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? Neary MP (deceased)

? Neary MP (deceased)

? Neary MP (deceased)

? Brennan MP (deceased)

? Neary MP (deceased)

??? Neary MP (deceased)

??? Neary MP (deceased)

Ada Dickson (Neary) MP (1878 - 1950)

Burried in S (Con) 5935. Manchester Southern Cemetery

Ada Neary MP (1857 - d.)

Agnes Ethel Ward (Neary) MP (1890 - c.1958)

Agnes Dowling (Neary) MP (deceased)

Agnes Oates (Neary) MP (deceased)

agnes margaret Neary( b 5-7-1898 newton mass) MP (deceased)

Albert Clement Neary MP (1881 - 1943)

Albert Clement Neary, died 1943 in Waverly, Halifax County Item can be found in Registration Year: 1943 - Book: 205 - Page: 634

Albert Neary MP (deceased)

Alfred Neary MP (1858 - 1900)

Alfred William Neary MP (1908 - 1986)

Alice Neary MP (deceased)

Alice Pernilla Neary (Pettis) MP (1909 - 1987)

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Alice Neary (Kilcullen) MP (deceased)

Alice Shone (Naery) MP (deceased)

Alice Neary MP (deceased)

Alice Neary MP (1892 - d.)

Alice A Neary MP (1874 - 1904)

Alice Ruth Neary (Miller) MP (1861 - 1892)

Alice Susannah Margaret Spiller (Neary) MP (1885 - 1935)

Allan Desmond Neary MP (1942 - 2015)

Alma C. Neary (Caron) MP (c.1898 - d.)

Amy Neary MP (c.1870 - d.)

Andrew Neary MP (deceased)

Andrew Neary MP (deceased)

Andrew Neary MP (deceased)

Ann Neary (Meehan (or Meakin)) MP (c.1830 - 1914)

Arrived N.Z. 1851 (?! Son born England 1852. Check this date.) with husband. Reputedly had worked earlier with Florence Nightingale.(but Crimean War not until 1853!) Check arrival date)

Ann Neary (Conneely) MP (deceased)

Ann Jane Neary MP (deceased)

Ann Peyton (Neary) MP (1785 - 1860)

Anna Neary (Valciukas) MP (1916 - d.)

Anna O'Connor (Neary) MP (deceased)

Originally trains in the West did not offer meal service, leaving the passengers to fend for themselves at mealtimes. This situation gave rise to exploitation, and passengers were soon victimized by po...

Anna Neary MP (1886 - 1919)

Anna Marshall (Neary) MP (deceased)

Anne Mullaney (Neary) MP (1878 - d.)

First sailed to United States (Brooklyn) Sep 7, 1895 Sailed to Boston to visit cousin Maggie Stenson on Sep 15, 1895 Immigrated to Brewster, NY on Apr 15, 1897 Servant for Cottrell family in Newp...

Anne Neary MP (1855 - d.)

Anne Neary MP (deceased)

Anne Maloney Neary MP (c.1879 - d.)

Anne Neary (Meehan) MP (c.1830 - 1914)

Anne Neary (Jack) MP (deceased)

Anne Neary MP (deceased)

Anne M Magner (Neary) MP (1890 - 1980)

AnneMaria Neary MP (deceased)

Annie Neary (Skinnion) MP (1907 - 1970)

Twin sister of John Skinnion Married in 1936

Annie Barnes (Neary) MP (deceased)

raised 11 or 13 children , outback Queensland - Augathala.

Annie Darvy (Neary) MP (1868 - 1951)

Annie Bishop (Neary) MP (deceased)

Annie Neary (Hastings) MP (c.1922 - 2000)


Annie Durkan Neary MP (1873 - d.)

Anthony Neary MP (deceased)

Anthony Neary MP (1865 - d.)

Archibald Neary MP (1874 - 1912)

Arthur Patrick Neary MP (deceased)

Arthur Neary MP (deceased)

Barbara Florence Neary (Tombino) MP (1931 - 2005)

Barbara Neary MP (deceased)

Bartholomew (Bert) Neary MP (deceased)

Beatrice (Bee) Neary MP (1885 - d.)

Belinda Neary MP (deceased)

Belle Neary MP (deceased)

Bernadette Neary (Coffin) MP (1923 - 1996)

Bernadette L. Neary (Campbell) MP (1912 - 2002)

bernard Neary MP (c.1848 - d.)

Bernard was baptised in Sligo on the 23 December 1848. Sponsors were Edward Neary and Bridget Sweeney.

Bernard Neary MP (deceased)

Bernice Neary MP (1919 - 2004)

Beryl Victoria Neary (Coleman) MP (deceased)

Beth Clark (Neary) MP (deceased)

Betsy Neary MP (1951 - d.)

Bill Neary MP (deceased)

Bill Neary MP (deceased)

Bob Neary MP (deceased)

Breige Neary MP (deceased)

Brian Neary MP (deceased)

Brian Neary Jones MP (1930 - 2000)

Brian Neary MP (deceased)

Bridget Gillard (Neary) MP (c.1778 - d.)

Bridget Neary(b 12-15-1902, died 12-16-1902 newton mass) MP (deceased)

Bridget Neary MP (deceased)

Bridget Neary MP (1885 - 1900)

Bridget Johnston MP (1907 - 1990)

Bridget Claffey (Neary) MP (deceased)

bridget claffey (neary) MP (deceased)

Bridget Gannon (Neary) MP (deceased)

Bridget Neary MP (deceased)

Bridget Neary MP (deceased)

Bridget Neary MP (deceased)

Bridget Neary MP (deceased)

Bridget Neary MP (c.1842 - d.)

Bridget Philbin (Neary) MP (1871 - d.)

Bridget (Neary) Feeney MP (deceased)

Bridget Sheehan (Neary) MP (deceased)

Bridget Neary (Ruddy) MP (c.1907 - d.)

Bridget Gillard (Neary) MP (1778 - d.)