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Candida Mateo (1921 - 1996)

Caridad Mateo (Sierra) (deceased)

Carlo Mateo (deceased)

Carlos Mateo (deceased)

Carlos Mateo (deceased)

Carme Mateo- (deceased)

Carmen Iriarte Mateo (b. - 1961)

Carmen Sover-Mateo (deceased)

Carmen Sáenz-Rodrigáñez Mateo-Sagasta (deceased)

Carmen Mateo (deceased)

Carmen Fuentes Mateo (deceased)

Carmen Mateo (deceased)

Carmen Lucas Mateo (deceased)

Carmen Mateo (deceased)

Carmen Morales Mateo (deceased)

Carmen Mateo Lavandera (deceased)

Carmen Gárriz Mateo (1921 - 2000)

Carmen de Mateo y Rivas (b. - 1899)

Carmen Mateo Maceira (deceased)

Carmen Cabrerizo Mateo (deceased)

Carmen (Mameng) Miguel-Mateo (deceased)

Casimira Mateo (deceased)

Catalina Saez Mateo (deceased)

Catalina López Mateo (deceased)

Catherine Mateo (deceased)

Cecilia Mateo (deceased)

Celestino García Mateo (deceased)

Ciriaca Asuncion (Mateo) (deceased)

cirilo mateo (deceased)

Clara Cruz Mateo (deceased)

claude mateo (deceased)

Clemente Mateo-Sagasta y Díaz Antoniana (1798 - 1887)

Concha Flores Mateo (deceased)

Conchita Mateo (deceased)

Cornelia Mateo (1901 - d.)

Cristina Mateo (b. - 1891)

Source: Anuario Bonifacio and Justina Mateo's Marriage Register:

Cristina Mateo (deceased)

Cristina Mateo Callejón (1907 - 1987)

Cristina Buendía Mateo (1936 - 1987)

Cristobalina García Mateo (deceased)

Cruz Mateo Vda. Núñez (deceased)

Damian Mateo (1890 - d.)

Daniel Mateo (deceased)

DATU Manuel Mateo (deceased)

Demetria Tangonan Mateo (deceased)

Deogracias Mateo (deceased)

Diego Perez de Mateo (deceased)

Diego Flores Mateo (deceased)

Dionisia Aragonés Mateo (b. - 1979)

Dionisia Anton Mateo (deceased)

Dionisia Mateo (deceased)

Dionisia Areopagita Mateo (deceased)

Dionisia Mateo Sanchez (1851 - d.)

Dodo Mateo (deceased)

Dolores (deceased)

Dolores Mateo (deceased)

Dolores Mateo (deceased)

Dolores Mateo Gómez (Mateo) (deceased)

Dolors Massuet Mateo (1940 - d.)

Dory San Mateo Linsangan (San Mateo) (1929 - d.)

Mateo Echebarria Hormaechea (deceased)

Edgar Anibal Encarnacion Mateo (1972 - 2010)

Eduardo Mateo (deceased)

Eladia Villanueva Lacanienta (Mateo) (deceased)

Eladio Mateo (deceased)

elena mateo (deceased)

Elena Eugenio Miguel-Mateo (deceased)

Eleno Bonifacio (1868 - d.)

Eleno Bonifacio was baptized by Nemesio García, and his godfather at the time of his baptism was Víctor Gálvez. Source: Eleno Bonifacio's Baptismal Register:

Eleuterio Mateo (deceased)

Elias Honorio Gonzalez Mateo (c.1896 - 1972)

Eligio de Mateo y Sousa (1908 - d.)

Elisa Mateo (deceased)

Elisa Mateo (de Ocampo) (1918 - 1976)

She was an excellent swimmer in high school. She had a total of 11 children 3 of whom died before birth. She loved her family very much and raised all of them and was a stay home Mom. She has made a lo...

Elisa Saturnina Mateo-Sagasta Escolar (1847 - d.)

Elizabeth Mateo (deceased)

Eloy Royo Mateo (1924 - 2014)

Eloy Mateo-Sagasta Azpeitia (1932 - 2012)

Elvira Mateo (deceased)

elías mateo (deceased)

Elías de Mateo (deceased)

Emeteria Mateo (1887 - d.)

Sources: Emeteria Mateo's Application for Marriage License: Emeteria Mateo's Identification Certificate: Melecio Rodolfo and Emeteria Mateo's Marriage Certificate: Melecio Rodolfo and Emeteri...

Emeterio Mateo (deceased)

Emilia Mateo de Acosta y Zenea (c.1827 - d.)

Emilio Hernández Mateo (deceased)

Emilio González-Mateo y Otazu (deceased)

Emilio Mateo (deceased)

Emilio Mateo Temprano (deceased)

Encarna García Mateo (deceased)

Enrique de Ramón y de Mateo (deceased)

Enrique Mateo (deceased)

Enrique Farnos Mateo (deceased)

Enrique Palacián Mateo (deceased)

Enrique Mateo (deceased)

Enrique Mateo Ramos (deceased)

Enriqueta Mateo Temprano (deceased)

Enteng Mateo (deceased)

Eriverto Mateo (deceased)

Ermógena Bonifacio (1864 - d.)

Ermógena Bonifacio was baptized by Nemesio García, and her godmother at the time of her baptism was Rosa de Jesús. Source: Ermógena Bonifacio's Baptismal Register:

Ernest Mateo (1914 - d.)

Ernesto Mateo (1926 - 1997)