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Childéric I, King of the Franks MP (c.436 - c.481)

MEROVECH (-[451/57]). m ---. The name of Merovech's wife is not known. Merovech is recorded as having one child: >1. CHILDERICH (-Tournai [481/82], bur Tournai). Gregory of Tours records that Merovech ...

Clovis I the Great, King of the Franks MP (c.465 - 511)

Clovis I (Chlodwig) Mérovingiens=>1. CHILDERICH (-Tournai [481/82], bur Tournai). > m ([464]%29 as her second husband, BASINA , formerly wife of BASINUS King of Thuringia, daughter of -. King Childeric...

Ragnachilde de Wisigothie (De Toxandrie) (c.420 - d.)

Vércia of the Franks (418 - 449)