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Agnes Milton (Edson) MP (1508 - c.1561)

Alice Milton (Stanley) MP (b. - c.1493)

Ann Milton (Stribling) MP (c.1760 - 1811)

John Milton's 1st wife was Ann Stribling (b. abt 1760, d. Jan 15, 1811). They m. on July 20, 1782. They had at least one child: Alexander Ross Milton (b. Apr 30, 1798, d. Feb 4, 1862). Links

Charles Milton MP (1757 - 1827)

Deborah Milton MP (1652 - d.)

Mary died on May 5, 1652 from complications following Deborah's birth on May 2, which may have affected Milton deeply, as evidenced by his 23rd sonnet. In June, John died at age 15 months; it is not kn...

Elizabeth Milton MP (1536 - 1575)

Elizabeth Haughton (c.1535 Stanton, St. John, Oxfordshire, England - c.1600 Stanton St John, Oxfordshire, England) Marriage: abt 1563 in Stanton, St John, Oxfordshire, England

Elizabeth Swayne (Milton) MP (1667 - 1727)

Elizabeth James (Milton) MP (1762 - 1852)

Hannah Blood Milton (Whitcomb) MP (1671 - d.)

Henry Milton MP (c.1512 - 1558)

(The following is from the Volume: The Family of Milton, by Hugh M. Milton) Henry Milton who resided in Stanton -- Saint -- John, England. He and his wife Agnes' wills are in the Bishops Registry at Ox...

Henry Melton (Milton), of Virginia MP (c.1595 - c.1635)

Henry Melton of Virginia was born between 1589 and 1612 in England and died in Virginia after 1635. Parents: 4th child of Thomas Milton (1570-1640) and Margaret Ross, of England (1575-1645). (see notes...

Isabel Milton (Saville) MP (deceased)

James Seton of Milton MP (1538 - 1562)

*****George and Marie had children Robert, James and Mary Seton.*********[9] On 29 August 1570, Marie and her son Robert were arrested for giving letters for Mary, Queen of Scots, to a messenger, John ...

Jane Windsor Laswell (Milton) MP (1785 - 1848)

Jean Milton dit Flavigny MP (c.1723 - d.)

Joan Milton (Ryse) MP (1448 - 1515)

Ryse (c.1450 Bures, Suffolk, England - 1515 Bures St Mary, Suffolk, England) Marriage: abt 1470 in England

Poet John Milton MP (1608 - 1674)

John Milton (December 9, 1608 – November 8, 1674) was an English poet, most famous for his blank verse epic Paradise Lost. His father, John Milton Sr., was a well-off scrivener, and his grandfather a...

John Milton Sr. MP (1563 - 1647)

John Milton Sr. composer and scrivener, was the father of poet John Milton. He was born 1563 and died 15 March 1647. Parents: Richard Melton "the Ranger" and Elizabeth Haughton. Married: around...

Sir John Milton, Kt., of Aston MP (c.1447 - d.)

John Milton MP (1651 - 1652)

Mary Powell died on May 5, 1652 from complications following Deborah's birth on May 2, which may have affected Milton deeply, as evidenced by his 23rd sonnet. In June, John died at age 15 months; it is...

John Milton MP (1758 - 1818)

John Milton was born about 1758; died on March 17, 1818; married Ann Stribing on July 20, 1782; second marriage to Mrs. Catherine Washington-Nelson on February 20, 1812. John Milton was the son of Ri...

Katherine Milton MP (1657 - 1657)

Margaret Cary (Milton) MP (c.1519 - 1560)

Robert CAREY of Clovelly Died: 1 Apr 1586, Exeter Buried: Clovelly Father: Robert CAREY Mother: Margaret FULKERAM Married: Margaret MILLITON *********************** Children: 1. Mary CARE...

Mary Milton (Powell) MP (1625 - 1652)

In June 1642, Milton married 16 year-old Mary Powell. A month later, she visited her family and didn't return. Over the next three years, Milton published a series of pamphlets arguing for the legality...

Mary Maugridge (Milton) MP (1647 - 1697)

Mary was born in Bradnich, Devonshire, England, Great Britain 1647. Mary was the daughter of Mr. Milton and Miss. Mary died AUG 1697 in Bradninch, Devonshire, England, at 50 years of age. She was chris...

