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Allen I. McFadden MP (1916 - d.)

Andrew McFadden MP (1675 - 1753)

Andrew McFadden was born in the highlands of Scotland in 1675. He moved to Ireland, where he married and lost his wife, Mercy Mallory. After ;osing his first wife, Andrew married Jane Lindsey, and toge...

Anne McFadden (Muse) MP (c.1750 - 1794)

Carrie Estell McFadden (Farrow) MP (1896 - 1950)

Charles S. McFadden MP (1893 - 1967)

Cynthia McFadden MP

Cynthia McFadden (born May 27, 1956) is an American television journalist who is currently the senior legal and investigative correspondent for NBC News. She was an anchor and correspondent for ABC N...

Deborah McFadden MP

Maryland, USA

Deborah McFadden, spent four and a half years in a wheelchair, from ages 23 to 27. A freak virus shut her system down. Intensive therapy helped her to walk again. “I remember being introduced — when ...

Hannah McFadden MP

Name: Hannah McFadden Tatyana was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, with a hole in her spine, a condition known as spina bifida. The operation that should have been done immediately on her wasn’t don...

James McFadden (McFadyen) MP (deceased)

In 1875, James McFadden and his younger brother Robert acquired the landing and for the next nineteen years operated a thriving commercial trade and shipping business. However, the bay was not yet a tr...

Jane Farrow / Riley (McFadden) MP (1799 - 1870)

Jesse McFadden MP (1782 - 1854)

John Joseph McFadden, Sr. MP (1894 - 1943)

Newspapers, Birth, Marriage, & Death Announcements, 1851-2003 ; Newpaper: New York Times (1857-Current file); Event: Obituary; Publication: 19 Feb 1943 - New York, New York. The Last Unicorn: The Lif...

John McFadden (McFadyen) MP (deceased)

John McFadden, rode across the country on horseback. He first worked as a school teacher for a year in Grass Valley, CA, and then joined his brothers in their business in present day Orange County, Cal...

Nancy McCammon (McFadden) MP (1781 - d.)

Preston McFadden MP (1920 - d.)

Ruthi McFadden MP

Susannah Zickafoose McFadden (Metzger) MP (1827 - 1919)

Tatyana McFadden MP

Maryland, USA

Name: Tatyana McFadden Sport: Para Track and Field Event: 100m, 400m Height: 5’2” Current Residence: Champaign, Ill College: University of Illinois Paralympic Experience: 2014 Paralym...

Lieut. Thomas McFadden MP (1740 - 1840)

Thomas McFadden was born on Arrowsick Island on Oct 17 1740, at age 9 his family moved to Parker's Island,(both Islands later were included in what came to be known as Georgetown) At the age of 27 on J...

William McFadden MP (c.1745 - 1790)

McFadden MP (1883 - d.)

(?) Allen (McFadden) MP (deceased)

- Mcfadden MP (deceased)

--- McFadden (Mayfield) MP (deceased)

? McFadden MP (deceased)

? McFadden MP (deceased)

? McFadden MP (deceased)

? McFadden MP (deceased)

? McFadden MP (deceased)

? McFadden? MP (deceased)

? McFadden MP (deceased)

Reverend ? McFadden MP (deceased)

? McFadden MP (deceased)

? Potter (McFadden) MP (deceased)

? MCFADDEN MP (deceased)

? McFadden MP (deceased)

? McFadden MP (deceased)

??? McFadden MP (deceased)

A J Mcfadden (Carbugh) MP (deceased)

Abbe Maria McFadden (Davis) MP (deceased)

Abigail McKnight (McFadden) MP (1756 - d.)

Abigail Fling (McFadden) MP (deceased)

Abigail McFadden (Mustard) MP (1715 - 1828)

Abigail McFadden MP (1757 - d.)

Abigal McFadden (Voorhess) MP (1830 - 1880)

abner mcfadden MP (deceased)

Abner Cecil McFadden MP (1898 - d.)

Ada Mcfadden MP (b. - 2009)

AdaBelle McFadden, Jr (Witherspoon) MP (deceased)

Adam McFadden, Sr. MP (1837 - 1925)

Adam McFadden MP (deceased)

Adam C. McFadden MP (1834 - d.)

Adam McFadden, Jr. MP (1872 - 1957)

adam c McFadden MP (deceased)

Adams McFadden MP (1805 - 1880)

Addie McFadden MP (1882 - d.)

Addie Byers (McFadden) MP (1872 - d.)

Adeal (sp?) McFadden (Potts) MP (1897 - d.)

Adelaide Brebner (McFadden) MP (deceased)


Adelaide McFadden (Catherwood) MP (1837 - 1912)

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Adele McFadden MP (deceased)

Adeline Frederich Underwood (McFadden) MP (c.1835 - c.1897)

Adeline Beatrice McFadden MP (1898 - 1944)

Adrian Fendon McFadden MP (1828 - 1834)

Agnes McFadden MP (deceased)

Agnes McFadden MP (1895 - d.)

Agnes McFadden (Short) MP (1876 - 1938)

Agnes McFadden MP (deceased)

Agnes McFadden (Doherty) MP (b. - 1979)

Agnes McFadden MP (1883 - d.)

Agnes McFadden was unmarried and had no descendants. She lived in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, USA.

Agnes Mary McFadden (Coyle) MP (1890 - 1975)

Agnes Snyder (McFadden) MP (deceased)

Agnes McFadden MP (c.1891 - d.)

Agnes Somerby Stevens (McFadden) MP (1880 - 1959)

alaice mefadden mcfadden MP (deceased)

Alameda McFadden MP (deceased)

Alba McFadden MP (deceased)

Albert McFadden MP (1859 - 1944)

Albert Howell McFadden MP (1921 - 1969)

Albert McFadden MP (1928 - 1990)

Albert McFadden MP (1916 - 1983)

Albert Edward McFadden MP (1898 - d.)

Albert T McFadden MP (c.1855 - 1938)

Albert Wellington McFadden MP (1863 - d.)

Albert Ernest McFadden MP (1900 - 1931)

Albert Holsopple McFadden MP (1875 - 1962)


Alberta McFadden MP (deceased)

Alberta Floy Kruggel MP (1920 - 2007)

WOOSTER -- Alberta F. McFadden, 86, of Wooster, died Tuesday, May 22, 2007, at her home. Services will be Wednesday, May 30, at 2 p.m. at Waite & Son Funeral Home, Medina Chapel, 765 N. Court St., with...

Alexander W. McFadden MP (1852 - c.1913)

Alexander McFadden MP (1845 - d.)

Alexander McFadden MP (1829 - d.)

Captain Alexander McFadden MP (1760 - 1836)

Per early McFadden history, Alexander was a minuteman during the early part of the Revolutionary War. He fought with his brothers at Fort McFadden in Rutherford County, NC and was promoted to the rank ...

Alexander Bloomfield McFadden MP (1913 - 1948)

Alexander McFadden MP (1826 - 1899)

1881 Census: Alexander McFadden M 55y Ireland Duan McFadden F 50y Ireland Mary McFadden F 22y Ontario Margret McFadden F 22y Ontario Robert McFadden M 18y Ontario Hugh McFadden M ...

Alexander McFadden MP (deceased)

Alexander McFadden MP (1760 - 1836)

Alexander McFadden MP (deceased)

Alexander McFadden MP (1760 - 1836)