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Domangart mac Domnall, Rí na Dál Riata MP (c.630 - c.673)

Notes for Domangart II Of Argyll King Of Dal Riata the following is taken from an Internet posting of Michael R. Davidson of Edinburgh. Scotland, on 23 Oct 1995: Domangart mac Domnall Brecc Dom...

Ruadrí mac Domnall, Mormaer of Moray MP (c.995 - 1020)

Caution: A lot of nonsense is circulating about this line. One example is the entirely contemporary Lebor Clann Glas. Irish genealogies show the descent of Findlaech MacRory from "cenel Loairn, one o...

Áed Uaridnach MP (530 - 612)

Hugh of the Ague Aodh Uariodhnach

Dufpakr mac Domnall MP (deceased)

Iain mac Domnall, of Balranald & Kyles Kirkibost, Capt MP (deceased)

Ladhmann mac Domnall MP (b. - 1116)

LADHMANN (-killed in battle 1116). The Annals of Ulster record that "Ladhmann son of Domnall, grandson of the king of Scotland, was killed by the men of Moray"[349]. It is not known with certainty to w...

NN mac Domnall (NN) MP (deceased)