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A-nu-wa-gi (Peggy) Moytoy, Wild Potato Clan MP (1710 - c.1742)

4. +Ah-Nee-Wa-Kee Moytoy, b. 1710, d. date unknown (see as 1742) Moytoy, Ahneewakee (Alternative name) Birth : ABT 1710 Cherokee Nation-East (Alternative birthdate) Gender: Female Parents: Fa...

Ailsey Dougherty (Moytoy), of the Wolf Clan MP (c.1672 - 1783)

Amatoya Moytoy, I, of Chota MP (c.1640 - c.1710)

Note: English name was Trader Carpenter. Amatoya Moytoy of Chota (pronounced mah-tie) was a Cherokee town chief of the early eighteenth century in the area of present-day Tennessee. He held a promine...

Amahetai ll MoyToy of Tellico MP (c.1687 - 1741)

Moytoy of Tellico (d. 1741 or 1760?) was a Cherokee leader from Great Tellico, recognized by British colonial authorities as the "Emperor of the Cherokee"; the Cherokee themselves used the title "First...

Amouskositte, Amo-sgiasite ("Dreadful Water") moytoy, Uku of Great Tellico MP (1728 - d.)

Amouskositte, or Amo-sgiasite ("Dreadful Water"), of Great Tellico was the son of Moytoy of Tellico and attempted to succeed him as "Emperor of the Cherokee", a title given his father by Alexander Cumi...

Attakullakulla / Onacona MP (c.1699 - c.1797)

Attakullakulla (ca. 1708–ca. 1777) or Atagulkalu (Cherokee, Ata-gul' kalu) — known to whites as Little Carpenter — was First Beloved Man of the Cherokee Indians from 1761 to around 1775. Dragging Canoe...

Bushyhead Ghi-Go-Ne-Li MP (1728 - 1757)

Ghi-go-ne-li of the Blue Holly Clan born abt 1722 Parents: Chief Oconostota and Oolootsa l of the Blue Holly Clan. Ghi-go-ne-li married Agiligina Kenoteta Rising Fawn - of the Wolf Clan. Children...

Clo-go-i-tah T Priber (Moytoy), of Tellico MP (1706 - 1790)

Information about the profile picture (provided by curator Erica Howton): In 1730, at Nikwasi, a Englishman, Sir Alexander Cumming convinced Cherokees to crown Moytoy of Tellico as "Emperor." Moytoy ag...

Elizabeth Raven-Hop Moytoy, Raven's Sister MP (1726 - 1819)

Go-la-nv Hop-Moytoy, Raven of Hiwassee MP (c.1712 - c.1761)

RAVEN OF HIWASSEE Child of Moytoy. Born: probably about 1710. He was also called King of the Valley and Raven of the Valley. He was the principal leader of the Valley Towns, and was one of the most inf...

Kanagatoga "Old Hop" Moytoy (Uku of Chota), First Beloved Man of the Cherokee MP (c.1690 - 1761)

Kanagatucko , known in English as Standing Turkey or Old Hop ,[1] was a Cherokee elder, serving briefly as the principle Chief of the Cherokee from 1758-1761, when he died. The European settlers knew h...

Kittogusta Moytoy (Fox) MP (1700 - 1794)

Nancy Nanye-hi Moytoy, Wolf Clan MP (1683 - c.1741)

Nancy Moytoy of the Wolf Clan (born ca. 1683) Daughter of Amatoy Moytoy 1683 - 1741 Nancy Moytoy of the Wolf Clan (born ca. 1683) was a member of the Cherokee/Shawnee Moytoy-Carpenter dynasty. She ...

Oconastota Moytoy (Uku of Chota), First Beloved Man of the Cherokee MP (c.1704 - c.1783)

NATIVE NAME: Aganstata ENGLISH NAME: James BEAVER Jr ALTERNATE NAMES: Oconostota, Oconastota Moytoy, Cunne Shote, Warrior of Chota, Stalking Turkey (a name which causes confusion with his uncle K...

