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Anna Maria Murdoch-Mann (Tõrv) MP

David Murdoch MP (deceased)

David Matthew Murdoch MP

Stirlingshire, Scotland

David Murdoch represented Team GB at his second Olympic Games at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. He also skipped the team for his second consecutive Games. The men’s curling team placed...

James Murdoch MP

James Rupert Jacob Murdoch (born 13 December 1972) is the younger son of media mogul Rupert Murdoch and the deputy chief operating officer of News Corporation. He is the former chairman and chief exe...

John Murdoch MP (c.1765 - d.)

John Murdoch MP (deceased)

Rupert Murdoch MP

New York, New York, New York, United States

Keith Rupert Murdoch, AC, KSG is an Australian-American business magnate. He is the founder and Chairman and CEO of News Corporation, the world's second-largest media conglomerate. In 1953, Murdoch b...

Margaret Anderson (Murdoch) MP (1844 - d.)

1851 England, Wales & Scotland Census Transcription Orchard Street, Galston, Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland Household Members Agnes Murdoch Head Widow Female 44 1807 Annuitant Galston, Ayrshire, Scotland...

Marion Jessie Murdoch (Hyslop) MP

Matthew McIvor Murdoch MP

Nancy McIvor Murdoch MP

Nancy Murdoch , a former Scottish Curling Champion, t in March 2008 became the Olympic Women's Curling Coach, for the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver 2010. Nancy's successes as a National Coach inc...

Neil James Murdoch MP

Wendi Deng Murdoch MP

Wendi Deng Murdoch (simplified Chinese: 邓文迪; traditional Chinese: 鄧文迪; pinyin: Dèng Wéndí; born December 8, 1968) is a Chinese-born Amer...

William Murdock (Murdoch) MP (1754 - 1839)

William Murdock/Murdoch From Wikipedia: William Murdoch (sometimes spelled Murdock) (21 August 1754 – 15 November 1839) was a Scottish engineer and long-term inventor. Murdoch was employed...

William John Murdoch MP (1878 - 1941)

Mr William John Murdoch Born: Wednesday 18th September 1878 Age: 33 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: in Belfast Northern Ireland Occupation: Fireman / Stoker Engine cr...

William McMaster Murdoch MP (1873 - 1912)

Lieutenant William "Will" McMaster Murdoch Murdoch, with an "ordinary master's certificate" and a reputation as a "canny and dependable man", had climbed through the ranks of the White Star Line to b...

Murdoch (1857 - d.)

Murdoch (1856 - d.)

Murdoch (deceased)

"Molly" Mary Paterson (Murdoch) (deceased)

I do not know if this couple had children. (September 2015.)

- Murdoch (deceased)

- Murdoch (deceased)

- Murdoch (deceased)

? Murdoch (deceased)

? Murdoch (Fell) (deceased)

?Jimmy Murdoch (deceased)

A Murdoch (deceased)

Abigail Denise Murdoch (Wayne) (1897 - 1966)

Abigail Syng (Murdoch) (deceased)

Ada Murdoch (Pirie) (deceased)

Ada Florence Murdoch (Banks) (c.1874 - d.)

Ada Murdoch (deceased)

Adam Murdoch (1816 - 1864)

Adam Murdoch (deceased)

Adam Murdoch (deceased)

Adam Murdoch (b. - 1822)

agnes murdoch (jones) (deceased)

Agnes Murdoch (deceased)

Agnes Murdoch (Thompson) (c.1803 - d.)

Marie Murdoch (1908 - 1996)

Agnes Murdoch (deceased)

Agnes Dow (Murdoch) (deceased)

Agnes Murdoch (M'Kie) (c.1612 - d.)

Agnes Murdoch (Revie) (deceased)

Agnes Murdoch (1879 - 1957)

Agnes Vallance (Murdoch) (1744 - 1844)

Agnes Murdoch (McColl) (deceased)

Agnes Murdoch (Graham) (deceased)

Agnes Robertson (Murdoch) (deceased)

Agnes Lowe (Murdoch) (c.1790 - d.)

Agnes Murdoch (Mcclure) (c.1806 - 1870)

Agnes Murdoch (1840 - d.)

Agnes Murdoch (1634 - d.)

Agnes McPherson (Murdoch) (1794 - 1905)

Agnes Laird (Murdoch) (1668 - d.)

Agnes Jane Murdoch (1867 - 1927)

Agnes Murdoch (1871 - d.)

Agnes Hellen Murdoch (c.1860 - d.)

agnes campbell (murdoch) (1779 - 1869)

agnes McIntosh (murdoch) (1688 - d.)

Agnes Glennie (Agnes Murdoch) (1772 - d.)

Agnes Murdoch (Watt) (deceased)

Agnes Murdoch (1874 - 1876)

Agnes Knight Murdoch (Barron) (deceased)

Agnes McCrone (Murdoch) (c.1734 - d.)

Agnes Murdoch (Plunkett) (c.1790 - c.1826)

Married David Murdoch

Agnes Murdoch (c.1779 - d.)

Agnes Aitken Allan (Murdoch) (deceased)

Agnus Inglis Syme (Murdoch) (deceased)

Alan Robert Murdoch (1934 - d.)

Albert Anthony Murdoch (1922 - 1971)

Bert Mudoch (1879 - 1973)

Alec Murdoch (deceased)

Alex Murdoch (b. - 1902)

Alexander Murdoch (1874 - d.)

Alexander Murdoch (deceased)

Alexander Murdoch (deceased)

alexander murdoch (1828 - 1920)

alexander murdoch (deceased)

Alexander Murdoch (c.1791 - 1864)

Alexander Murdoch (c.1595 - d.)

"The Book of Mackay" pp 355-6 History of the lands and Their Owners in Galloway, Vol 4, p 412 states: "One thing, however, is certain, and that is, he left no issue, as Alexander (his brother), descr...

Alexander Gardner Murdoch (deceased)

Alexander Murdoch (c.1882 - 1939)

Alexander Leslie Murdoch (1892 - 1986)

Alexander Guthrie Murdoch (1855 - 1935)

alexander murdoch (deceased)

Alexander Murdoch (deceased)

Alexander Murdoch (b. - 1858)

Alexander Murdoch (1843 - d.)

Alexander Murdoch (deceased)

Alexander Murdoch (1798 - d.)

Alexander Murdoch (deceased)

Alexander Murdoch (1887 - 1921)

Alexander Murdoch (1826 - 1875)

Alexander James Murdoch (1875 - 1956)

Alexander Murdoch (1872 - 1944)

Alexander Murdoch (1843 - 1926)

Arrived in Port Chalmers on the Lady Egidia in 1861.

Alexander Murdoch (deceased)

Alexander Murdoch (deceased)

Alexander Murdoch (1843 - 1926)