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Frances Cromwell (Murfyn) MP (1509 - c.1533)

Frances Murfyn is the daughter of Sir Thomas Murfyn.1 She married Sir Richard Cromwell, son of Morgan Williams and Catherine Cromwell.1 Her married name became Cromwell.1 Child of Frances Murfyn ...

Sir Thomas Mirfyn, Lord Mayor of London MP (c.1467 - bef.1523)

Thomas Murfyn was a native of Ely, in Cambridgeshire, and son of George Murfyn, or Murfine. He was a skinner, or a member of the Skinners' Guild, in London, and served the office of Sheriff of London w...

Murfyn MP (deceased)

Alice Murfyn (Squier) MP (c.1480 - bef.1519)

See "The Aldermen of the City of London" by Rev. Alfred B. Beaven (1908). He and Alice MARSHALL had 11 sons and 1 dau; 2 sons survived the father. notes From Cromwell, Mirfyn et al (LONG) 1998. ...

Edward Murfyn MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Murfyn (Squier) MP (b. - 1533)

Margaret Murfyn (Cope) MP (c.1530 - d.)