Old Jennie Moytoy MP (deceased)

Oo-Yo-Sti Otiyu Polly / Quali Bowles (Moytoy?), Of The Wolf Clan MP (c.1750 - d.)

Oukah-Ulah Skiagusta Moytoy, Cherokee Emissary to England MP (1681 - 1755)

OUKAYUDA, Oukah Ulah or King to be (ruler to be). SKAYAGUSTA OUKAH He was from the Lower towns. Also called Chief of Tasseta, Oukah Ulah, and Skiagunsta. Went on trip to England in 1730. [1237] A...

Polly Moytoy (Terrapin) MP (c.1768 - c.1833)

In March, 1830, "a half-breed woman named Vann about 60 years old" fell from the steamboat "Reindeer" near the junction of the White and Arkansas Rivers and drowned (cited by Grant Foreman, INDIAN REMO...

Savannah Tom "Moytoy III" Carpenter MP (c.1680 - 1711)

: HISTORIC SHAWNEE NAMES OF THE 1700s Savannah Tom aka Tom Carpenter-Cornplanter - 1/2 Shawnee Metis born about1680-died after 1755 - from Running Water (Shawnee) village, associated with Old Hop...

Tistoe l MP (1678 - 1770)

Willenawah / Tifftoya Moytoy, "The Great Eagle of Tanasi" MP (1702 - c.1788)

According to The Cherokee Struggle to Maintain Identity in the 17th and 18th Centuries by William R. Reynolds, Jr., Willenawah (Tifftoya, the Great Eagle of Tanasi) was a brother of Attakullakulla, bot...

Moytoy Chief (son) MP (1645 - d.)

"Young Hop" Moytoy MP (deceased)

? of Deer Clan Moytoy MP (1686 - 1730)

Aganunitsi "Wild Potato Hop" Moytoy (Turkey) MP (1684 - 1747)

Ah Nee Wa Kee Moytoy (Cherokee) MP (deceased)

Aisley Moytoy (The Paint Clan) MP (deceased)

Ama-edohi Moytoy, lll MP (1687 - 1741)

Amadohiyi Moytoy MP (1687 - 1741)

amahatai moytoy MP (deceased)

Amahetai Moytoy MP (c.1783 - d.)

Amahetal II Moytoy, of Tellico MP (deceased)

amatoya moytoy 1 MP (deceased)

amatoya ci moytoy MP (1640 - 1700)

Amatoya Moytoy Amatoya Moytoy (abt. 1636) Privacy Level: Open (White) Chief of Chota Moytoy's Profile Images Family Tree & Genealogy Tools Chief Amatoya (Chief of Chota) Moytoy MP (1636 - d.)

Amatoya Taminad Firekiller Moytoy MP (1639 - 1731)

Ani-Ga'Tge'Wi Moytoy MP (1668 - 1730)

Anuwagi Moytoy (Oconostota) MP (deceased)

Attakullakulla Moytoy MP (1708 - d.)

Chief Moytoy MP (1640 - 1741)

Chief Moytoy MP (c.1640 - c.1741)

Chief Moytoy MP (c.1633 - c.1692)

Chief Ama-edohi Moytoy MP (1687 - 1741)

Chief Amatoya Moytoy MP (deceased)

Chief AMATOYA MOYTOY of Chota Moytoy I MP (c.1635 - d.)

Chief Amatoya of Chota Moytoy MP (1640 - 1750)

Chief Moytoy "The Pegion" Moytoy 2 MP (1686 - 1742)

Chief Oconostota Cunne Moytoy MP (1704 - 1783)

Chief Oconostota Skiagusta Moytoy MP (1702 - 1783)

Do Moytoy MP (deceased)

Do Yo Sti Feathers (Moytoy) MP (deceased)

Do Yo Sti Moytoy MP (c.1710 - c.1783)

eliza durham (moytoy) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Williams (Moytoy) MP (c.1722 - 1783)

Indian Woman, Cherokee Nation

Emperor Chief Moytoy MP (deceased)

George Moytoy, formerly Lowery MP (1740 - d.)

