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Alejo Ayyafin Manao (Cammarong) MP (c.1914 - 2001)

Alejo Manao AKA Alex Manao was born in the Natonin province of the Philippines. He is one of the sons of the Natonin headhunter Chief Camarong. The actual date of birth and year is unknown due to the h...

alexander/Alejo manao MP (deceased)

Alice Manao (Paquito) MP (deceased)

Anastazija Manao MP (1747 - d.)

Angelo Manao MP (deceased)

Ante Frane Manao MP (1749 - d.)

Ayafin manao MP (deceased)

Camarog manao MP (deceased)

Christopher Manao MP (deceased)

Constancia Lawagan Bangawan (lawagan-manao) MP (deceased)

Erminia Manao (Auriemma) MP (deceased)

Girolamo "Jerolim" Manao MP (c.1692 - d.)

Ignacio Manao MP (deceased)

Jakov Ivan Manao MP (1752 - d.)

James Montesa Manao Sr. MP (deceased)

Luce Manao (Manzoni) MP (c.1727 - d.)

luz lawagan-manao MP (deceased)

Luz Manao (Lawagan) MP (c.1922 - 1995)

Luz Lawagan was a member of the Kalinga tribe of Bontoc Mountain Province. It has been known that the family members upon the death of Luz Lawagan-Manao inhearited old head hunter necklaces, beeds and ...

Mário Sá Manão MP (deceased)

Petar Manao MP (c.1722 - d.)

Petra Manao MP (deceased)

Sakaiasi Manao MP (deceased)

Severina Morales Manao MP (deceased)

Te Moananui Manao Te Whahaawa (Manao) MP (deceased)

Tommaso "Toma" Manao MP (c.1662 - d.)