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Sir Ambrose Nicholas, Lord Mayor of London MP (c.1510 - 1578)

Sir Ambrose Nicholas ( - 1578) was the Lord Mayor of London in 1575. He was a salter by profession. In 2015 his body was confirmed as having been interred in a site which had been part of the Bedlam ...

Ann Nicholas, of Denbigh MP (c.1586 - d.)

Elizabeth Richmond (Nicholas) MP (1596 - 1664)

According to the Richmond Family Ancestry page on Elizabeth Nicholas' family group:: HUSBAND: John RICHMOND BIRTH: 1594 PLACE: Ashton, Keynes, Wiltshire, England MARRIAGE: 1631 PLACE: A...

Elizabeth Carter Burwell MP (c.1692 - 1734)

Elizabeth Carter was born in 1692 at Corotoman, Virginia. She was the daughter of Robert Carter and Judith Armistead. Elizabeth married Nathaniel Burwell in 1709 at Corotoman, Virginia. After his death...

Elizabeth Barker (Nicholas) MP (1709 - 1740)

Elizabeth Jasper Luxford (Nicholas) MP (1797 - 1873)

Illegitimate daughter of William Nicolas and Ann Jasper who married folling the birth of Elizabeth

Elizabeth Mompesson (Nicholas) MP (deceased)

Henry James Nicholas, VC, MM MP (1891 - 1918)

Henry James Nicholas VC MM (11 June 1891 – 23 October 1918) was a New Zealand recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be ...

Jane Nicholas (St. John) MP (c.1560 - 1596)

According to the Richmond Family Ancestry pedigree page on Jane St. John: Birthdate: ABT 1560 Birthplace: Lidieard, Wiltshire, England Spouse: Richard (Rici) NICHOLAS Married: ABT 1595 Plac...

Lewis Valentine Nicholas MP (1766 - 1840)

Margery Stoakes (Nicholas) MP (1489 - 1535)

Mary Nicholas (Lane) MP (1619 - 1686)

Mary Lane was born in 1619.1 She was the daughter of Thomas Lane and Anne Bagot.1 She married Edward Nicholas, son of Sir Oliver Nicholas.1 She died in December 1686.1      Her married name became Nich...

Richard Nicholas MP (1560 - 1615)

ID: I119272 Name: Rici Nicholas 1 Sex: M Birth: ABT 1560 in Of, Camden, Berks, England Change Date: 14 JAN 2004 Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown Married: 1 Children 1. Elizabeth NICHOLA...

Richard Nicholas MP (1366 - 1420)

Judge Robert Carter Nicholas, Sr. MP (1728 - 1780)

Born 1728 Graduate of College of William & Mary Able lawyer Served 10 years as burgess Died 1780 Conservative Virginia patriot A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ances...

Robert Learmonth of St. Nicholas MP (1582 - 1643)

Capt. Robert Carter Nicholas, IV (CSA) MP (1838 - 1881)

Confederate Captain. Attended VMI and Hampden Sidney. Captain on Dick Garnett's staff; later a commisary officer. Post-War wholesale merchant in Richmond. Killed in a railroad accident. Never married. ...

Wilson Cary Nicholas, Governor, U.S. Senator MP (1761 - 1820)

Wilson Cary Nicholas (January 31, 1761 – October 10, 1820) was an American politician who served in the U.S. Senate from 1799 to 1804 and was the 19th Governor of Virginia from 1814 to 1816. Nich...

Ebenezer Nicholas MP (deceased)

Nicholas MP (deceased)

Nicholas MP (1740 - d.)

Nicholas Asjes MP (deceased)

Nicholas Beau Asjes MP (1976 - d.)

Nicholas MP (1750 - 1823)

Berkett (Nicholas) MP (deceased)

Nicholas MP (c.1722 - d.)

NICHOLAS MP (deceased)

(?) Nicholas MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Nicholas MP (1440 - d.)

(Unknown) Nicholas MP (deceased)

/Nicholas/ Nicholas MP (c.1745 - 1829)

1 M. Bodestyn 2 H. Jalleh Nicholas MP (deceased)

1 x Not Known Nicholas MP (deceased)

1. Mary Bodestyn 2 H. Jalleh m Nicholas MP (deceased)

3 x Not Known Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Mc Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Malcolm (Nicholas) MP (deceased)

? Grove (Nicholas) MP (deceased)

? Nickolosky? (Nicholas) MP (deceased)

? Nicholas MP (deceased)

? Nicholas MP (deceased)

?? Nicholas MP (deceased)

A Nicholas MP (deceased)

A E NICHOLAS MP (1881 - d.)

A Nicholas MP (deceased)

A. , Nicholas N. (Newton D.) Rogers Nicholas MP (c.1844 - d.)

Aalan Nicholas MP (deceased)

Abby V Leckband (Nicholas) MP (1894 - 1920)

Abel Nicholas MP (1759 - d.)

Abel Nicholas MP (deceased)

Abel Louis Nicholas MP (deceased)

Abel Nicholas MP (deceased)

Able Nicholas MP (deceased)

Able Nicholas MP (deceased)

Abraham Nicholas MP (1871 - 1966)

Abraham Susaberry Nicholas MP (1868 - 1950)

Acellee Nicholas MP (deceased)

Ada Lucndy Dunigan (Nicholas) MP (1880 - d.)

Ada Sara Nicholas (Persinger-Scritchfield) MP (deceased)

Ada Francis Nicholas (Strawn) MP (1916 - d.)

Ada Francis Nicholas (Strawn) MP (1916 - d.)

I only remember speaking to Aunt Ada twice and this was as an adult. She was living just one block north of Kansas Ave there in the Armourdale area. She is the one that told me of the Blue Haven Tavern...

Ada Nicholas MP (deceased)

Ada Nicholas (Lyons) MP (deceased)

Ada Ann Nicholas MP (1886 - 1902)

Ada Eunice Leilia Nicholas MP (deceased)

Ada Maud Nicholas MP (1904 - d.)

Ada Josephine Nicholas (Tuck) MP (c.1880 - c.1930)

Ada Laura Nicholas MP (deceased)

Adah Nicholas MP (deceased)

Adaline Lehr (Nicholas) MP (1845 - 1933)

Adaline Stover (Nicholas) MP (1869 - 1962)

Adaline Emery (Nicholas) MP (deceased)

Adam Nicholas MP (1858 - 1943)

never married

Adam Dominic Nicholas MP (1900 - 1977)

Addie Brown (nicholas) MP (deceased)

Addie M Nicholas MP (c.1895 - d.)

Addie Kathleen (Decker) Nicholas MP (deceased)

Addison Nicholas MP (1822 - 1880)

Addison Moe Nicholas MP (deceased)

Adelia Millit (Nicholas) MP (1837 - 1911)

Adeline Mary Ryder (Nicholas) MP (b. - 1928)

Ader Stanley (Nicholas (?)) MP (1720 - 1790)

See . Name also listed as "Anne"

Adolph Nicholas MP (c.1838 - d.)

Adolph Nicholas MP (deceased)

Adora Cummings-Nicholas (Cummings) MP (deceased)

Affide Nicholas MP (deceased)

Afify Martin (Nicholas) MP (deceased)

Agnes Nicholas MP (1842 - 1917)

Agnes Troon (Nicholas) MP (b. - 1964)