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Pacita Tiongson Mateo MP (deceased)

Pacita Mateo competed as Miss Bulacan at the 2nd National Beauty Contest at the 1927 Manila Carnival. More here: .

Práxedes Mateo Sagasta, Presidente del Consejo de Ministros MP (1825 - 1903)

3.Feleti Mateo (Falekaono) (deceased)

? Mateo (deceased)

? Mateo (deceased)

?? Mateo (deceased)

??? de Mateo (deceased)

Adela Mateo (deceased)

Adela Mateo (deceased)

Adolfo Mateo (deceased)

Adrián Mateo Buendía (deceased)

Agripina Mateo (deceased)

Agustín López Mateo (1889 - 1946)

Alberto Mateo (Teodora Lucas Mateo) (deceased)

Alejandra Mateo (deceased)

Alejandrina Rozo de Mateo (deceased)

Alejandro Paniagua Mateo (deceased)

Alejandro Norona San Mateo (deceased)


Alejandro Mateo (deceased)

Alejo Bonifacio (1875 - d.)

Alejo Bonifacio was baptized by Álvaro Calleja, and his godfather at the time of his baptism was Simeón Suárez. Source: Alejo Bonifacio's Baptismal Register:

Alfonso Mateo (deceased)

Alfredo Mateo (deceased)

Alice (b. - 2007)

Alipio Mateo (deceased)

Ampin Mateo (deceased)

Ana Mateo (deceased)

Ana González Mateo (1653 - d.)

Ana Almotazan (aka de Mateo) (b. - 1610)

Ana Mateo (deceased)

Ana Gomez de Mateo

Ana de San Mateo Calvo (deceased)

Ana Miranda (Mateo) (deceased)

Ana Maria Mateo (De Los Santos) (deceased)

Anastasia Mateo Monasterio (c.1845 - d.)

Andrea Mateo (deceased)

Andrés Bonifacio (1880 - d.)

Andrés Bonifacio was baptized by Álvaro Calleja, and his godfather at the time of his baptism was Tomás Ramos. Source: Andrés Bonifacio's Baptismal Register:

Angel Mateo Callejon (deceased)

Angel Campos Mateo (deceased)

Angel Ubaldo Mateo (deceased)

Angel mateo Quintanilla (deceased)

Angel Reales Mateo (deceased)

Angelina Mateo (deceased)

Anna Cirino (Mateo) (deceased)

Anselma Sáenz-Rodrigáñez Mateo-Sagasta (deceased)

Anselmo Lucas Mateo (deceased)

Antonia Guillermo Mateo (deceased)

Antonia Hernández Mateo (1908 - 2000)

Antonia Mateo de Acedo (deceased)

Antonia Martín Mateo (deceased)

Antonia Mateo Carrasco (deceased)

Antonia Fernanda Etayo Mateo (1754 - d.)

Antonio Mateo (deceased)

Antonio Morales Mateo (deceased)

antonio Prieto Mateo (deceased)

Antonio Mateo De Col Scussel (1917 - d.)


Antonio Mateo (deceased)

Antonio de Miranda y Mateo, Conde de Cascajares, Conde de Cascajares (deceased)

Antonio Buendía Mateo (deceased)

Antonio Hernández Mateo (1903 - 1978)

Antonio Ros Mateo (deceased)

Antonio Mateo (deceased)

Antonio de Mateo y Bordoy (1941 - 2001)

Antonio Mateo Delgado (deceased)

Antonio Mateo Boj (deceased)

Antonio Mateo de los Buenos Hijuelos (deceased)

Antonio Mateo Quesada (deceased)

Antonio Mateo García (c.1880 - 1944)

Antonio Saavedra Mateo (deceased)

Antonio Saavedra Mateo (1915 - d.)

Apolinar Bolivar Mateo (deceased)

Apolonia Andres-Gabud Mateo (Andres-Gabud) (deceased)

Aquilina Mateo Gómez (deceased)

Arcenio Quisumbing Mateo (deceased)

Artemio Mateo (deceased)

Asunción Mateo-Sagasta Pratosi (deceased)

Asunción Reales Mateo (deceased)

Atlagracia Mateo (deceased)

Augustin Severino Mateo (deceased)

Augustin Matéo (deceased)

Baltasar de Jesus Mateo (1717 - d.)

Bartolomé Mateo (b. - 1932)

Bartolomé Otiñano Mateo (1770 - d.)

Beatriz Mateo (Layug) (deceased)

Well !!!! ...... she's the BEST Grandmother grandkids could ever have :-)

Bebeng Mateo (deceased)

Benedicta Tayamen (Mateo) (deceased)

Benita Mateo García (1882 - 1920)

Benito Ordóñez Mateo (deceased)

Benito Cosme Mateo Arreche (1900 - d.)

Bernabe Mateo (deceased)

Bernabeva Mateo (deceased)

Berting Mateo (deceased)

bolla mateo (deceased)

Bonifacia Pagsanghan (deceased)

Source: Fruto de los Reyes and Bonifacia Pagsanghan's Marriage Register:

Bonifacio Mateo (deceased)

Bonifacio Mateo-Bayba (deceased)

Bonifacio (Pasiong Putol) Miguel-Mateo (deceased)

Bonifacio Salvador Mateo (deceased)

Braulio (Bara) Mateo (deceased)