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Claudio Monteverdi MP (1567 - 1643)

Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi (15 May 1567 (baptized) – 29 November 1643) was an Italian composer, gambist, and singer. Monteverdi's work, often regarded as revolutionary, marked the tra...

Giovanni Monteverdi MP (c.1889 - 1912)

Name: Sig. Giovanni Monteverdi Age: 23 years Marital Status: Single. Last Residence: at 4 Queens Park Terrace London London England Occupation: Cook A la Carte crew First Embarked: Sout...

Anthony Monteverdi (deceased)

Antonia Monteverdi (deceased)

Antonio Monteverdi (c.1874 - d.)

Assunta Monteverdi (b. - c.1915)

Baldassare Monteverdi (c.1542 - d.)

Bautista Monteverdi (deceased)

Carlo Monteverdi (deceased)

Carlos Monteverdi (deceased)

Claudia Monteverdi (1942 - 2016)

Claudia Monteverdi (Cattaneo) (b. - 1607)

Dominga Monteverdi (deceased)

Fiordimonte Monteverdi (deceased)

Frances Monteverdi (deceased)

Francesco Monteverdi (deceased)

francisco roberto monteverdi (deceased)

Gd.father Monteverdi (deceased)

Gianni Monteverdi (deceased)

Giulio Cesare Monteverdi (1573 - c.1630)

Jane Monteverdi (deceased)

John Monteverdi (1909 - 1996)

John A. Monteverdi (1938 - 2004)

juan antonio monteverdi (1946 - d.)

Kathleen Monteverdi (deceased)

Leonora Monteverdi (deceased)

Lucía (?) Monteverdi (deceased)

Maddalena Monteverdi (Zignani) (c.1548 - d.)

Marie B. Monteverdi (Dodd) (c.1941 - 2011)

Mary Elizabeth Monteverdi (McEnerney) (1912 - 1955)

María Monteverdi (deceased)

Massimilino Monteverdi (deceased)

Ponzio Sesto Monteverdi (deceased)

Primo Monteverdi (deceased)

Rosa Teresa Vittoria (rosina) Monteverdi (Feletti) (1898 - d.)