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ADI Wadi Willenawahi Christian Place She Who Carries the Sun Brock (Moytoy), (Fictional) MP (1686 - 1754)

Ahneewakee Muskrat MP (1704 - 1744)

Ah Nee Wa Kee* Married 1718 - her (adoptive) uncle Raven Hop, the Raven of Hiwassee 1727 - John Cheesequatalone Greenwood [NO] 1739 - Cornelius Dougherty From "Cornelius Dougherty is sai...

Chief Amatoya Moytoy, {Fictional} MP (1640 - 1730)

FICTIONAL. The real Moytoy is here: Amouskositte Moytoy, Uku of Great Tellico Geneatic Genealogist and professional servers such as Ancestry, took down this tree as the adopted son of Chief Moytoy gave...

Amouskositte Moytoy, Uku of Great Tellico MP (1728 - d.)

Amouskositte, or Amo-sgiasite ("Dreadful Water"), of Great Tellico was the son of Moytoy of Tellico and attempted to succeed him as "Emperor of the Cherokee", a title given his father by Alexander Cumi...

Do Yo Sti Feathers (Moytoy) MP (deceased)

Go-la-nv Hop-Moytoy, Raven of Hiwassee MP (c.1712 - bef.1761)

RAVEN OF HIWASSEE Born: probably about 1710. He was also called King of the Valley and Raven of the Valley. He was the principal leader of the Valley Towns, and was one of the most influential Cherokee...

NN partner of Moytoy MP (deceased)

Oshaqua Moytoy (Muskrat), (fictitious person) MP (deceased)

His parents were killed in 1698 by Creek Indians. He was adopted by "Trader" Tom Carpenter, the 2nd Moytoy, & his wife Nancy. He was taught to read, speak and cipher English by his stepfather.He marrie...

Quatsy “Que-Di-Si” Locha Carpenter (Greenwood), {Fictional} MP (c.1625 - 1650)

Savannah Tom "Moytoy III" Carpenter MP (deceased)

SHAWNEE NAMES OF THE 1700sSavannah Tom aka Tom Carpenter-Cornplanter - 1/2 Shawnee Metis born about1680-died after 1755 - from Running Water (Shawnee) village, associated with Old Hop-Shawnee/adopted C...

White Owl Chota or Amatoya White The Raven of Raven or Moytoy or Tellico or Settico, {Fictional} MP (1680 - 1730)

A-ga-ni-sta-ta "Groundhog Sausage" Moytoy (c.1704 - c.1730)

Aganonitsi Quatsy Woman Wolf Clantellico Moytoy ( Cherokee ) (1650 - 1720)

Aganunitsi Quatie Oconostota (Moytoy) (c.1680 - c.1708)

Agatagwi Moytoy (1710 - 1763)

Ah Nee Wa kee Ahneewahkee Moytoy (1705 - 1742)

Ah Wa Kee Moytoy (1710 - 1742)

Ahyoka Sarah Deas Willis (Moytoy) (1739 - 1761)

Aisley “Pathkiller” Moytoy (1745 - 1843)

Alsey Alsie Moytoy (1672 - d.)

Chief Amadohiya 'the Pigeon' Moytoy, {Fictional} (1687 - 1741)

Amadohiyi Moytoy (1687 - d.)

Amadohiyi Moytoy (c.1640 - c.1736)

Amadohiyi Pidgeon Moytoy of Tellico (1687 - 1701)

Amadoya Moytoy (1640 - 1730)

Chief Amatoya(Chota) Tellico Moytoy Kanagaota, {fictional} (deceased)

Amatoya Tellitco Cherokee Tellico or Amatoya Taminad Trader Kanagaota Goya Tellico or Raven or Moytoy (1640 - 1692)

Amatoya Amadohiyi Ani Wadi Rainmaker Moytoy Carpenter (1640 - 1730)

Amatoya Tellico Moytoy (1640 - d.)

Chief AmatoyaTaminad--Firekiller Moytoy (deceased)

Amatoy "Trader Tom Carpenter" Moytoy (deceased)

Ammonscossitte Moytoy Kanagaota (deceased)

Ani Gatage Women deer clan Lightsky (Leyestisky) (Moytoy) (1690 - 1730)

Ani Gatage Deer Clan Moytoy (1690 - 1730)

Ani'-Ga'tâge'wi Moytoy (1689 - 1746)

Ani Gatage (Wil Women Deer Clan) Moytoy (1690 - 1730)

Ani GaTage Wil Womendeerclan Moytoy, {Fictional} (1690 - 1730)

Ani Ga TageWi Moytoy "Agonuisti-Rainmaker" (1687 - d.)

