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Benito Mercado Marasigan MP (deceased)

Benito Mercado Marasigan belonged to one of the old landed "Angkan"s of San Juan, Batangas, originally from Cuenca, Batangas. He and his wife Soledad built their home in the 1930s along the Lawaye Rive...

Doña Fidela Marasigan de Agoncillo MP (b. - 1946)

Don Perpetuo Agoncillo and Doña Fidela Marasigan de Agoncillo were a prominent couple from Taal, Batangas in the mid to late 1800s. Both hailed from landed families and had eleven children. Don ...

Francisco Villapando Marasigan MP (1916 - d.)

Atty. Rafael Villapando Marasigan, a blue-blooded Atenean, served on the defense panel in the celebrated 1950s murder case against Governor Rafael Lacson of Negros Occidental.

Luisa Fernandez Marasigan MP (deceased)

Luisa Fernandez Marasigan-Barretto was the Miss Philippines at the 2nd Beauty Contest of the1927 Manila Carnival. More here: .

??? marasigan (del pilar) (deceased)

??? Marasigan (deceased)

________ Marasigan (deceased)

Agustin Marasigan (deceased)

Agustina Marasigan (deceased)

Albino Garcia Marasigan (1892 - d.)

Alejandro Magtira Marasigan (1895 - d.)

Alfredo Mercado Marasigan (c.1892 - d.)

alfredo marasigan (deceased)

Ambrocia Marasigan Domingo (deceased)

Ambrosio Marasigan (1860 - 1923)

Amparo Marasigan (deceased)


Anacleta Medina de Marasigan (deceased)

Anacleto Sangalang Marasigan (deceased)

Anacleto Marasigan (deceased)

Andrea Marasigan Cansicio (Marasigan) (deceased)

Andrea Marasigan-Catapang (deceased)

Angelina Marasigan Caparas (Marasigan) (deceased)

Angelo Matundan Marasigan (1735 - 1790)

Anghel Marasigan Caparas (Marasigan) (deceased)

Anita del Pilar Marasigan (deceased)

Anong Marasigan (deceased)

Antonia Maragisan-Gadi (deceased)

Antonia Marasigan Gadi (Marasigan) (deceased)

Antonino Marasigan (deceased)

Antonino Marasigan (deceased)

Apolinar marasigan (deceased)

Apolonio Villapando Marasigan (deceased)


Aurea Victoria Marasigan (Victoria) (deceased)

Barbara Marasigan (deceased)


Bedencio Marasigan (deceased)

Benigna Dimaapi (Marasigan) (deceased)

Benita Marasigan-Santos (deceased)

benito marasigan (deceased)

Benito De Los Santos Marasigan (1867 - d.)

Benito Marasigan, Jr. (deceased)

Benito Jr. Ramos Marasigan (1901 - d.)

Bernard Eclavea Marasigan (1942 - 2006)

Bernardo Magtira Marasigan (1888 - d.)

Bernardo welba Marasigan (1949 - 2013)

Bibiano Marasigan (deceased)

Bonifacio Marasigan (deceased)

Bonifacio Marasigan (deceased)

Brando Bermudez Marasigan (deceased)

Camilo Reyes Marasigan (1899 - d.)

Candida Marasigan (Marco) (1829 - 1928)

Carlos Marasigan (deceased)

Casiana Marasigan (deceased)

Celario Marasigan (deceased)

Celerina Marasigan Domingo (Marasigan) (deceased)

Cesar Marasigan (deceased)

Cipriano Marasigan (deceased)

Concepcion Fernandez Marasigan (deceased)

Conrado Marasigan (deceased)

Consolacion Marasigan (deceased)

Consuelo Marasigan (deceased)

Cornelia Amador (Marasigan) (deceased)

Corsita Marasigan (deceased)

cristina marasigan (deceased)

Cristina Marasigan (deceased)

Demetrio Marasigan (1918 - 1982)

Diego Dimaandal Marasigan (1633 - 1730)

Dionesio Marasigan (deceased)

Dionisio Ramos Marasigan (1896 - 1979)

Diosdado Eclavea Marasigan (1962 - 1990)

Divina Marasigan (deceased)

Dolores Marasigan (Leyesa) (1904 - 2001)

Domingo Marasigan (deceased)

doroteo marasigan (deceased)

Doroteo Gatpandan Marasigan (c.1925 - 1995)

Edgardo Ner Marasigan (c.1955 - c.2001)

Elena Eclavea Marasigan (Eclavea) (1924 - 1999)

Eleuterio Marasigan (deceased)

Elisea Victoria Marasigan (Victoria) (deceased)

Eluteria Marasigan (Garino) (deceased)

emiliana marasigan (deceased)

Emilio Marasigan (deceased)

Emiteria Faustino (c.1892 - 1957)

Source: Domingo de la Cruz and Emiteria Faustino's Marriage Register:

Engracia Marasigan (deceased)

Epifanio Marasigan (deceased)

Esperanza Marasigan (deceased)

Eufrocina Marasigan (deceased)

Eusebia Marasigan (Ruanto) (deceased)

F. Marasigan (deceased)

Feliciana Marasigan (deceased)

Feliciano Marasigan (deceased)

Feliciano Marasigan (deceased)

Felicisima Marasigan (deceased)

Felix Marasigan (deceased)

Feliza Santiago Marasigan (1906 - d.)

Fernando Marasigan (deceased)

Fernando Marasigan (deceased)

Florencia Aguila (Marasigan) (1808 - d.)