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Dubhghal mac Uchtred, Lord of Galloway MP (c.1170 - 1185)

Dowal of Galloway is the ancestor of the clan of Macdowall/Macdoualls/McDowells. His name can be written Dubhghal, Dowall, or Dowel. Clan profile Clan chief: Fergus MacDowall of Garthland Chief’s...

Lochlann (Roland) mac Uchtred, Lord of Galloway, Constable of Scotland MP (c.1152 - 1200)

Roland or Lochlan of Galloway , sometimes using the surname MacDonald (clan name). ROLAND Lord of Galloway , son of UHTRED Lord of Galloway & his wife Gunnhild of Dunbar (-1200). William of Newburgh ...