2nd w. Anne, da. of Samuel Maddock of Tamerton Foliott. educ. Queen’s, Oxf. 21 Apr. 1741, aged 17. m. (1) 16 Feb. 17...

Henry De Luttrell MP (c.1080 - 1136)

Sir Hugh Luttrell, MP, of Dunster Castle MP (c.1364 - 1428)

Family and Education b.c.1364, yr. s. and event. h. of Sir Andrew Luttrell of Chilton, Devon by Elizabeth (d. 7 Aug. 1395), da. of Hugh Courtenay, earl of Devon, and Margaret de Bohun, gdda. of Edw. ...

Sir James Luttrell, Kt. MP (c.1426 - 1461)

Sir James Luttrell1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 M, #39113, b. circa 1427, d. 17 February 1461 Father Sir John Luttrell9,10,2,11,12 b. c 1394, d. 30 Jun 1430 Mother Margaret Touchet9,10,2,11,12 b. 1399, d. 1 Ju...

Jane Luttrell (Cheverell) MP (c.1535 - 1627)

Joanna Luttrell Chaworth MP (c.1312 - c.1345)

Sir Jeffery Luttrell, Kt. MP (deceased)

Joan Luttrell (unknown) MP (c.1256 - 1320)

Joan Stukeley (Luttrell) MP (c.1457 - d.)

John Luttrell, MP MP (1566 - 1620)

John LUTTRELL Christened: 26 May 1566 Father: Thomas LUTTRELL (Esq.) Mother: Margaret HADLEY Married: Anne BAMPFIELD From: LUTTRELL4 _________________ LUTTRELL, John (1566-1620), of L...

John Luttrell MP (1492 - d.)

John de Luttrell MP (c.1124 - 1160)

Sir John Lutrell, Kt., of Dunster MP (c.1394 - 1430)

Margaret Luttrell (Cheavers) MP (c.1455 - 1514)

Margaret Luttrell (Wyndham) MP (c.1501 - 1580)

'Margaret Wyndham1,2 'F, b. circa 1497, d. 8 July 1580 Father Sir Thomas Wyndham1 b. c 1476 Mother Eleanor Scrope3 b. c 1475 ' Margaret Wyndham was born circa 1497 at of Felbridge, Norfolk, Eng...

Margaret Luttrell MP (c.1132 - d.)

Lady Margaret Luttrell (Tuchet) MP (1398 - 1438)

'Magna Carta ancestry: a study in colonial and medieval families By Douglas Richardson, Kimball G. Everingham Pg. 832 11. JOHN TUCHET, Knt., of Ashwell, Rutland, Markeaton, Derbyshire, Leegomery ...

Mary Luttrell (Green) MP (1381 - d.)

Nicholas Luttrell MP (c.1531 - 1592)

Robert Luttrell, 3rd Baron Irnham MP (c.1255 - 1297)

Thomas Luttrell, MP, of Dunster Castle MP (c.1524 - 1571)

Thomas LUTTRELL (Esq.) Born: ABT 1524, Dunster, Somerset, England Died: 16 Feb 1570/1, Dunster, Somerset, England Notes: esq. M.P. for Minehead. Sheriff of Somerset. This gentleman, in order to p...

Sir Thomas Lutrell, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland MP (c.1490 - 1555)

Sir Thoma Luttrell of Luttrellstown. Sir Thomas Luttrell, of Luttrellstown, Ireland. In November, 1553, he was appointed chief justice of the court of Camron Place in Ireland, and subsequently a pr...

Thomas Luttrell, MP MP (1583 - c.1646)

Family and Education bap. 26 Feb. 1583,1 1st s. of George Luttrell of Dunster Castle and his 1st w. Joan, da. of Hugh Stukeley of Marsh, Som.2 educ. Lincoln Coll. Oxf. 1597, BA 1599, MA 1602; L. Inn 16...

(Private) Linton (Luttrell) (deceased)

112. Unknown Luttrell (deceased)

113. Unknown Luttrell (Unknown) (deceased)

? Luttrell (Bennie) (deceased)

? luttrell (hall) (deceased)

? Luttrell (deceased)

? Luttrell (deceased)

? Luttrell (deceased)

? ? Luttrell (deceased)

? Luttrell (deceased)

? Luttrell (deceased)

? Luttrell (deceased)

??? Luttrell (deceased)

Aaron McMillan Luttrell (1873 - d.)

Abner Luttrell (deceased)

Abner Luttrell (1751 - 1793)

Ada Elvira Dyson (Luttrell) (1902 - 1992)

Ada Maria Emmeline Ford (Luttrell) (1871 - 1935)

Ada Eldor Luttrell (deceased)

Addie Luttrell (1856 - d.)

Addie Luttrell (deceased)

Agnes Luttrell (De Grey) (1235 - 1276)

Agnes Luttrell (deceased)

Agnes Luttrell (deceased)

Albert George Luttrell (1870 - 1908)

Albert David Luttrell (1906 - 1969)

Albert Frederick Luttrell (1866 - 1909)

Albert Wilmot Joseph Walter Luttrell (1878 - 1958)

Alberta Ethel Luttrell (Garth) (1856 - 1927)

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Alberta Luttrell (Graham) (1919 - 2005)

Alberta Ethel Luttrell (1880 - d.)

Alberta Ethel Tennant (Luttrell) (1880 - 1922)

Alex Luttrell (deceased)

Alexander Luttrell (1705 - 1737)

Alexander L Luttrell (1849 - d.)

Alexander Luttrell (1622 - 1642)

Alexander Fownes-Luttrell (1754 - d.)

Alexander Luttrell (c.1285 - d.)

Sir Andrew's heir. Sources: Lyte, Sir H.C. Maxwell, K.C.B. A History of Dunster and of the Families of Mohun & Luttrell. The St. Catherine Press, London, 1909. Clerk. Lyte, Sir H.C. Maxwell, K.C....

Alexander Luttrell (deceased)

Alfred Harbrew Luttrell (1792 - 1865)

One Smart Match lists Rodburn, Black Brush as Alfred's place of death. Is this a property in the area?

Alfred Amos Luttrell (1918 - c.1976)

Alfred LUTTRELL (1827 - d.)

Alfred Amos Luttrell (1918 - 1976)

Alfred Luttrell (Alfred Ernest Luttrell) (b. - c.1944)

Alfred Ernest Luttrell (1846 - 1917)

Profile picture indicates Buckingham land district, formerly Buckingham County,where Alfred was born. It was one of the first eleven counties procalaimed in Tasmania.

Alice Luttrell (1879 - 1953)

Alice Luttrell (deceased)