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(possibly James?) (unknown man in Kentucky) MP (deceased)

Speculation is that his first name may be James.

Adriaan Johannes Cornelis de Man MP

Alice Man (unknown) MP (c.1500 - 1564)

Citations Will of Christopher Man, dated 11 Oct. 1558, proved 13 Jan. Following (York P & E Court, vol. 15, pt. 3, Fo. 186): "my bodie to be buried within the church or churchyard of St. James in Scr...

August de Man MP

Elizabeth Man (Willis) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Norrington (Man) MP (1641 - 1673)

Elizabeth Draper (Man) MP (1655 - 1693)

Evert Ferdinand de Man MP

George Man MP (1630 - 1664)

Huibert de Man MP

Ingeborg Geraldine Madelon de Man MP

Jane Man (Saunders) MP (1634 - 1664)

Johannes Cornelis de Man MP

Joseph Medicine Crow-High Bird MP (1913 - 2016)

Washington Post Obituary According to Crow tradition, a man must fulfill certain requirements to become chief of the tribe: command a war party successfully, enter an enemy camp at night and steal a ...

Liesbeth de Man (Sjouw) MP

Lucy Edwards Man (Russell) MP (1869 - 1940)

Madelon Sophie Elisabeth de Man (van den Honert) MP

Petra de Man (Neele) MP

Rebecca Cowing (Man) MP (1635 - 1711)

Reinier de Man MP

Richard Man, of Scituate MP (1616 - 1655)

General Notes: REF: Mann Memorial; George S Mann; 1884; pp 56-60. Richard Man, of Scituate was one of the first bearing the name who, prob w ith wife Rebecca during the reign of King Charles I of E...

Håman (deceased)

Finsk man med okänt namn (deceased)

man fecundation. (deceased)

Gaia Great Mother of the Gods From The Concise Columbia Encyclopedia by Columbia University Press, and Wikipedia2 INDEX Great Mother of the Gods, in ancient Middle Eastern religion (and later i...

Man (deceased)

Öman (deceased)

Leib Fel(d)man (1840 - d.)

"Tutu" Man (c.1886 - 1941)

#2 Abdullah Man (c.1917 - d.)

(Andak) Jah binti Man (deceased)

(Angah) Lah bin Man (deceased)

(Anjang) Arif bin Man (deceased)

(Colonel) Isaac Man (1719 - 1803)

He was probably born in England and lived several years in New York during the American Revolution. To remain and English subject, he moved to Canada with 3 sons, Isaac, John and Thomas. His youngest s...

(Ensign) Thomas Man (c.1760 - d.)

He was a sheriff between 1784 and 1829. The book Loyalists of Bay Chaleur indicates he was a "Sheriff of the District", but further research will be necessary to determine which district is indicated. ...

(Lieutenant) Isaac Man, Jr. (c.1753 - 1790)

He was a Judge Common Pleas (J.C.P.) ("Dedimus Postatem)" 1788 in Quebec Canada. He was on board the brig Polly when it arrived in Chaleur Bay, Quebec on June 9th, 1784. On August 3rd, he was among tho...

(Lim Youne Chan) LAM MAN CHUN (1904 - 1971)

(Unknown) Chinese Man (deceased)

(Wa) Sa'diah binti Man (deceased)

-nn- de Man (1856 - 1856)

-nn- de Man (deceased)

Man (deceased)

1 Man (deceased)

1 Man (deceased)

1st Man (deceased)

1st wife Man (deceased)

1st Wife Man (deceased)

2nd Wife Man (deceased)

2nd wife Man (deceased)

3rd wife Man (Liu) (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (De Man) (deceased)

? Man from Anegada, USVI (deceased)

? Man (deceased)

? Fel(d)man (deceased)

? Man (deceased)

? Fel(d)man (deceased)

? Fel(d)man (deceased)

? Man (deceased)

? Man (deceased)

? Foe A Man (deceased)

? Geo Man (deceased)

??? Ba Ja'man (deceased)

????? MAN (deceased)

[13] Asma' bint Nu'man (deceased)

`Ah Hj. Man (deceased)

A negro Man (deceased)

a Christian Turkish man (deceased)

a french man (deceased)

Aagje Klaasdr van der Man (deceased)

Aagje Adriana de Man (1891 - d.)

Aaltje van Pelt (de Man) (deceased)

Aaltje Kramer (de Man) (1780 - 1844)

Aaltje Ariens Baccum (Man) (deceased)

Aaltje Man (deceased)

Aaltje Gerritsdr de Man (Van Helden) (1714 - 1781)

Aaltje Ariens Man (Dekker(s)) (1698 - 1777)

Aaltje Bastiaand. de Man (1805 - 1885)

Aarne Krääman (deceased)

Aaron Man (deceased)

Aaron Gol'man (deceased)

Aaron Man (1752 - d.)

Aart de Man (deceased)

Aart Man in 't Veld/Velt (b. - 1850)

Aartje de Man (van Vliet) (deceased)

Aba Szulim Man (1926 - c.1942)

Abd Rahim Bin Mat (Man) (deceased)

Abd Rahman Muhammad (P Man Pantai Damat) (deceased)


Abdul Hamid Man (Hj MdSaman) (deceased)

Abdul Hamid Hj Man (deceased)

Abdul Kareem Business man (deceased)

Abdul Karim Man (deceased)

Abdul Manaf Man (deceased)


Abdul Rahman (Tok Man) (deceased)

Abdul Rahman (Man) (deceased)

Abdul Rahman @Man Som (Tok Man Lancok) (deceased)

Abdul Rashid Man (deceased)

Abdullah Lebai Man (deceased)

Pak Nyang Ca (b. - 2010)

Abdullah Man (deceased)