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Áed Find, King of Dalriada MP (c.725 - 778)

Domnall Brecc => Domangart mac Domnaill => Eochaid mac Domangairt => Eochaid mac Eochaid => Áed Find mac Eochaid => Eochaid mac Áeda Find => Alpín mac Eochaid => Cináed ma...

Aengus Tuirbheach, 81st High King of Ireland MP (c.-424 - -384)

384BC Aenghus Tuirmheach Teamhrach, King of Ireland, d. ca. 325 BC in Tara, Ireland Father: Fir Cetharraid Some sources list Aenghus' father as Temrach or Eder Sal Teamrach, and jump over several...

Alpín mac Echdach, Rí na Dál Riata MP (778 - 834)

Alpín, mac Eochaid, King of Dal Riada, Argyll, Kintyre from Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, 1. EOCHAID . m ---. The primary source which names the wife of Eochaid has not ...

Bres, Nár and Lothar Findemna mac Echdach MP (c.-138 - d.)

In Irish mythology the three Findemna of Finn Eamna (variously interpreted as "fair triplets" or "three fair ones of Emain Macha") were three sons of the High King of Ireland, Eochaid Feidlech. Their n...

Conall Collamrach mac Echdach, Rí na h'Éireann MP (deceased)

Derbriu . mac Echdach MP (deceased)

Eanna Airgthach mac Echdach, Rí na h'Éireann MP (b. - c.-1382)

Killed his predecessor Aonghus Olmacah in 1410 BC. Reigned from 1409 BC to approximately 1382 BC. There is no mention in the Annals of the Four Masters of his cause or year of death, but his successor'...

Eile . mac Echdach MP (deceased)

Eochaid mac Echdach, Rí na Dál Riata MP (c.695 - 733)

Eochaid III mac Eochaid of Argyll, King of Dál Riata. Scotland was not yet one kingdom, the Picts and the Irish kingdom of Dal Riada were fighting for power. King of Dal Riata Based on mer...

Fergus mac Echdach MP (382 - d.)

Fergus Mor mac Echdach, Rí na Dál Riata MP (735 - 781)

Fergus (Urgust) MacEchach King of The Picts & Dalraida-83145 [Parents] was born in 735 in Scotland. He died in 781. He married Miss. Miss. Wrold Queen of The Picts-83138 about 754. Miss. Miss. Wrol...

Luighaidh Lamhdhearg mac Echdach, Rí na h'Éireann MP (deceased)

Mofebis . mac Echdach MP (-1515 - d.)

Father of Eochaid Mumho , a prehistoric King of Ireland.

Niall of the Nine Hostages, King of the Connachta MP (c.311 - 378)

DNA news -- an estimate of about 3 million men that carry DNA descended from Niall (of his equivalent): "Having nine hostages" See Niall of the Nine Hostages ( ) In Irish Kings and High Kings...

Aedh Finn mac Echdach (deceased)

Ailill mac Echdach Ó Cuinn (c.470 - d.)

Alpin MacEochaid Alpín mac Echdach, Rí na Dál Riata (778 - 834)

Alpin Dungal mac Echdach (c.778 - c.834)

Ambchellach mac Echdach, King of Argyll (c.675 - c.733)

Báetán mac Echdach, of Dalriada (c.505 - d.)

According to tradition : MacBethad was the son of Findláech, son of Ruadrí, son of Domnall, son of Morggán, son of Cathamal, son of Ruadrí, son of Ailgelach,...

Cruind Ba Drui Mac Echdach, King of Ulster (c.350 - d.)

Deithsin . mac Echdach (c.50 - d.)

Domnall mac Echdach Buide (c.600 - 642)

Fiacha . mac Echdach (c.490 - c.410)

Fiachrae (?) (1) M, #150048 Last Edited=20 May 2008 Fiachrae (?) is the son of Eochaid Mugmedón (?). (2) Child of Fiachrae (?) -1. Nath Í (?)+ (2) Forrás / Source: Wi...

Hunamun . mac Echdach (deceased)

Lethlobar mac Echdach Iarlaithe Dál n-Araidhe (c.650 - 709)

Lodham mac Echdach? (deceased)

Olchu mac Echdach (deceased)

Olchu, son of Eochaid Munremar and brother of Erc, had eleven sons who lived in Mulbolc in Dal Riata (the region of northeast Ireland that is known as Country Antrim). They were : Muredach bolc, Aed, O...

Olioll mac Echdach (376 - c.412)

Aiilill (?) (1) M, #284110 Last Edited=20 May 2008 Aiilill (?) is the son of Eochaid Mugmedón (?). (1) Forrás / Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Ailill mac Echach Mugm...

Ri na mac Echdach (h' eireann) (deceased)