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Major General Alexander Macomb MP (1782 - 1841)

) Alexander Macomb (April 3, 1782–June 25, 1841) was the commanding general of the United States Army from May 29, 1828 to June 25, 1841. Born at British-held Detroit, Macomb was the son of Alexander...

Harriet Macomb (Balch) MP (1783 - 1869)

Alexander MacOmb, Sr. MP (1748 - 1831)

Sources In 1755, Alexander emigrated to Albany, NY with his parents John and Jane Gordon Macomb,brother William and sister Jane. He and his brother subsequently migrated to Detroit, where on Ma...

Maj. Alexander Saranac Macomb MP (1814 - 1876)

He was born in the home of his maternal grandmother, Sarah Dring Macomb, as were many of his siblings and cousins. Alexander entered West Point at the age of 15 and graduated in 1835. He served as 2n...

Captain Alexander Macomb MP (1888 - 1970)

Born at Fort Reno, Indian Territory which became part of the new state of OK in 1907, he was the 3rd son of Ella and Augustus Macomb. Alexander served as Naval Aide to President Hoover and retired as...

Alexandrine Stanton (Macomb) MP (1809 - 1889)

Amy Louise Macomb MP (deceased)

Angeline Mobley (Macomb) MP (1845 - 1918)

Ann Macomb (Caffrey) MP (1829 - 1916)

Ann Minerva Macomb (Rodgers) MP (1826 - 1916)

Anne Macomb MP (deceased)

Anne Wilson (MacOmb) MP (1788 - 1873)

Augustus Canfield Macomb MP (1854 - 1932)

Colonel A. C. Macomb MP (1854 - 1932)

Ava seals Macomb MP (deceased)

Bess Bell Macomb MP (deceased)

Betsy Messick (Macomb) MP (deceased)

Caroline Macomb (Luce) MP (1857 - 1933)

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Catharine de Navarre Fane (Macomb) MP (1842 - 1913)

Catherine Davida Macomb (Sisk) MP (1892 - d.)

Catherine Macomb MP (1786 - 1822)

Catherine Macomb was the daughter of William Macomb and his wife, Sarah Jane Dring. She married her cousin, Gen. Alexander Macomb ("The Hero of Plattsburg"), on 18 July 1803 in Detroit, Michigan. Tog...

Catherine Navarre Cammann (Macomb) MP (1806 - 1876)

Christiana Macomb (Livingston) MP (1774 - 1841)

Christina was the daughter of Phillip Ph and Sarah Johnson Livingston. Her grandfather was Phillip "The Signer" Livingston; she is # 238 in the 1949 Livingston Genealogy. Christina was baptized Nov 18,...

Czarina Carolina Macomb MP (1810 - 1846)

DAVID B MACOMB MP (deceased)


Edith Howard Macomb MP (deceased)

Edwin Bennett Macomb MP (1802 - 1831)


Eliza Whiting (Macomb) MP (1795 - 1873)

She married Henry Whiting Dec 25,1820 at the home of her mother, Sarah Dring Macomb, in Belleville, NJ. They had 4 children: John, Eliza, Henry Macomb and William Danforth.

Elizabeth Mobley (Macomb) MP (1854 - 1917)

Elizabeth Maria Flandreau (Macomb) MP (1795 - 1873)

Elizabeth A Macomb MP (deceased)

Ella Chell Macomb (McKelden) MP (1857 - 1946)

Elspet Macomb (Campbell) MP (1658 - d.)

Emily Wood Catherine Macom / Macomb (Wood) MP (c.1817 - d.)

Erastus Virgil Macomb MP (1868 - 1958)

Frances Maria Thorndike Teisseire (Macomb) MP (1822 - 1882)

Garvin Brown Macomb MP (deceased)

Hallie Fellers Macomb MP (deceased)

Harriet Macomb MP (deceased)

Hazel Macomb MP (deceased)

Helen Elizabeth Macomb MP (1929 - d.)

Helen Stockton (Macomb) MP (c.1734 - d.)

Helen Morton Macomb MP (deceased)

Henry Virgil Macomb MP (1928 - d.)