Richard Milton MP (1485 - 1550)

Richard Milton, "The Ranger" MP (1536 - 1601)

Richard Melton "The Ranger" was born in 1536 in Stanton, Saint John, Oxford, England / Shotover Forest, Oxford, England (3)(4) and died after 13 Jul 1601 in Stanton,Saint John, Oxford, England. He was ...

Sybil Milton (Winsor) MP (deceased)

Thomas Milton MP (c.1445 - c.1515)

Wife of Richard Milton (Foxe) MP (1485 - 1550)

Milton MP (deceased)

Milton? MP (b. - 1833)

(Mary) Elizabeth Milton (Elliot) MP (1915 - 2010)

--- Milton MP (deceased)

. Milton / Mutton MP (deceased)

. Milton / Mutton MP (deceased)

...... Milton (Bradshaw), FICTITIOUS MP (deceased)

13 Children Milton MP (deceased)

4 children / see Milton Canfield's page MP (deceased)

? Milton MP (b. - 1647)

? MILTON MP (deceased)

? Milton MP (deceased)

? Milton MP (deceased)

? Milton MP (deceased)

? Milton MP (deceased)

? Milton MP (deceased)

? Milton MP (deceased)

? Milton MP (deceased)

? Milton MP (deceased)

? Milton (Davis) MP (deceased)

? Name Milton MP (c.1805 - d.)

? Name Milton MP (c.1805 - d.)

1900 US Census for his son, George P. Milton, Sr. lists his Father AND Mother as being born in OHIO.

??? Parris (Milton) MP (deceased)

?unknown Milton MP (deceased)

Aaron Milton (Lefkowitz) MP (c.1904 - 1955)

Abbie Milton (Crawford) MP (1881 - 1991)

Abby Crawford Milton was born to a prominent political family in Georgia. She was born in 1881. When she married George Fort Milton, Sr, she moved to Chattanooga. In 1904, Abby married George Fort ...

Abigail Milton (Callison) MP (1753 - d.)

Abigail D Milton (Baizley) MP (c.1811 - c.1871)

Abraham Milton, Jr. MP (deceased)

Abraham Milton MP (b. - 1986)

AC MILTON, Sr. MP (deceased)

Ada Milton (Jenkinson) MP (deceased)

Ada Milton MP (deceased)

Ada Milton (jenkinson) MP (1896 - 1993)

Ada Woodwards (Milton) MP (1876 - 1929)

Adalene Milton (Parrent) MP (deceased)

Addie Milton MP (deceased)

Adelaide Yonge Milton (McClellan) MP (1853 - 1890)

Adelaide Milton (McClellan) MP (b. - 1890)

Adeline Milton Milton MP (deceased)

Adell Selena Milton (Harrison) MP (deceased)

Adrian Milton MP (deceased)

Agaton Milton MP (1902 - 1985)

Agaton Milton MP (deceased)

Agnes Milton MP (deceased)

Agnes Wishart (Milton?Hilton?) MP (b. - 1793)

Agnes Faye Milton (Matthews) MP (deceased)

Agnes Milton MP (1876 - d.)

Agnes Ann Milton MP (b. - 1931)

Agnes Milton (Williams) MP (deceased)

Agnes Milton (Williams) MP (deceased)

Agnes May Milton MP (b. - 2002)

Agnes Nicklin (Milton) MP (deceased)

Agnes and Simon lived in Venango County, PA.

Agnes Milton (Brown) MP (deceased)

Agnes Milton MP (deceased)

Agusta Nystrom Milton MP (1867 - 1948)

Aino Eek (Milton) MP (1921 - 1990)

Albert Milton MP (deceased)

Albert Milton MP (deceased)

Albert Milton MP (deceased)

Albert Milton MP (1920 - 1933)

Albert Dean Milton MP (c.1876 - 1962)

Albert Lee Milton MP (1895 - 1994)

Albert L Milton MP (c.1898 - d.)

The 1930 Census indicates that I worked as an Auto Mechanic.

Albert Fink Milton MP (1897 - 1988)

Albert Fithshugh Milton MP (1872 - 1873)

Fitzhugh? Source of info - JOSHUA AND JOSEPH HOBBS, SONS OF JOHN HOBBS AND ELIZABETH compiled by Robert P. Moore Hobbs page: Stith Valley front page:

Albert Edward Milton MP (deceased)

Albert E Milton MP (deceased)

Albert Thomas Milton MP (deceased)

albert leslie milton MP (deceased)