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Abram Mendlowicz (c.1787 - 1840)

Abram Mendlewicz (Mendlowicz) (1876 - d.)

Abram MENDLOWICZ (deceased)

Abram Mendlowicz (deceased)

Abram Mendlowicz (1848 - bef.1914)

Abram Majer Mendlowicz (c.1811 - d.)

Abrao Mendlowicz (deceased)

Adolph Mendlowicz (1852 - 1929)

Aron Mendlowicz (1878 - d.)

Aron Mendlowicz Bronatowski (Mendlowicz) (aft.1757 - 1838)

Aron Mendlowicz Bronatowski (aka Aron Brau) is the earliest recorded member of the Broniatowski family. He was a teacher and merchant in the Czestochowa area, living primarily in the village of Dzbow.

Avrum Mendelevich (Mendlowicz) (deceased)

Bajla Gitla Mendlowicz (c.1879 - d.)

GEDCOM Note ===Yad VashemBeila Gita Lichtenstein was born in Poland. She was married to Kopel. Prior to WWII she lived in Sienno, Poland. Beila Gita was murdered in the Shoah. This information is based...

Bayla Ruchla Perelsztajn (Mendlowicz) (deceased)

Berek Mendlowicz (c.1846 - d.)

Bina Mandelbaum (Mendlowicz) (deceased)

Bina Ginsberg (Mendlowicz) (c.1784 - 1845)

Binyamin Yaakov Mendlowicz (deceased)

Brandlla Mendlowicz (1871 - d.)

Chaia MENDLOWICZ (FISZMAN) (1831 - d.)

Chaia Taitelbaum (Mendlowicz) (deceased)

Chaia Szafir (Mendlowicz) (c.1818 - d.)

Chaim Mendlowicz (deceased)

Chaim Enoch Mendlowicz (Mendlewicz) (1872 - d.)

Chaja Sura "Sara" Propinator (Mendlowicz) (c.1881 - 1929)

Chana Pesel (?Pesla) Goldkind (Mendlowicz) (deceased)

Chana Ryvkah Mendlowicz (Wajnryb) (c.1843 - d.)

Chancie Mendlowicz (Szkolnik) (1867 - d.)

Chaskyl Schmiel Mendlowicz (1861 - d.)

Chawa Chaje Mendlowicz (Schneider) (c.1850 - 1918)

Cyrla Mendlowicz (c.1876 - d.)

Cyrla Mendlowicz (deceased)

Cyrla Mendlowicz (deceased)

Cyrla Ceder (Mendlowicz) (deceased)

Cyrla Mendlowicz (Balsam) (b. - 1866)

She probably died during child birth or soon thereafter

Cyrla Szlezinger (Mendlowicz) (1872 - d.)

moved to Lodz

David Mendlowicz (b. - 2012)

Dobrys Mendlowicz (1866 - d.)

Dora Winiarz (Mendlowicz) (1918 - 2005)

Dwojra Pytel (Mendlowicz) (deceased)


Eliahu Mendlowicz (c.1806 - 1887)

Erika Mendlowicz (deceased)

Ester Pesla Wejsfus (Mendlowicz) (c.1816 - d.)

Ester Rozenblat (Mendlowicz) (1838 - d.)

Estera Kornberg (Mendlowicz) (c.1756 - 1843)

Estera Mendlowicz (Lajzerowicz) (1892 - d.)

Estera Mendlowicz (Wajs) (1885 - d.)

Etla Szykman (Mendlowicz) (1875 - c.1942)

Yad VaShem ID 1621403

Fadek Mendlowicz (deceased)

Fajga Ruchla Sztajerman (Mendlowicz) (c.1793 - d.)

Fajgla Wislicki (Mendlowicz) (1875 - d.)

Fajgla Mendlowicz (1869 - d.)

Fajgla Norych (Mendlowicz) (c.1843 - d.)

Feigel Chana Mendlowicz (deceased)

Frajdla Mendlowicz (deceased)

Frajdla or Fajgla Mendlowicz (Rapaport) (b. - 1857)

Gersh Mendlowicz (deceased)

Gitel Yiska Skowronek (Mendlowicz) (1898 - 1942)

Gitel Mendlowicz (Brauner) (1808 - d.)

Gitla Mendlowicz (deceased)

Gitla Mendlowicz (Hajman) (1819 - d.)

Godel Ryzenfeld (Mendlowicz) (c.1787 - 1855)

Haia Mendlowicz (Topiol) (1818 - d.)

Haia Goldfeld (Mendlowicz) (deceased)

Haim Mendlowicz (1864 - d.)

Haja Anna Mangiel (Wald Mendlowicz) (c.1813 - d.)

GEDCOM Source ===@R300356898@ Poland, Jewish Records Indexing-Poland, Marriages, 1798-1939 JRI-Poland Shtetl CO-OP Volunteers, comp Operations Inc 1,1480::0 1,1480::90101

Haja Micman (Mendlowicz) (1863 - d.)

Haja Katz (Mendlowicz) (deceased)

Haja Rywka Mendlowicz (Palarska) (1841 - d.)

Haja Sura Mendlowicz (Baran) (deceased)

Haje Mendlowicz (deceased)

Hana Mendlowicz (Moszberg) (1856 - d.)

Hana Hersz Zysio (Mendlowicz) (1859 - d.)

Hana Mendlowicz (deceased)

Hana Chmielewska (Mendlowicz) (c.1821 - d.)

Hana Herszbaum (MENDLOWICZ) (deceased)

Hana Mendlowicz (deceased)

Hemia? Mendlowicz (deceased)

Hena Mendlowicz (1868 - d.)

Henryk/Herman Mendlowicz (deceased)

Herman Mendlowicz (deceased)

Herman Mendlowicz (1867 - d.)

Hersz Chotelski/Mendlowicz (1848 - d.)

Herszia Mendlowicz (c.1841 - d.)

Hinda Trajna Gombiner (Mendlowicz) (deceased)

Icek Mendlowicz (c.1849 - d.)

Icek Mendlowicz (deceased)

Icyk Mendlowicz (deceased)

Icyk Dawid Mendlowicz (deceased)

Idessa Goldkind (Mendlowicz) (deceased)

Ita Laja Mendlowicz (Balsam) (1847 - 1925)

Ita Frajdla Mendlowicz (c.1900 - d.)

Ita Mendlowicz (deceased)

Itta / Jetka Mendlowicz (Zylbersztajn) (1855 - 1934)

Izrael Mendlowicz (1852 - d.)

Izrael Mendlowicz (1848 - d.)

Izrael Jakob Mendlowicz (1866 - d.)

Jochym Mendlowicz (deceased)

Josef Wald Mendlowicz (deceased)

Josék Mendlewicz (Mendlowicz) (b. - 1977)