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Alicia Bird (de Malpas) MP (c.1387 - aft.1410)

Daughter of David de Malpas, of Hampton & Bickerton, & Katherine Bickerton. Married John Bird, of Chorlton===Notes===From (should be Katherine*), wife of John Bird of Charlton, whose coheiresses marrie...

Christiana de Bunbury (Malpas) MP (deceased)

Extracted from the early years of Edward I’s reign, Hugh de Bunbury married David and Margaret Malpas’s daughter Dame Christiana Malpas which gave the Bunbury family considerable wealth. Hugh and Dame ...

David de Malpas, of Hampton & Bickerton MP (c.1345 - bef.1420)

David de Malpas, of Hampton MP (c.1310 - 1358)

David de Malpas, of Hampton was born about 1310, son of William de Malpas.Heir to his brother Hugh, rector of Bartholomey. He lived at Hampton, Cheshire, England.1He married an unnamed daughter of Phil...

David de Egerton (De Malpas), Baron of Malpas MP (1228 - 1316)

David de Egerton succeeded his father as Baron of Malpas, by which he had right through his father's mother. He was also known as David de Malpas, "le Clerc" because he worked as the Earl of Chester's ...

Dan David "le Clerk" de Malpas, Justice of Chester MP (1185 - aft.1252)

Dan David "the clerk" of Malpas was born in 1185, and was living in 1251/52. He was the son of William ap Richard ap William III ap William II ap Sir William, & Beannan, daughter of Ralph ap Eynion of ...

Sir David "le Clerc", Baron of Malpas MP (c.1130 - aft.1200)

Sheriff of Chesire, 1252.David, surnamed le Clerc, from his being secretary to the Earl of Chester, who was knighted and made Justice of Chester. David married Catherine*, daughter of Owain Vaghan*, an...

Viscount George Cholmondeley Malpas MP (1724 - 1764)

George Cholmondeley, Viscount Malpas From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaCholmondeley, Viscount Malpas (17 October 1724 – 15 March 1764) was a British soldier and Member of Parliament.Cholmondeley was...

Jane de Egerton (Pichard) MP (c.1334 - d.)

Jane le Clerk of Malpas MP (c.1209 - d.)

"Sir Roger, who bore on his escutcheon 'sa., three mullets arg.,' had m Jane (according to note in ( and not Agnes as stated by some), dau. of David le Clerk, of Malpas, and left by her a son,--[Sir Ri...

Jane Hicks Malpas (Saxon) MP (1843 - 1925)

John de Malpas, of Hampton & Bickerton MP (c.1375 - bef.1420)

John de Malpas was the son of David de Malpas of Hampton & Bickerton, & Katherine de Bickerton. He died before 8 Hen V (1421)The name of his wife is not known.Their children:# David de Malpas. Died a m...

Margaret Hough (de Malpas) MP (c.1381 - d.)

Daughter of David de Malpas of Hampton & Bickerton, & Katherine de Bickerton.Married Christopher Hough. * page 358  of The history of the county palatine and city of Chester .... Vol. II.  "Malpas of H...

Margaret Potter (Malpas) MP (deceased)

Does this marriage record apply?Mary Swan & Thomas Potter * Marriage: July 1 1736 Felton, Northumberland, England * Wife: Mary Swan * Husband: Thomas Potter * Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00282-2 ...

Margred de Malpas (verch Dafydd) MP (c.1190 - 1269)

See Peter Bartrum, (September 24, 2018; Anne Brannen, curator)Dan David the clerk b  1185  (lv 1251/52) was the son of William ap Richard ap William III ap William II ap Sir William, & Beannan, daughte...

Matilda Egerton (de Malpas) MP (c.1377 - d.)

Matilda de Malpas, eldest daughter of David de Malpas of Hampton & Bickerton, & Katherine de Bickerton.coheiress of her niece Ellen, wife of Urian de Brereton.Married# by dispensation, dated 1 Sept. 14...

Philip "the Red" de Egerton MP (aft.1185 - d.)

Please see Darrell Wolcott: The "Malpas" Family in Cheshire; . (Steven Ferry, April 19, 2020.)Philip de EGERTON (son of Sir David de MALPAS Knight & Catharine Vaughan) 1, 2, 3 was born 1192 in Malpas, ...

Roger de Malpas MP (c.1225 - d.)

Roger de MALPAS (son of Sir William de MALPAS Knight & Beatrix de MOHAUT) 1, 2 was born 1210 in Malpas, Cheshire, England.He had the following children:*  M i William de MALPAS was born 1245. * Hal B...

Susan Neate Malpas (Saxon) MP (1841 - c.1923)

William de Malpas, of Hampton MP (c.1265 - aft.1325)

William de Malpas was son [??] of Roger de Malpas, natural son of William de Malpas and Beatrix de Montalt. He was son and heir and was living in 18 Edward II (8 July 1324-7 July 1325).According to Orm...

Ada Constance Malpas (1884 - d.)

Ada Louisa Malpas (Fabling) (1878 - 1945)

Adélaïde Malpas (Brandin) (deceased)

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Adeliade Amu Malpas (1846 - d.)


