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Antonio Ledesma Mapa MP (1938 - 2005)

Antonio Ledesma Mapa Sr. served as the Philippine tourism attache to the United States in the 1980s. He was a pioneer of motor sports and served as the President of the Automobile Association of the Ph...

Placido Ledesma Mapa, Jr. MP

Alabang, Metro Manila, Philippines

Dr. Placido Lizares Mapa Jr. is a Filipino economist, banker and public servant. He served as the Philippine Economic Planning Minister and Chairman of the Manila Doctors College. He received the 1965 ...

Placido Lizares Mapa MP (c.1901 - 1967)

Placido Lizares Mapa was a sugar industry executive in the 1930s, comfortable in English and trained in high finance. He engineered the acquisition of sugar mills for his family's holdings in Bacolod d...

? Inosanto (Mapa) (deceased)

[Mäpe] Jaak (Mäpä Jaak) (deceased)

Abielu: Saaga EAA.3134.1.2:307?66,1394,702,96,0

Mäepä Laes (deceased)

Abielu: Saaga EAA.3134.1.1:168?96,847,682,53,0

Adela Mapa (deceased)

Agustin Montaño Mapa (deceased)

Aida Broce Mapa (deceased)

Alejandrina K. Mapa (deceased)

Anacorita Sabellita (Mapa) (deceased)

Angel Mapa (deceased)

Arturo Mapa (deceased)

Bela Mapa (deceased)

Carmencita "Baby" Mapa (Karaan) (deceased)

Cecilia Ledesma Mapa-Manalo (b. - 2014)

Cecilia Manalo (born Mapa) MyHeritage Family Trees Parents: Placido Mapa, Loreto Mapa (born Ledesma) Siblings: Placido Ledesma Mapa, Dionysio Ledesma Mapa, Julio Alberto Ledesma Mapa, Antonio Ledesma M...

Celia Feria (Mapa) (deceased)

Celia "Chiling" Mapa (deceased)

Celia `Chiling` Mapa Montilla vda. de Feria (Celia Mapa y Montilla) (1894 - 1999)

Concepcion `Concha` Montaño Mapa (deceased)

Concepcion Villanueva Mapa (deceased)

Consolacion Hinolan (Mapa) (deceased)

Cornelio Belmonte Mapa (c.1874 - d.)

Dionisa Mapa (deceased)

Dionisio Mapa (deceased)

Dionysio Montaño Mapa (deceased)

Dionysio Ledesma Mapa (c.1934 - c.1958)

Domingo Mapa (deceased)

Domingo Mapa (c.1840 - d.)

Doris Kilpatrick Mapa (deceased)

Eleuteria Montaño Mapa (deceased)

Elpidio Mapa (deceased)

Emerenciana Mapa (b. - 2014)

Emilio Villanueva Mapa (deceased)

Estrella Mapa-Ybiernas (1902 - 2004)

Estrella Mapa-Ybiernas held as esteemed position in the circle of Aurora Aragon-Quizon.

FAIVA MAPA THT 3 (deceased)

Faustino Mapa Sr. (deceased)

Felicisima Mapa (deceased)

Fernando "Ambok" Mapa (deceased)

Fernando "Nanding" Mapa (deceased)

Fernando "Nando" Mapa (deceased)

Fernando `Nando` Montaño Mapa, Sr. (1853 - 1941)

Fernando `Ambok` Abaya, III Mapa (c.1930 - c.1997)

Fernando `Nanding` Jr. Montilla Mapa (1890 - 1972)

fernando mapa montilla mapa (1896 - d.)

Flor Mapa (Orbino) (deceased)

Flordelisa mapa (deceased)

Francis Ferdinand `Bongbong` Mapa (c.1967 - c.2003)

Francisca Mapa (deceased)

Gabina Villanueva Yulo (Mapa) (deceased)

Gisela Mapa (deceased)

Graciano Mapa (deceased)

Higino Mapa (deceased)

Jose Mapa (deceased)

Jose Mapa (deceased)

Jose Mapa Sr. (deceased)

Jose Vicente Paredes Mapa (deceased)

josefa abaya mapa (josefa) (1896 - d.)

Josefa `Pips` Abaya Mapa (Josefa Abaya) (1896 - 1966)

Juana Escarilla (Mapa) (c.1850 - d.)

Julia "Bucay" Mapa (deceased)

Julia `Bucay` Montilla Mapa (1899 - 1984)

Julio Alberto Ledesma Mapa (1936 - 1978)

Julio Alberto Ledesma Mapa MyHeritage Family Trees Birth: Nov 2 1936 Death: June 14 1978 Parents: Placido Mapa, Loreto Mapa (born Ledesma) Siblings: ...ido Ledesma Mapa, Dionysio Ledesma Mapa, Antonio ...

Latai Fale'aka Faiva (Mapa) (deceased)

Lilia Mapa Valdez (Mapa) (deceased)

Lolo Mapa (deceased)

Luisa "Using" Mapa (deceased)

Maria Concepcion Mapa Goco (c.1934 - c.2005)

Macario Mapa (deceased)

Mapa Tu'iha'ateiho Mapa (deceased)

Maria de Besche (Mapa) (1575 - d.)

Maria Mapa de Besche (Mapa) (deceased)

Maria Concepcion "Inday" Mapa (deceased)

Maria Luisa Mapa Bellosi (deceased)

Maria Montilla y Espinosa de Mapa (1858 - 1933)

Marie Montalvan Gacula Mapa (c.1941 - c.2007)

Marigo Mapa (deceased)

Mario "Jesse" Mapa (deceased)

Mario Luis `Jesse` Abaya Mapa (c.1932 - c.1997)

Mateo Mapa (deceased)

Mateo Mapa (deceased)

Mauricia Belmonte Mapa (c.1870 - d.)

Moises Mapa (deceased)

Moises Mapa (deceased)

Mäepeä Ado Mäpä Ado (deceased)

Mäpä Laus (1746 - d.)

Sünd: Saaga EAA.3134.1.2:9?988,966,755,247,0

Nelia Mapa (Cusi) (deceased)

Nena Kho Mapa (deceased)

Nestor Mapa (deceased)

Nestorio Mapa (deceased)

Nolito Mapa (1942 - 2004)

Numeriano Mapa (deceased)

Pascual Mapa (deceased)

Pascual Mapa (deceased)

Patrocinio Farolan Mapa (deceased)

Paz Garcia Mapa (deceased)

Penisimani Latuselu Mapa (deceased)

Placido Mapa (deceased)

Placido Mapa (c.1830 - d.)

Placido Mapa (deceased)