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Annie Marie Antoinette Eugenie Mackeson-Sandbach (van Lanschot) (deceased)

Antoinette Geraldine Mackeson-Sandbach (1969 - d.)

Geraldine Pamela Violet Mackeson-Sandbach (Sandbach) (deceased)

GERALDINE MACKESON-SANDBACH, who has died aged 92, inherited in 1928 a Jamaican plantation of 4,000 acres and two estates in North Wales, Bryngwyn in Powys and Hafodunos in Clwyd, each with a house of ...

Graham Lawrie Mackeson-Sandbach (Mackeson) (1907 - d.)

Ian Lawrie Mackeson-Sandbach (1933 - 2012)

Lt Welsh Gds emergency reserve 1952-57; md France Fenwick Ltd1969-75, dir Demerara Co Ltd 1969-76, chief exec Ernest Notcutt Group Ltd 1976-82; chm Crown Estate Paving Cmmn 1983-2004(cmmr 1974); Provin...

Louisa Catherina Mackeson-Sandbach (1973 - d.)

Megan Annie Dalton (Mackeson-Sandbach) (1976 - d.)

Rosemary Daphne Mackeson-Sandbach (1933 - d.)

Sara Emilie Fabrizio (Mackeson-Sandbach) (1970 - d.)