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Ada Mosby (Hutto) MP (1877 - 1896)

Birth: unknown Death: Aug. 20, 1896 Alabama, USA Married at Oakman, AL. Ada died after the birth of their son. Family links: Spouse: Francis Wade Mosby (1869 - 1900) Children: Francis Blan...

Agnes Laforce (Mosby) MP (c.1725 - c.1810)


Benjamin Mosby MP (c.1690 - 1772)

Benjamin Mosby , of Cumberland Co. , deed to his grandson John Mosby of same Co. 440 acres in Cumberland Co. called the Court House tract. Mch. 22, 1773 , Ibid, p. 146. Benjamin Mosby , Stephen Bedfo...

Benjamin M. Mosby MP (1744 - 1771)

Benjamin Mosby (son of John and Lucy Mosby ), of Henrico Co. ; died 1771 ;* married Elizabeth , daughter of Langston Bacon (see Bacon , ante page 2240). Mrs. Elizabeth (Bacon) Mosby married, second, Jo...

Benjamin Mosby MP (1771 - 1827)

Benjamin Mosby (son of Benjamin and Elizabeth [Bacon] Mosby ) was born Sept., 1771 (three months after his father's death) and died 1827 . In young manhood he was clerk for Mr. Galt , a Scotch merchant...

Benjamin Clinton Mosby MP (1807 - 1870)

Daniel Williams Mosby MP (1863 - 1953)

Birth: 1863 Death: 1953 Family links: Parents: Francis Wade Mosby (1830 - 1906) Sallie Vick Williams Mosby (1842 - 1908) Spouse: Ella Clement Mosby (1866 - 1953) Children: Daniel Bland Mo...

Dewitt Clinton Mosby MP (1788 - 1875)

Dianna Mosby (Jesse) MP (1765 - d.)

Edward Mosby MP (1660 - 1742)

Photo: Moresby Hall, Cumberland, England: Surname has also been reported to be: Mosebey Mosley Date and place of birth have also been (erroneously?) reported to be circa 1665 (including spe...

Edward Mosby, "The Immigrant" MP (c.1595 - 1663)

Additional Curator's Notes: Please note - Edward Mosby was not known as Edd. That name is frequently found on documents relating to Edward Mosby but as "Edd." used as an abbreviation for Edward. He w...

Elbert Edward Mosby MP (1790 - d.)

Elizabeth Mosby (Netherland) MP (1726 - 1769)

Elizabeth Scott Trueheart (Mosby) MP (1780 - 1816)

Elizabeth P. Mosby (Gwin) MP (1812 - 1844)

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Francis Bland Mosby MP (1896 - d.)

Birth: Aug. 11, 1896 Alabama, USA Death: unknown After his father's death he went to live with the Hulseys in Birmingham until 1912 when he went to a christian church scool in Bristol, VA. He serve...

Francis Wade Mosby MP (1869 - 1900)

Birth: Feb. 20, 1869 Columbus Lowndes County Mississippi, USA Death: Sep. 7, 1900, USA Family links: Parents: Francis Wade Mosby (1830 - 1906) Sallie Vick Williams Mosby (1842 - 1908) Spouse...

Francis Wade Mosby MP (1830 - 1906)

Birth: May, 1830 Richmond Richmond City Virginia, USA Death: Feb. 6, 1906 Columbus Lowndes County Mississippi, USA Married Sally/Sallie in 1860. The 1860 Census of Columbus, MS shows them living wi...

Hannah Mosby (Unknown) MP (c.1604 - 1663)

Hannah (Unknown) was born c.1604 in England, and died 1663 in Charles City County, Virginia. Nothing else is known about Hannah other than the fact that she married Edward Mosby in c.1624/25 in England...

Hannah Elizabeth Mosby (Scott) MP (1762 - 1794)

name: Hannah Mosby SCOTT (AFN: HZJR-PX) gender: female birth: 1762 , , Amelia, VA death: 9 August 1794 , , Cumberland, VA marriage: 1779 , , Powhatan, VA Marriages (1) spouse: Littleberry MOSBY (AFN:...

James C. Mosby MP (1813 - 1841)

Jane Gregory / Parsons / Stith (Mosby) MP (1624 - 1686)

Jane Mosby was born June 2, 1624 in Prince William County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Edward Mosby and his wife Hannah. She married (1) Thomas Gregory, no children; (2) Joseph Parsons, a daughte...

Colonel John Singleton Mosby, Sr. (CSA) MP (1833 - 1916)

brief biography John Singleton Mosby was a Confederate colonel during the American Civil War (1861–1865). As a private in the 1st Virginia Cavalry, Mosby chose his commander, General J. E. B. Stuart,...