Dr Alfred Malpas (1881 - 1943)

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Alfred (Alvin) Allen (Ambrose) Malpas (Maple), Mister (deceased)

Alice Louise Malpas (1866 - d.)

Alice Malpas (Black) (deceased)

Alice Malpas (1871 - d.)

Alice Malpas (1848 - d.)

Alice Malpas, W 2 2 (1880 - 1951)

GEDCOM Source ===@R-1049324627@ 1911 England Census Operations, Inc. 1,2352::0 === GEDCOM Source ===Class: RG14; Piece: 20502 1,2352::5797910 === GEDCOM Source ===@R-104932462...

Alice Malpas (1821 - d.)

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Alice Malpas (Bracegirdle) (c.1868 - 1933)

Alice Malpas (1848 - d.)

Alicia Wellard Malpas (1850 - d.)

Allen Alfred Malpas, Mister (1919 - 1993)

Amelia Bainbridge (Malpas) (deceased)

Amelia Ann Malpas (Lane) (1863 - 1930)

Amelia Hilda Gertrude Malpas (1890 - 1891)

Amelia Rose Ann Cooper (Malpas) (1898 - d.)

Family moved to Canada 1946

Amy Comfort Malpas (1872 - d.)

Andrew Carnegie Malpas (1904 - d.)

Ann Goodman (Malpas) (deceased)

Ann Malpas (c.1820 - 1913)

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Anne Malpas (Harkett/Williams) (deceased)

Anne Carter (Malpas) (1673 - aft.1720)

Anne Marie Victor Malpas (deceased)

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Annie Ada Clarke (Malpas) (deceased)

Annie Malpas (1867 - d.)

Annie Clements Malpas (McKenzie) (1922 - 1998)

Arline Bush (Malpas) (1944 - 1994)

Arthur Frederick Malpas (1901 - d.)

Arthur John Malpas (1905 - 1978)

Arthur Roland Wicksteed Malpas (1900 - d.)

Asenath Malpas (Freem) (1828 - d.)

Asenath A M Malpas (1889 - 1906)

Athena McAlpine (Malpas) (deceased)

Athur Edmund Malpas (c.1871 - d.)

Beatrix De Malpas (De Chester) (1140 - 1180)

Additional Notes: It needs to be noted at this juncture, that Beatrix de Montalt is shown as the wife of William le Belward de Malpas. The pedigrees and genealogies that we have seen that include Beatr...

Beatrix Malpas (Kevelioc of Chester) (1170 - 1247)

Record from

Benjamin Malpas (c.1673 - d.)

Bernadette Marquezy (Nicolle-Malpas) (1913 - 1942)

Bertha Ellora Malpas (c.1878 - d.)

Blanche Mary Malpas (1888 - d.)

Blanche Mary Malpas (1888 - 1967)

GEDCOM Source ===@R1253713299@ Ancestry Family Trees Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. === GEDCOM Source ===Ancestry Fam...

Sir Bryan de Egerton (c.1281 - 1335)

Caroline Annie Malpas (1867 - d.)

Catherine Violet Malpas (Matheson), Mrs (1893 - d.)

Catherine Mary Malpas (deceased)

Catherine Mary Malpas (deceased)

Catherine Malpas (b. - 1800)

Catherine Alexander (Malpas) (deceased)

Catherine Mary McGaveston (Malpas) (1884 - 1980)

Catherine Emma Malpas (1847 - d.)

Celia Rosa Malpas (1869 - d.)

Charles Henry Malpas (1892 - 1975)

Charles Welland Malpas (1881 - d.)

England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915about Charles Wellard MalpasName: Charles Wellard MalpasYear of Registration: 1881Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-DecDistrict: LintonCounty: Cambrid...

Charles Malpas (1842 - d.)

Charles Malpas (1865 - d.)

Charles Henry Malpas (1900 - 1994)

Charles Thomas Malpas (c.1837 - 1878)

Charles Malpas (deceased)

Charles Malpas (1841 - 1923)

charlotte malpas (deceased)

Charlotte Malpas (c.1824 - d.)

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Christiana de Malpas (c.1307 - d.)

Hugh, Lord of Bunbury, son of William lived at the time of Edward I.(1272-1307) He married Dame Christina, daughter of David, Baron of Malpas, by Margaret, his wife, and the daughter and heiress of Ral...

Christina Malpas (Lessells) (1914 - 2005)

Culvert D M Malpas (1883 - 1900)

Cyril Theodore Malpas (1903 - 1994)

Daniel Maurice Malpas (1861 - 1948)

Daniel Malpas (1821 - d.)

Daniel David John Malpas (1881 - 1881)

Daniel Maurice Malpas (1911 - 1969)

Daniel Malpas (1910 - 1910)

Daniel Malpas (1922 - 2009)

David Malpas (c.1289 - 1332)

David Malpas (deceased)

David de Malpas (c.1405 - 1420)

The male line of this family terminated in the death of this David de Malpas, son of John de Malpas seated at Hampton & Bickerton in Cheshire, on 8 Henry V, during his minority. Ellen & Catherine, sist...

Delmar George Malpas (deceased)

Edith Fanny Malpas (1875 - d.)