Ghi-Ga-U-Tsistuna-Gis-Ke "Nancy" Wildrose Moytoy MP (deceased)

Gi Yo Sti Ko Yo He (Wurteh) "Sister of Doublehead, Sister Tassel" Watts (Moytoy) MP (1736 - 1780)

Kah-Yahn-Tee-Hee Moytoy MP (1720 - d.)

Kanagatoga Moytoy MP (deceased)

Kanagatucko 'Old Hop' Moytoy MP (c.1690 - 1761)

kollannah moytoy MP (1724 - d.)

Locha Carpenter Moytoy (Shawnee Tribe) MP (deceased)

moytoy II Moytoy MP (1687 - 1741)

Nancy Moytoy MP (deceased)

Nancy Augustus Foreman (Hop-Moytoy) MP (1726 - 1794)

Killed 1794, Lower Towns, TN Sources Shawnee Heritage II  By Author of Shawnee Heritage 1. Don Greene, Don Greene. Page 166. "daughter of Raven Moytoy / 1680 & Ahneewakee Muskrat / 1704. Adopted ...

nancy broom moytoy MP (deceased)

Nancy Self (Moytoy) MP (c.1754 - c.1800)

Nancy Welch (Moytoy), Full Blood Paint Clan MP (1699 - 1743)

Nannie Moytoy, formerly Watts MP (1848 - d.)

Narcises / Rebecca Brewer (Moytoy) MP (1740 - 1834)

Nionnee Ollie Ani Waya Moytoy MP (1720 - 1800)

Oconastota Moytoy MP (deceased)

Oconastota Moytoy, Chief MP (1704 - 1783)

Oconastota Moytoy MP (deceased)

Oconostota Cunne Moytoy MP (c.1702 - 1783)

Oconostota Stalking Turkey Moytoy MP (1704 - 1783)

Oconotoya C Moytoy MP (c.1710 - c.1782)

Okoukahula Okean-Ulay Moytoy the Elder MP (deceased)

Ollu Moytoy (Oconostota) MP (1720 - d.)

Oo Loo Staii Moytoy Moytoy (Oconostota) MP (1720 - 1762)

ookaii okuha moytoy MP (1722 - 1742)

Ooloosta Paint Clan Cherokee Indian Moytoy MP (1710 - d.)

or do yo sti or polly moytoy moytoy MP (deceased)

Oshaqua Moytoy (Muskrat) MP (1686 - 1754)

His parents were killed in 1698 by Creek Indians. He was adopted by "Trader" Tom Carpenter, the 2nd Moytoy, & his wife Nancy. He was taught to read, speak and cipher English by his stepfather. He mar...

Ounacono Moytoy MP (1718 - 1758)

Oanaconoa Moytoy MP (c.1716 - c.1755)

Owahah Moytoy MP (c.1750 - c.1835)

Peggy Moytoy MP (deceased)

peggy nuwagi ahnewakee moytoy MP (deceased)

Pheobe Ajusta Crews (Moytoy) MP (deceased)

pidgeon cherokee moytoy (cherokee) MP (deceased)

Pratchey Ahna-Wakie Parris (Moytoy) MP (c.1734 - 1770)

Death: UNKNOWN NATI: Full Blood Cherokee Event: Clan AniGaTaGewi - Wild Potato - Kituah married: richard parris childern: George 1758,circa nellie parris1760circa katie parris 1756 circa Clan: Ani'-G...

Q of Tellico Do Moytoy MP (1650 - 1692)

Quatsie Moytoy MP (1650 - 1692)

Quatsis Moytoy MP (deceased)

Que-Di-Si Moytoy MP (c.1650 - d.)

Que-Di-Si of Tellico (Quatsy of Tellico) Moytoy MP (c.1650 - 1692)

Rebecca Narcises brewer (Moytoy) MP (1740 - 1834)

Robin Judd MP (1723 - 1806)

This Robin is said to have been Cherokee, but if she was, how is it that she was born in England?