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James Clarence Mangan MP (1803 - 1849)

James Clarence Mangan Irish poet Career Mangan began submitting verses to Dublin publications, the first being published in 1818. From 1820 he adopted the middle name Clarence. In 1830 he began p...

Mary Mangan MP (1879 - 1912)

Miss Mary Mangan, 32, from Carrowkehine, Co Mayo, was born in September 1879; the daughter of John Mangan and Bridget Bourke. Mary had been living in America with her sister Ellen for some years, and M...

---- O Donnell (Mangan) (deceased)

? O Malley (Mangan) (deceased)

? Taylor (Mangan) (deceased)

??? Mangan (Mulpeter) (deceased)

A Shanahan (Mangan) (deceased)

Abel MANGAN KOTTO (deceased)

Abigail (Abby) Hanafin Mangan (Hanafin) (1940 - 2004)

Adelaide Cappella Mangan (1882 - 1958)

Agnes June Peacock (Mangan) (deceased)

Agnes Mangan (1910 - 1993)

Agnes Mangan (c.1892 - d.)

Agnes Appleton Mangan (Montgomery) (c.1867 - c.1949)

Agnes Mangan (1900 - d.)

Agnes Mangan (deceased)

Agnes Mangan (deceased)

Agnes Mangan (Lawlor) (1889 - 1956)

Agnes Mangan (1907 - d.)

Agnes Ann Mangan (deceased)

Albert Mangan (deceased)

Alexander Mangan (1894 - 1972)

alfred mangan (deceased)

Alice (Mangan) Brown (deceased)

It is just a coincidence that Alice ended up with the name Brown, marrying Chester. No relation to my father, Paul.

Alice Mangan (Hunt) (deceased)

Alice Winifred Brown (Mangan) (1891 - 1963)

Alice Colletta Copfer (Mangan) (1935 - 1997)

Alice Mary Mangan (deceased)

Alice Ruth Mangan (deceased)

AMBROSE Mangan (1900 - 2001)

Amer Mangan (1901 - d.)

Andrew Mangan (deceased)

Andrew Mangan (deceased)

Andrew Mangan (deceased)

Anita Patricia Mangan (1956 - 1956)

Anita Patricia Mangan (1956 - 1956)

Ann Mangan (_____) (deceased)

Ann Mangan (1830 - 1877)

Ann Henry (Mangan) (1869 - d.)

Ann Mangan (Lawlor) (1877 - 1962)

Ann Fagan (Mangan) (1840 - d.)

Ann Louise Crum (Mangan) (1912 - d.)

Anna Mangan (deceased)

Anna Carlin (Mangan) (deceased)

Anna Mangan (deceased)

Anna Josephine Perron (Mangan) (1908 - 1998)

Anna Mangan (Cavanaugh) (deceased)

Anna Mangan (Flood) (deceased)

Anna K White (Mangan) (1890 - 1916)

Anna Siewert (Mangan) (deceased)

anna mangan (mcdonough) (1921 - d.)

Anna Wihemina Mangan (Zenner/Canner/Zemeer) (1875 - 1926)

Anna Mae Loe (Mangan) (1927 - 2013)

Anna Mae Mangan was born July 4, 1927, at the family farm near LaMoure, ND. She was the youngest child of William Edward and Mabel Theresa (Peterson) Mangan. As a child, she was a self proclaimed tom...

Anne Mangan (1880 - d.)

While her date of birth is thought to be Sept 21 1880, her name appears in the church regsitry dated January 6 1881--possibly a Baptism date? She moved to Canada.

Anne (Mangan) Field (deceased)

Anne received a watch commemorating her employment at Fanny Farmer (the candy manufacturer) from 1937-1962. She was one of the company's original employees. Anne was a character. Even before she grew...

Anne Mangan (1812 - d.)

Anne Mangan (deceased)

Anne Mangan (deceased)

Anne Flanagan Mangan (deceased)

Anne Mangan (deceased)

Anne Shelton Mangan (Perrenot) (1931 - 1998)

Anne Marina Durnford (Mangan) (1937 - 2007)

Anne Frances Mangan (Emerson) (1867 - 1921)

Anne (aka Anna and Annie) was the daughter of William and Anne Emerson. Both of her parents were born in Ireland. She married Joseph Mangan in St. Paul, Minnesota, on 11 February 1888. Their oldest s...

Anne-Kathleen (Nancy) Mangan (1908 - 2001)

Annette Marie Kent (Mangan) (1914 - 1978)

St Andrew Cemetery, Saginaw MI Section SA-WOC Lot 19: Mother: Adeline Kehrer Father: Edward Kent Relation to Owner: Husband Spouse Name: Annette M. Mangan & Fayer Hamp Wilbert Montecello vault ...

Annie Mangan (deceased)

Annie Vincent (Mangan) (deceased)

had no children with George Vincent

Annie Mangan (deceased)

Annie Quinn (Mangan) (deceased)

Annie Mangan (O'Donoghue) (c.1908 - 2002)

annie jordan (mangan) (deceased)

Annie C Mangan (Cassidy) (1870 - 1942)

Annie Mangan (deceased)

Annie Flanagan (Mangan) (1866 - 1940)

Annie Joyce Mangan (deceased)

Annie Louise McCarthy (Mangan) (deceased)

Annie Bernadette Mangan (1876 - d.)

Anthony Mangan (deceased)

Anthony Mangan (1958 - 1999)

Anthony Mangan (deceased)

Anthony Mangan (1813 - 1902)

Archibald P Mangan (1892 - d.)

Audrey Mangan (Murray) (1924 - 2006)

Audrey Funk (Mangan) (deceased)

Babs Scott (Mangan) (deceased)

Had 1 daughter and 2 sons with Hugh Scott

Baby Mangan, INFANT (1878 - 1878)

Barbara Mangan (Sconce) (deceased)

Barbara J Mangan (deceased)

Bartholomew Mangan (deceased)

Bedelia Mangan (Lavelle) (deceased)

Bedelia Ellan Mangan (Egan) (b. - 1945)

Bee Mangan (deceased)

Bernadette Mangan (Coffey) (1924 - 1983)

Bernard Michael Mangan (deceased)

Bernard (Buddy) Aloysius Mangan (1924 - 2010)

Bernice Mangan (deceased)

Bernice Blasius (Mangan) (1903 - d.)

Beverly Ann Gibbs (Mangan) (deceased)

Biddy Lavelle (Mangan Taylor) (deceased)

Bill Mangan (deceased)