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?? Moorsom (deceased)

Ada Florence Moorsom (Chapman) (deceased)

Adelaide Maude Moorsom (Slater) (c.1869 - 1938)

Admiral Sir Robert Moorsom (1760 - d.)

Admiral Moorsom had been with Nelson at Trafalger as Captain of the Revenge and had been in the 'thick of it'. Subsequently he carried the Great Banner at Nelson's funeral and was honoured by parliamen...

Alice Mary Maude Moorsom (1877 - 1961)

Ann Moorsom (deceased)

Ann Moorsom (Barker) (deceased)

Ann Pearson (Moorsom) (1815 - d.)

Ann Moorsom (Wood) (1677 - d.)

Anne Moorsom (Jefferson) (deceased)

Barbara Moorsom (deceased)

Barbara Moorsom (Craig) (deceased)

Bertha Evelyn Moorsom (Bean) (1904 - 1979)

Betsy Moorsom (English) (deceased)

Bridget Eleanor Moorsom (Clayton) (1888 - 1981)

Capt William Moorsom (deceased)

Unmarried. Officer of Legion of Honour. China War 1841.Captain of HMS Diadem. Known as 'Shell' Moorsom being the inventor of the percussion fuse.

Caroline Moorsom (deceased)

Charles John Eustace Moorsom (1875 - 1938)

Lieut. Charles John Eustace Moorsom of the Protectorate Regiment, a colonial unit of the Boer War of 1899-1902

Christopher Moorsom (c.1795 - d.)

Christopher Moorsom (deceased)

Constantine Richard Moorsom, (Adm) (deceased)

Vice Admiral Constantine Richard Moorsom (1792 - 1861)

Constantine Richard Moorsom (1792–1861) was a Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy. He commanded HMS Fury a Hecla-class bomb vessel which saw wartime service in the Bombardment of Algiers, an attack...

Constantine Warren Maude Moorsom (1873 - 1955)

Dorothy Moorsom (Storm) (deceased)

Published will: Dorothy Moorsom, Hawsker, Whitby. Widow. dated 1.11.1780, proved [not stated in register] (f.475) son Richard Moorsom & brother in law John Holt Esquire (joint exec & trustees) elde...

Edward Moorsom (deceased)

Eleanor Moorsom (Scarth) (deceased)

Eleanor Sara Benson (Moorsom) (deceased)

Eleanor Sarah Benson (Moorsom) (b. - 1883)

Eleanor Moorsom (Scarth) (1765 - 1824)

Elisse Moorsom (Huntrods) (1641 - d.)

Eliza Alice Moorsom (Hull) (1847 - 1925)

Elizabeth Holt (Moorsom) (deceased)

Elizabeth Bright well Moorsom (Smith) (deceased)

Elizabeth Moorsom (Clarke) (deceased)

Elizabeth Storm (Moorsom) (c.1840 - d.)

Elizabeth Moorsom (Granger) (1805 - 1878)

Elizabeth Graham (Moorsom) (deceased)

Elizabeth Moorsom (Mills) (1715 - d.)

Elizabeth Mennell (Moorsom) (1802 - d.)

Elizabeth Moorsom (Tindale) (1767 - 1842)

Emma Wood (Moorsom) (deceased)

Esther Chester (Moorsom) (c.1740 - 1823)

Esther Granger (Moorsom) (deceased)

Ethel Annie Storm (Moorsom) (deceased)

Frederick Moorsom (deceased)

George Moorsom (1854 - d.)

Granger Moorsom (deceased)

Greenup Moorsom (1819 - 1875)

Greenup Moorsom (1843 - d.)

Greenup Moorsom (1779 - 1837)

Hannah Moorsom (1780 - d.)

Hannah Moorsom (Bedlington) (1746 - d.)

Helen Maud Beatrice Gaunt (Moorsom) (deceased)

Henrietta Frances Moorsom (Campbell) (deceased)

Henry Manvers Moorsom (1839 - d.)

Isaac Moorsom (deceased)

Isaac Moorsom (deceased)

Isabel Moorsom (Hodgson) (deceased)

Isabel Storm (Moorsom) (1676 - d.)

Isabella Moorsom (1813 - d.)

Isabella Moorsom (Estill) (1813 - d.)

Isabella Moorsom (Richardson) (1780 - d.)

Isabella Pallin (Moorsom) (1851 - 1930)

Isabella Sarah Laurence (Moorsom) (c.1833 - 1912)

Isabella Moorsom (Studd) (1823 - d.)

Isabella Sarah Moorsom (deceased)

Isobel Ann Morris Moorsom (Wilkins) (b. - 1860)

Jacob Moorsom (1724 - d.)

James Moorsom (deceased)

Jane Robinson (Moorsom) (1818 - d.)

Jane Moorsom (deceased)

Jane Moorsom (deceased)

Jane Moorsom (Briggs) (deceased)

Jane Moorsom (Robertson) (deceased)

Jane Moorsom (??) (deceased)

Jane Storm (Moorsom) (1686 - 1744)

The sons and son-in-law of Francis and Jane, who were pressed inthe navy (together with Christopher Storm 1722-1741) served inthe Mediterranean capaign of the time, against Spain. Richard Holt's histor...

Jane Storm (Harrison (Moorsom)) (deceased)

Jane Moorsom (deceased)

Jane Robinson (Moorsom) (1818 - d.)

Jane Storm (Moorsom) (1674 - 1739)

Jane Moorsom (deceased)

Jane Moorsom (Moorsome) (c.1656 - d.)

Jane Moorsom (deceased)

Jane Storm (Moorsom) (1674 - d.)

Joanna Storm (Moorsom) (deceased)

Joanna Storm (Moorsom) (deceased)

Joanna Storm (Moorsom) (1676 - 1748)

Joanna Pearson (Moorsom) (1742 - d.)

John Moorsom (1672 - d.)

John Moorsom (deceased)

John Moorsom (deceased)

John Moorsom (c.1650 - d.)

John Moorsom (deceased)

John Moorsom (deceased)

John Moorsom (1764 - d.)

John Moorsom (1810 - d.)

John Moorsom (deceased)

John Moorsom (deceased)

Joseph Robertson Moorsom, MA (1820 - 1895)

Lancelot Moorsom (1777 - d.)

Although he is known to have been at one time a fisherman, Lancelot is described as a retired mariner in 1851, when he and Margaret had their son John living with them. He was a tailor employing two me...