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Rev. Samuel Maycock, Ancient Planter MP (c.1594 - 1622)

Upon his arrival in the Virginia colony, Samuel MAYCOCK was made a member of the Council in the first Virginia General Assembly in 1619 by Sir George YEARDLEY and continued in office under Sir Franci...

Sarah Pace (Maycock), Jamestown Orphan MP (c.1621 - 1655)

Sarah Maycock "the Jamestown orphan" Birth: 1621 - Jamestown, James City, Virginia Death: 1655 - , Virginia, USA Parents: Samuel Maycock, Mary Pierce Husband: George Pace AKA: Maycox, Mayco...

? maycock MP (deceased)

Ada Helen Maycock MP (1872 - d.)

1911 England Census address: 54 High St Banbury, Banbury, Oxfordshire, England Helen Henrietta Maycock Head Widow Female - 63 1848 Banbury Oxon Ada Helen Maycock Daughter Spinster ...

Adele Atkins (Maycock) MP (deceased)

Alan Maycock MP (deceased)

Albert Edward Maycock MP (1884 - d.)

Albert Maycock MP (deceased)

Alfred Charles Maycock MP (deceased)

Alfred Maycock MP (deceased)

I have lots of photos of Alfred, but this one shows him with his entire family: Gilbert my grandpa on the back row by him; Winifred on Esther's right , Frank on her left and Eva in front of Frank.. Alf...

Alice Mercy Maycock (Marshall) MP (1874 - 1910)

Amelia (Minnie) Godfredsen (Maycock) MP (1883 - c.1965)

Amos Maycock MP (deceased)

Amos Maycock MP (deceased)

Amos Maycock MP (1836 - 1889)

Amos Joyce Maycock MP (1900 - 1990)

Amy Maycock MP (deceased)

Amy Maycock (Jordan) MP (deceased)

Andrew Maycock MP (deceased)

Ann Dorne Percival (Maycock) MP (1857 - 1937)

Ann Maycock MP (deceased)

Ann Bradwin (Maycock) MP (deceased)

Ann Yardley (Maycock) MP (1792 - d.)

Ann Maycock (Berry) MP (1832 - 1919)

Ann Ringrose (Maycock) MP (1810 - 1890)

Ann Elizabeth Groesbeck (Maycock) MP (1855 - 1911)

Daughter of John Maycock and Helen LeslieMarried Hyrum Groesbeck, 28 Feb 1878, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UtahChildren - Hyrum Groesbeck, Leslie H. Groesbeck, Ethel Elizabeth Groesbeck, George M. Groes...

Anna Maycock MP (deceased)

Anna-Maria Coggins (Maycock) MP (deceased)

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Anne Maycock MP (1748 - d.)

Annie Maycock (Marsh) MP (1892 - 1956)

Annie Selina Maycock (Condie) MP (1883 - 1964)

Annie Selena Maycock (Condie) MP (1883 - 1964)

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Averil Maycock MP (deceased)

Aviel Maycock MP (36 - d.)

Barbara Ann Maycock (Taylor) MP (1944 - 1975)

Barbara Ann Maycock (Taylor) MP (1944 - 1975)

Bernice Maycock (Blackwell) MP (1900 - 1979)

Bertha Yost (Maycock) MP (deceased)

Bertha Jean Morasch (Maycock) MP (1926 - 1990)

Betty Maycock MP (deceased)

Bow ba Maycock MP (deceased)

Brenda Dorothy Wright (Maycock) MP (1916 - 2011)

Britany M Maycock MP (deceased)

Caroline Adderley (Maycock) MP (deceased)

Catherine Norton MP (1796 - d.)

Catherine Maycock MP (c.1575 - 1610)

Cecilia Maycock MP (1923 - 2009)

Charles Maycock MP (c.1848 - d.)

Charles Maycock MP (deceased)

Charles Notley Maycock MP (deceased)

Charley Maycock MP (c.1928 - d.)

Charlotte Timms (Maycock) MP (c.1810 - c.1876)

Christine Maycock MP (deceased)

Connie Maycock MP (deceased)

Cora Maycock (Webber) MP (deceased)

Cyril Arthur Maycock MP (1899 - 1985)

Cyril Amos Maycock MP (1892 - 1902)

Daisy Louisa Maycock MP (1895 - d.)

Daisy Amelia Maycock (Cattle) MP (deceased)

Daisy met Gilbert on the Isis at a fete where there was lots of confetti (did she mean at her wedding?) She saw him when she went to work. She worked at Mrs Knight's as a milliner's apprentice in the s...

Dale Edwin Maycock MP (1928 - 1988)

Dallis Eby (Maycock) MP (deceased)

Daniel R Maycock MP (deceased)

Donna Maycock MP (deceased)

Dora Maycock MP (deceased)

Dora Allington (Maycock) MP (deceased)

Doris MAYCOCK MP (c.1899 - 1967)

Doris Velma Maycock (Jones) MP (deceased)

Doris Josephine Williams (Maycock) MP (1903 - 1981)

Dorothy Anne Maycock MP (deceased)

Edith Horton (Maycock) MP (1847 - 1899)

Edith Clara Maycock MP (1885 - d.)

possible death notice: Name Edith C Maycock Event Type Death Registration Quarter Jan-Feb-Mar Registration Year 1913 Registration District Banbury County Oxfordshire Event Place Banbury, Oxfor...

Eleanor Maycock MP (deceased)

Eliza Rainbow (Maycock) MP (1824 - d.)

Elizabeth Maycock (Hobbs) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Maycock MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Maycock (Smith) MP (1764 - 1842)

Elizabeth Maycock MP (deceased)

Elizabeth MAYCOCK (TIMMS) MP (c.1827 - d.)

Elizabeth Howard (Maycock) MP (b. - 1811)

Elizabeth Emily Maycock (Ward) MP (c.1872 - d.)

Elizabeth Maycock MP (b. - 1889)

Elizabeth Goodrich (Maycock) MP (1847 - 1902)

Elizabeth Maycock MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Maycock (Turner) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Fenemore (Maycock) MP (1847 - 1893)

Ella Maycock MP (1913 - 2001)

Ellen Rose Maycock (NN) MP (deceased)

Elsie Maycock (Andrews) MP (1882 - 1967)

Elsie E Maycock (Parker) MP (deceased)

Elsie Emily Hughes (Maycock) MP (1880 - d.)

1911 England Census address: 168 Walton Street Oxford, St Michael St Mary Magdalen, Oxfordshire, England Ronald Edward Hughes Head Married Male Telephone Wayleave Officer 26 1885 Oxfordshire Coombe...

Elsie Maycock (Parker) MP (1912 - d.)

Emily MORGAN (MAYCOCK) MP (1849 - d.)

Emma Elizabeth Wade (Maycock) MP (deceased)

Emma Mary Edens (Maycock) MP (b. - 1950)

Emma Elizabeth Wade (Maycock) MP (deceased)

Ernest Arthur Maycock MP (1906 - 1976)

Ernestine Maycock MP (deceased)

Esther Ann Maycock MP (1861 - 1894)

Esther Ann Maycock MP (1861 - 1894)

Esther Janet Maycock MP (1897 - 1991)