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Abel Narciso (deceased)

Abel Narciso (deceased)

Adriana Salvador (c.1864 - d.)

Sources: Francisco Faustino and Adriana Salvador's Marriage Register (Church): Francisco Faustino and Adriana Salvador's Marriage Register (Civil):

Adriano Dias Narciso (1928 - 1977)

Africa Narciso (Mesina) (deceased)

Agnes Narciso (deceased)

Agostina Cadayday Narciso (deceased)

Alberto Narciso (1923 - c.2015)

Albino Narciso (deceased)

Alfonso Narciso (deceased)

Alfredo Narciso (1887 - 1902)

Alfredo Narciso (1902 - d.)

Ana Narciso Carrero (deceased)

Ana Narciso (deceased)

Angel Narciso (deceased)

Angelina Narciso (1900 - 1901)

ANGELO Narciso (deceased)

Anibal Narciso da Silva Costa Rebelo (deceased)

Annette Narciso (deceased)

Antonia Narciso (c.1870 - d.)

Antonia da Conceiçao Narciso (deceased)

Antonina Tapnio Narciso (Naguit) (deceased)

Antonio Narciso (deceased)

Antonio Narciso (deceased)

Antonio Narciso Soares (c.1819 - 1890)

Efemérides de Outubro 1890 — FALECIMENTO do CAPITÃO ANTÔNIO NARCISO SOARES, aos 71 anos de idade. Nasceu na Freguesia do Bom Fim, hoje Bocaiúva, filho de Narciso An...

Antonio Narciso Soares, Jr. (c.1863 - d.)

Antonio Augusto Narciso (deceased)

António Narciso (1908 - 1972)

António Narciso (deceased)

António Narciso Freire (1873 - d.)

António Narciso (deceased)

Aníbal José Narciso (deceased)

Apolonia Maglutac Narciso (Puno) (deceased)

This is the only picture of Apolonia that was known to exist. This is part of an actual painting with the Manlutac and Puno family together. This small painting of the Manlutac and Puno family together...

Armando Narciso (deceased)

Arsenio Narciso (deceased)

Arsenio Narciso (1886 - 1967)

arsenio montoya narciso (deceased)

Artemio Narciso (deceased)

Augusto Narciso (deceased)

Auxibio Narciso (1929-2010) (deceased)

Beatriz Narciso (1933-2013) (deceased)

Blas Narciso (deceased)

Boy Narciso (deceased)

Bruno Narciso (deceased)

Carlos Narciso (deceased)

Carlos Narciso (c.1925 - c.2013)

Casimiro Augusto Narciso (deceased)

Cecilio Narciso (deceased)

Ceferino Narciso (1893 - 1969)

Celestino Tayamen Narciso (deceased)

Celestino Narciso (deceased)

Cenon Narciso (deceased)

Chona Sta. Romana Narciso (1953 - 1988)

Concepcion Atilano Narciso (Atilano) (deceased)

Concetta Narciso (c.1919 - d.)

Conrad Narciso (deceased)

Conrado Narciso (deceased)

Consolacion Hidalgo Narciso (deceased)

Constancia Narciso Nicolas (deceased)

Consuelo Tayamen Narciso (deceased)

Consuelo Narciso (1896 - d.)

Zon Lawson (Narciso) (1930 - c.2014)

Cristina Narciso (deceased)

Damião Narciso (c.1980 - 2012)

Demetrio Narciso (b. - 1949)

Diogo Narciso (deceased)

Dolores Espeleta (Narciso) (deceased)

Edilberto Lacson Narciso (1898 - 1955)

eduviges narciso (deceased)

Edward Narciso (deceased)

Efren Puno Narciso (deceased)

Elena Kerr (Narciso) (deceased)

Eleonora Narciso Toso (deceased)

Elizabeth Narciso (deceased)

Elvira Narciso (deceased)

Elvira Narciso (Borromeo) (1929 - c.2015)

Ernestina Narciso (deceased)

Esperanza Narciso (deceased)

Esperanza Narciso (Aliwalas) (1892 - 1991)

Estanislao Narciso (deceased)

Etelina Narciso (deceased)

Etelvino Narciso (1927-1973) (deceased)

Eufemia Narciso (b. - 1901)

Eugenia Pasion Narciso (Pamintuan) (c.1824 - 1848)

Eugênio Narciso (deceased)

Exequiel Narciso (deceased)

Exequiel Narciso (deceased)

Felicidad Lumanlan (Narciso) (c.1883 - d.)

Felipe Narciso (deceased)

Felipe Narciso (deceased)

Fernando Narciso (deceased)

Filipinas Tayamen Bayangos (Narciso) (deceased)

Florencio Narciso (deceased)

Francisco Narciso (deceased)

Francisco Antônio Narciso de Almeida Milagres (b. - 1820)

Franica Cetina (Narciso) (c.1860 - d.)

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Frank J. Narciso (deceased)

Geronima Narciso (deceased)

Ghezzo Narciso (deceased)

giuseppa narciso (deceased)