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Adélaïde de Chalon (N.N.), wife of Lambert d'Autun and Geoffroy I d'Anjou MP (928 - c.984)

LAMBERT (-22 Feb 979). "Lanbertus consanguineus meus" was named by Letald Comte de Mâcon in a charter dated 944[368], although any relationship between the early comtes de Chalon and the comtes de Mâco...

Amy Michau (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Anna Franziska Österreicher (N.N.) MP (1709 - 1764)

Anna Sattler (N.N.) MP (c.1643 - 1708)

Anna Margaretha Miller (N.N.) MP (c.1747 - d.)

Anna Schilling (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Erhebung der Bede von Leibeigenen der Grafschaft Leiningen-Westerburg Nassau Katznelnbogen 1609-1610

Anna Christina Sommer (N.N.) MP (c.1690 - 1726)

Anna Maria Narung (N.N.) MP (c.1670 - d.)

Anna Maria Narung (N.N.) MP (c.1670 - bef.1705)

Anne-Charlotte N.N. MP (1625 - 1665)

Anund N. N. MP (deceased)

Barbara Krautmayer (N.N.) MP (c.1686 - 1754)

Belle N.N. MP (c.1560 - d.)

Notes Location info: a possiblement vécu dans le Poitou, France

Bernard de Nogaret de La Valette, d'Epernon MP (1592 - 1661)


BERNARD de Nogaret de La Valette d'Epernon (N.N.) MP (1592 - 1661)

Bertha Durbury (N.N.) MP (1001 - 1078)

Catharina Anna Jestädt (N.N.) MP (1637 - 1692)

Catharina Eva Gros (N.N.) MP (bef.1635 - d.)

Catryna MP (c.1583 - bef.1634)

Dorothea Leiser (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Elisabeth Schultheiß (N.N.) MP (b. - 1680)

Elisabeth Eichholz (N.N.) MP (b. - 1698)

Elisabetha Boller (N.N.) MP (c.1621 - 1686)

Elisabetha Breunlin (N.N.) MP (c.1549 - d.)

Elisabetha Catharina Gros (N.N.) MP (c.1573 - 1654)

Elisabetha Katharina Schoenborn (N.N.) MP (b. - bef.1738)

Elizabeth Winston / Winstead (N.N.) MP (c.1649 - aft.1682)

Elizabeth Nunnally (N.N.) MP (1622 - d.)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via son Daniel Nunnally by SmartCopy : Dec 7 2014, 16:27:52 UTC

Erik N. N. MP (deceased)

Vain etunimi on tiedossa Rovaniemen kappalaisen Christianus Ericin isästä. Only the first name of Christianus Erici's father is known.

Eva (or?) Grace de Clevedon (N.N.) MP (1385 - d.)

No matter how many records are found that make the assertion, this Eva/Eve (or?) Grace (born 1385) can not possibly be a child of either Ira Clifton Reichelderfer (born 1842) or Missouri A. Dillon (bor...

Eva Lucia Kraus (N.N.) MP (b. - 1675)

Garizia N.N. MP (1155 - d.)

Gertje N.N. MP (c.1640 - c.1668)

Gisèle MP (c.915 - d.)

Jan Goosens' father MP (deceased)

This profile is a place holder only, no evidence is currently known to exist regarding this generation.

Hanna N.N. MP (1720 - d.)

Hans N.N. MP (deceased)

Hawise N.N. MP (1035 - 1101)

Jan N.N. MP (1640 - d.)

The confusion surrounding surnames seems to stem from the marriage record of Jan's daughter in New Amsterdam: "1652 15 May; Jan Pieterszen, van Husum, wid; Grietje Jans, van Groeningen" This entry ...

Jannetje N.N. MP (c.1615 - 1655)

Johan N.N. MP (bef.1570 - bef.1621)

Johan, married to Tryn, born in 1585 Marstrand, Bohuslan. 1603 born daughter Maria "Marritje", a year later the daughter Annika, who later married Rolf Jansson, born 1602, Marstrand, son of * Jan was b...

Jón N.N. MP (deceased)

Josyna N.N. MP (c.1624 - 1669)


Judith N.N., Mistress of Rainulfe II MP (854 - c.910)

Looking for documentation before I can support naming this person. -Ben. Alternative Data from merges: Alice von Babenberg (de vermandois) b 864 Germany d 915 France or Adelaide Alsace; d Acquitaine;...

Jutta MP (1204 - 1248)

Jutta is volgens de Stichting (betrouwbare afstamming van) Karel de Grote in de publicatie van 1991 VAN ONBEKENDE HERKOMST, reeksen met haar als verbinding worden niet erkend!

Katharine Zilch (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Lavon K Crosby (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Leah Harris (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Margaret Strode (N.N.) MP (1472 - d.)

Margaretha Schmidt (N.N.) MP (c.1636 - 1703)

Margaretha Kegel (N.N.) MP (1628 - d.)

Marguerite N.N. MP (deceased)

Maria Lämbgen (N.N.) MP (b. - bef.1642)

Maria Eva Fabri (N.N.) MP (b. - 1701)

Maria Eva Fabri (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Maria Eva Beike (N.N.) MP (b. - 1730)

1. Katholische Pfarrei Seligenstadt, Sterberegister - Seligenstadt am Main (St.), Band 3. 297, 27 Dez 1730, Pfarrei St. Marzellinus und St. Petrus - Seligenstadt (Pfarrarchiv).

Maria Katharina Kraus (N.N.) MP (b. - 1747)

Marigje N.N. MP (b. - bef.1670)

Marjory MacGregor (N.N.) MP (1140 - d.)

Martha Chandler (N.N.) MP (1809 - bef.1860)

Martha does not appear in the 1840 Clay County, Kentucky, census, in the household of Joseph Chandler and his tree oldest children (all 5 or under at that time). Therefore, we are detaching her from th...

Mary Rose Stegall (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Mary "Molly" Woodrum MP (c.1704 - 1775)

Mary 'Polly' Love (N.N.) MP (1752 - 1806)

Marriage to Amos Love II: (1773 — Age: 21) Onslow, North Carolina, United States* Residence: United States*

Mary Little (N.N.) MP (1740 - 1790)

N. N. N. N. MP (deceased)

N.N N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (c.950 - d.)

N.N. Tarrant (N.N.) MP (deceased)

Re: ERRORS in TARRANT Genealogy Posted by: Patricia Asleson Date: September 12, 2000 at 14:59:06 Leonard Tarent's will (1718) clearly reveals that Mary (Brooke) was NOT the mother of his son. In the ...

N.N. N.N. MP (c.1580 - d.)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. (Lee) MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. (Lee) MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)


This profile holds together all the Company Slaves of New Amsterdam, all in one pseudo-tree, in order to look at their descendants as a group. Please do not break this arrangement by splitting the ...

N.N. Trembley (N.N.) MP (deceased)

N.N. Curzon (N.N.) MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (c.1470 - 1547)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

Anna van der Puije or Akusuwa Esson MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. Roy (N.N.) MP (1657 - 1730)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

Josephine Tinner or Winifred Gadden MP (deceased)

"Barbara Black" MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (deceased)

N.N. N.N. MP (840 - 894)