Ani Ga Tage Wi Deer Clan (1690 - 1730)

Ani Ga Tage Wi Moytoy (1737 - 1815)

Anitategwi Moytoy, (Fictional) (1765 - 1816)

Ant "Gatagwe" Moytoy (deceased)

A-Nu-We-Gi Moytoy (Laughing Eyes) (1710 - 1742)

Attakullakulla A Ta Gu LaGu Raven Moytoy Kanagaota (deceased)

Chief Attakullakulla "Little Carpenter" Onacona Ukwaniqua Moytoy (deceased)

Attakullakulla Mollie (Ollie) Moytoy (c.1642 - c.1692)

Chief Attakullakulla Onacona Ukwaniequa Moytoy (1708 - 1777)

Badger Hop O Gu-Ma Moytoy (deceased)

Betsy Qua Tsy Moytoy (1650 - 1692)

Cappy Hop Kangatoga (Moytoy) (deceased)

Catherine Self (Moytoy), {Fictional person} (1730 - 1800)

The Self line is not Cherokee. These bogus trees are often cited with claims about Elvis. A woman named Catherine, daughter (maybe granddaughter) of Ghi go ne li married John Gunter. James Hicks s...

Catherine Rising Fawn Moytoy (1730 - 1800)

Catherine Rising Fawn "Ghi-Go-Ne-Li" Moytoy (1730 - 1800)

Catherine Rising Fawn Watts (MoyToy) (1730 - 1800)

Catherine "Tame Doe" True Wolf Clan Attakullkulla Raven Moytoy (Raven 1) (1712 - 1760)

Caulanna Raven (Moytoy) (1685 - 1741)

Chalakatha Hopia Shawnee Bear Clan (1664 - 1695)

Chief Attakullakulla "Little Carpenter" Onacona Ukwaniequa Moytoy (1708 - 1777)

Chief Cornstalk Keigh-Taugh-Quah Hokoleskwa Moytoy Kanagaota (deceased)

Chief Oconstota Of the Groundhog Sausage, Moytoy (1710 - 1783)

Chief White Owl Raven Moytoy of Tellico (Shoemaker), 6th ggf (1680 - 1741)

Chief "Old Hop" Moytoy (b. - 1760)

GEDCOM Source ===@R-2144817076@ U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 Yates Publishing Online publication - Provo, UT, USA:, Inc., 2004.Original data - This unique collection ...

Chief Amatoya Taminad Firekiller Moytoy (c.1640 - 1700)

Chief Amatoya Ah Nee Wa Kee Moytoy (1670 - 1730)

Chief Little Carpenter Moytoy l Motoy (Robert Amatoya Trader Carpenter Moytoy) (1635 - 1693)

Chief Moytoy "The Pegion" Moytoy 2 (aft.1686 - bef.1742)

Clear Sky "Old Forked Tongue" Moytoy (1704 - 1775)

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Clo-go-i-tah "Maiden of Tellico" Moytoy (deceased)

Clogoittah Priber (Moytoy Kanagaota) (deceased)

Clogoittah Moytoy (1706 - 1730)

Corn Moytoy (1721 - 1788)

Corn Moytoy (1721 - 1788)

Daughter of Hopper Big Turkey (1664 - 1694)

Do Moytoy, (Fictional) (1710 - 1783)

Do Moytoy (deceased)

do yo sti moytoy

Elizabeth Betsy Snowbird Moytoy Kanagaota (deceased)

Elizabeth 'Polly' Moytoy, Do Yo Sti (1710 - 1781)

Elizabeth NA NI NaNi Moytoy (Goodman), (CHEROKEE) (1750 - d.)

Felix Parris (Moytoy), Moytoy (deceased)

French John Kangatoga (Moytoy) (deceased)

Granny Grasshopper Gi Sookie Sally McDaniel (Moytoy) (deceased)

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Go-sa-du-is-ga (1686 - 1730)


GEDCOM Source ===@R-2144817076@ Public Member Trees Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2006.Original data - Family trees submitted by Ancestry members.Orig...

Hannah Rebecca "Nikitie" Moytoy Lester England (deceased)

Not a known child of Chief Attakullakulla "Little Carpenter", Cherokee Emissary to England

Heliziknopo Snake Moytoy (1710 - 1756)

Indian Cherokee Killineca Moytoy (1640 - 1700)

Kah-Yahn-Tee-Hee Moytoy (c.1720 - c.1810)

Kanagatoga Old Hop Moytoy Moytoy Kanagaota (deceased)

Kanagatogo Moytoy, (Fictional) (deceased)

Kanagatooga "Old Hop" "Standing Turkey" Moytoy Moytoy, {Fictional} (deceased)

Ka-na-ga-tu-ga "Standing Turkey" Moytoy (c.1690 - c.1761)

Kitegusta Moytoy (c.1708 - d.)

Kollannah Moytoy (1724 - d.)

Little Carpenter Chief Moytoy Kanagaota (deceased)

Locha Quatsy Tellico (deceased)

Locha Shawnee Motoy (1640 - 1692)

Lucy (Paint Clan) Ward Moytoy (1705 - 1750)

Princess Matachanna Cleopatra “Scent Flower” Moytoy (Powhatan), (Fictional) (1571 - 1627)


Principle Chief Misahpelowa Big Turkey (Moytoy) (1636 - 1742)