John Wade Mosby MP (1784 - d.)

Judith Mosby (Michaux) MP (c.1740 - 1781)

Judith Mosby (Parsons) MP (c.1629 - d.)

Major John's wife, Jane, was first documented as "Ja. Gregory" with her husband Thomas Gregory, by Firdinando Austin in 25 Feb 1653, when he claimed headrights for paying their transportation. This ent...

Col. Littleberry Mosby MP (1728 - 1809)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of COLONEL. DAR Ancestor # A081932 Captain 2d Georgia, prisoner at Savannah, 18th October 1779. Exchanged December 1779 23 Jul 1776 -...

Brig. Gen. Littleberry Mosby MP (1757 - 1821)

Littleberry C. Mosby Jr. (January 28, 1757 – October 26, 1821) was an American military officer. During the American Revolutionary War, he served in the Continental Army as a captain in the 2nd Georgia...

Littleberry Mosby, III MP (1782 - 1842)

Family: In 1779, his father, Littleberry Mosby Jr. married Hannah "Eliza" Scott, the daughter of General Charles Scott. They had five children: Elizabeth, Littleberry III, John Wade, Robert C., and D...

Lucy Ann Frierson (Mosby) MP (1804 - d.)

Margaret Elizabeth Wade (Mosby) MP (c.1667 - 1729)

Martha Mosby (Scott) MP (1733 - 1794)

Martha Finney Booker (Mosby) MP (1802 - 1860)

Merritt Hobson Booker built Booker Place in 1828, having followed his brother, Peter R. Booker, to Maury County. Records place Peter in Maury County as early as 1807. Merritt and Peter were the sons of...

Mary Mosby (Poindexter) MP (1700 - 1766)

Mary Mosby (Crispe) MP (1662 - 1736)

Date and place of marriage to Edward Mosby have also been (erroneously?) reported to be September 10, 1716 at Curles Neck Plantation, Varina District, Henrico County, Virginia. Supplement to the Curd...

Mary Ann Netherland (Mosby) MP (1733 - 1803)

Mary Ann Mosby , marriage to John Netherland . James Claiborne security for sd. Netherland . Feb. 1, 1750 .

Mary Ann Quarles (Mosby) MP (1811 - 1886)

Mary Page Mosby MP (1802 - 1829)

Mary Page Mosby , of Cumberland Co , Will of: Mentions that Merit Booker was executor of the estate of her late father Littleberry Mosby . Gives to her sisters Sarah Munford , Martha Booker and Lucy An...

Mary Page Mosby (Haskins) MP (1768 - 1835)

Nancy Mosby (Winston) MP (1782 - d.)

Rachel Navarah Mosby (Cordoza) MP (1806 - 1870)

Richard James Mosby MP (c.1626 - 1683)

Richard James Mosby, was the son of Edward Mosby and wife Hannah. He was born in England c.1626 and died in Henrico County, Virginia in 1683. He married Judith Parsons. One known child, son Edward. R...

Robert C. Mosby MP (1786 - 1839)

Sally Sarah Munford (Mosby) MP (1798 - 1832)

Sarah Mosby (Woodson) MP (1668 - 1707)

Date and place of birth have also been (erroneously?) reported to be: circa 1665 at Tuckahoe Creek, Henrico County, Virginia 1665 at Curles Neck Plantation, Varina District, Henrico County, Virgi...

Sarah Bland Mosby MP (1861 - 1871)

Birth: Jul. 8, 1861 Death: Sep. 8, 1871 Columbus Lowndes County Mississippi, USA Called "Bland", she was named for paternal grandmother. Family links: Parents: Francis Wade Mosby (1830 - 190...

Sarah Cannon (Mosby) MP (1751 - 1798)

Sally Mosby, daughter of Littleberry Mosby and Elizabeth Netherland, married Colonel William Cannon of Mt. Ida, Buckingham County, VA Mosby Family Bible Records, 1765-1896, Powhatan County, VA transc...

Sarah Mosby (Lynch) MP (deceased)

Sarah Vick Mosby (Williams) MP (1842 - 1908)

Birth: 1842 Williamson County Tennessee, USA Death: 1908 Columbus Lowndes County Mississippi, USA Sallie/Sally.Buried in Birmingham, AL. Family links: Parents: Sarah Ewing Hill Williams (181...

Theodosia Carrington (Mosby) MP (1742 - c.1790)

Theodocia Mosby, died 1790, was shown to be the spouse of Joseph Carrington, daughter of Benjamin Mosby and Mary Poindexter, sister of Littleberry Mosby per footnote in The Huguenot Abraham Michaux and...