Howard Bacheller Macomb MP (1894 - 1988)

Howard Macomb MP (deceased)

Ina Louis Macomb (Barnes) MP (deceased)

Irma Macomb (Williams) MP (1894 - 1967)

James Morton Macomb MP (1908 - 1990)

James Macomb MP (1789 - 1850)

Jane Macomb (Gordon) MP (c.1720 - d.)

Jane Macomb (Marshall) MP (1761 - 1849)

Jane was the widow of John Peter Rucker, who died in NYC June 1788, by whom she had one son. She became the second wife of Alexander Macomb.Sr in July of 1791. They had seven children. She was buried w...

Jane Kennedy (MacOmb) MP (1776 - 1867)

Jane May Macomb MP (deceased)

Jane Octavia Miller (Macomb) MP (1822 - 1900)

Jasper Cecil Macomb MP (deceased)

jean austin (macomb) MP (1929 - 1997)

Jeanette Macomb MP (deceased)

Jimmy Macomb MP (deceased)

John Macomb MP (deceased)

John Macom / Macomb MP (1820 - d.)

John Macomb MP (1717 - 1796)

John Gordon Macomb (McComb) MP (1717 - 1796)

JOHN GORDON MACOMB made his fortune by procuring and supplying the particular needs of the wealthy market that a standing army represents. His family were Ulster Scots of three generations who settled ...

John Macomb MP (1650 - 1732)

John Gordon Macomb MP (1881 - 1946)

John Navarre MacOmb, Sr. MP (1774 - 1810)

The first of Alexander and Catherine Macomb's 10 children, he was born in what was then a colony of France in North America. On March 29, 1797, he married Christina Livingston, daughter of Ph. Philip L...

John William Macomb MP (1782 - 1815)

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John Macomb MP (deceased)

Col. John Navarre Macomb MP (1811 - 1889)

He was appointed to USMA Sept 1, 1828 and graduated 14th in his class, brevet 2nd Lieut.,4th US Artillery Sept 1,1832. His military career included exploration with the topographical corps. In 1859, ...

John Navarre Macomb, III MP (1843 - 1918)

Lt. Colonel John Gordon Macomb MP (1881 - 1946)

John C. Macomb (Macom) MP (1848 - d.)

John Howard Macomb MP (deceased)

Johnnie Bell Macomb MP (1870 - 1939)

Judith Macomb MP (deceased)

Julia Macomb MP (deceased)

Katharine Macomb (MacCrossin) MP (1877 - d.)

Kay Macomb MP (deceased)

Levi Macom / Macomb (Macom) MP (1817 - d.)

Lillie Florence Brigham Macomb MP (1870 - 1940)

LOUIS M MACOMB MP (deceased)

Margaret Macomb MP (deceased)

Margaret Mary Corcoran (Macomb) MP (c.1923 - c.1987)

Maria Morton Macomb MP (deceased)

Martha Dinsmore (Macomb) MP (1797 - 1859)


Mary Macomb (Brown) MP (deceased)

Mary Macomb (Campbell) MP (1895 - 1979)

MARY W MACOMB MP (deceased)

Mary Macomb (Hone) MP (deceased)

Mary Cornell Macomb (Pell) MP (1785 - 1854)

She was the daughter of Elijah and Mary Cornell Pell. When her parents died ca.1898, her Aunt Phebe Cornell Pearsall and her husband Thomas Pearsall became her guardians in their home on Broadway in NY...

Mary Macomb MP (b. - 1824)

Mary Catherine MacOmb (Navarre) MP (1757 - 1789)

Mary Caroline Rushing Macomb MP (deceased)

Mary E. Macomb (Macom) MP (1846 - d.)

Mattie Macomb MP (deceased)

Maude Macomb MP (deceased)

Brig. General Montgomery Meigs Macomb MP (1852 - 1924)

Montgomery Meigs Macomb (October 12, 1852 – January 19, 1924) was a United States Army Brigadier General. He was a veteran of the Spanish–American War and World War I, and was notable for serving as ...