William Mosby MP (1754 - 1843)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of PRIVATE. DAR Ancestor # A206022 William Mosby , & Jesse Mosby of Cumberland Co. , deed to William Tucker 54 1/2 acres in Cumberland ...

Mosby MP (deceased)

Mosby MP (1864 - 1865)

concerns This child is not among the nine children of Col. John Sr. and Pauline who have been officially identified. Did he exist? Further research is warranted. actions awaiting undertaking by a m...

Mosby (Coleman?) MP (deceased)

concerns This _ seems to be a mistaken duplication of Eugene Coleman . Further research is warranted.

(unknown) Mosby MP (1850 - 1852)

? Mosby MP (deceased)

? Mosby MP (deceased)

??????? Mosby ??? (McLaurine) MP (deceased)

A Louella Riley (Mosby) MP (1902 - 1984)

Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Nov 14 2016, 16:35:14 UTC

Aaron Alvey Mosby MP (1861 - 1938)

Aaron Mosby MP (1836 - 1876)

Birth: 1836 Dubois County Indiana, USA Death: 1876 Dubois County Indiana, USA Age: 40y-1m-23d Son of Burr P. & Mary Mosby. (Calculated Death Year) Family links: Parents: Burr P. Mosby (1...

Aase Olsdatter Mosby (Olsdatter) MP (1722 - 1790)

Aase Salvesdatter Mestad (Mosby) MP (1852 - 1917)

Aase Osmundsdatter Mosby MP (1815 - d.)

Aasne Kristjersdatter Mosby (Egeland) MP (deceased)

Antakelig fra Egeland i Vestre Moland

Ada Lawrence (Mosby) MP (deceased)

Ada Mosby MP (1851 - d.)

concerns It appears that Alfred and Virginia did not have a daughter simply named Ada . Furthermore, this Ada was reportedly born after her sister Sister Florence Mosby, S.C. , who has been identifie...

Ada B. Mosby MP (1871 - 1937)

actions awaiting undertaking by a manager or curator add Catholic to Religion field notes named after her paternal aunt Ada Mosby comments Given name has also been reported to be Ada C. (...

Adelus Endresdatter, Mosby MP (deceased)

Adelus Endresdatter Mosby MP (1723 - 1757)

Adolph James Mosby MP (1891 - 1958)

African Slave Mosby MP (deceased)

African Slave Mosby MP (deceased)

Agnes Binford (Mosby) MP (c.1693 - 1738)

Married John Binford 7-9-1719.

Agnes Rice (Mosby) MP (c.1736 - 1774)

Agnes Mosby (Watson) MP (1689 - 1758)

Agnes Mosby MP (deceased)

Agnes Elizabeth Bullock Rand (Mosby) MP (1908 - 1998)

Agnes Walton (Mosby) MP (1768 - 1865)

Agnes Mosby MP (deceased)

Agnes Nancy Grant (Mosby), Ann MP (1796 - 1873)

Agnes (Mosby) Clarke MP (deceased)

Agnes Martha Walton (Mosby) MP (deceased)

Agnes Ragnfrid Mosby (Finne) MP (1907 - 1988)

Albert Mosby MP (1880 - 1905)

Albert Mosby MP (deceased)

Alexander Mosby MP (deceased)

Alexander Mosby MP (1897 - d.)

Alf Mosby MP (1899 - d.)

Alfer John Mosby MP (deceased)

Alfhild Heiberg Mosby (Mowinckel) MP (1903 - 1997)

Alfred Daniel Mosby MP (1809 - 1880)

Valley Farm is presumed to be a geopolitical division smaller than a municipality (such as an actual farm) because it is not mentioned in Wikipedia's "Powhatan County, Virginia" template . Date and p...

Alfred McLaurine Mosby MP (1876 - 1876)

actions awaiting undertaking by a manager or curator add Catholic to Religion field comments Given name has also been reported to be: Alfred Daniel Alfred Daniel McLaurine Date and ...

Alfred Daniel Mosby MP (1873 - 1953)

Alice Mosby MP (deceased)

Aunt Alice MP (deceased)

Alice Mosby (Brantley) MP (1855 - 1943)

Alice Brantley (????) (Mosby) MP (1876 - 1885)

Alice Mosby (Clifford) MP (1867 - 1914)

Alice Oneder Mosby MP (b. - c.1764)

Alice Oneder Mosby , widow of Stephen Mosby , decd. of release of her dower in 400 acres conveyed to Poindexter Mosby , of Cumberland Co. , by Jacob Mosby , and formerly belonging to her husband Stephe...