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Frances Grubb Buffington (not known) MP (1660 - 1720)

Please don't list Frances Vane as the mother of Charity Grubb. Both John Grubb's wife and Charity's mother should be listed as "Frances" with no maiden name. Yes there was a Frances Vane just not a Fra...

NOT KNOWN (deceased)

Mowatt (Not Known) (deceased)

NOT KNOWN (deceased)

not known (1126 - d.)

NOT KNOWN (deceased)

NOT KNOWN (deceased)

not known (1301 - d.)

not known (deceased)

NOT KNOWN (deceased)

not known (deceased)

NOT KNOWN (1708 - d.)

Not known (deceased)

NOT KNOWN (deceased)

NOT KNOWN (deceased)

NOT KNOWN (deceased)

Rosalia Krausz (c.1810 - d.)

Not known (deceased)

NOT KNOWN (deceased)

NOT KNOWN (deceased)

NOT KNOWN (1721 - d.)

(not known) (not known) (deceased)

(Not Known) Not Known (c.1934 - d.)

(not known) (not known) (deceased)

(Not known) (not known) (deceased)

(Not known) (Not known) (deceased)

(Unknown) Not Known (deceased)

/It is not known/ It is not known (deceased)

1st husband surname not known (deceased)

1st WIFE NAME NOT KNOWN (deceased)

1st. spouse not known to me (deceased)

2nd husband Not known (deceased)

2nd WIFE NAME NOT KNOWN (deceased)

? (not known) (deceased)

? not known (deceased)

? Not Known (deceased)

? not known (deceased)

? Not known (c.1825 - d.)

? Not Known Yet (deceased)

? Runacres (Not Known) (deceased)

? Not known (deceased)

?? Mary REEVE (not known) (c.1685 - d.)

?? NO. 1 NOT KNOWN (deceased)

Mrs. ??, ISRAEL (deceased)

????????????? Not known (????????????) (deceased)

?????????????? Not known (deceased)

?Grace or ?Priscilla Not Known (deceased)

[Dennee] Not Known, [Dennee]

A daughter Not known (deceased)

A son Not known (deceased)

Achmi not known (deceased)

Ada Not Known (deceased)

Ada Johnson (not known) (deceased)

Adele not known (Gertner) (b. - c.1970)

adopted not known (deceased)

adopted not known (deceased)

Agnes (not Known) (c.1815 - d.)

Agnes No middle name Novak (not known) (deceased)

Agnes Cawston (Not Known) (c.1515 - 1564)

Agnes Parker (not known) (deceased)

Agnes Colehan (Not known) (1886 - 1911)


Alfred not known (deceased)

Alice McGill (not known) (deceased)

Alice not known (deceased)

Alice de Coningsby (Not Known) (deceased)

ALICE NOT KNOWN (1856 - d.)

Alice de Burgh (not known) (deceased)

Alice Yearwood (Not Known) (deceased)

Alice Outerbridge Not known (deceased)

Alma Grundy (not known) (deceased)

Amalia not known (Gertner) (deceased)

Amelia Amey (Not Known) (b. - 1823)

Anders not known (c.1670 - d.)

angelo not known (deceased)

Ann Strangward (not known) (1837 - d.)

Ann Lovell ([not known]) (deceased)

Ann Vernon (not known) (1809 - 1877)

Ann (Hodgson) ((Not Known)) (1801 - d.)

Ann (not Known) (1630 - d.)

Ann Lean (Not Known) (1560 - d.)

Ann McGarry (Not known) (1826 - d.)

Ann Tunnicliffe (not known.) (deceased)

Ann Severn (not known) (c.1767 - d.)

Ann Watson (not known(poss. Garbutt)) (1786 - d.)

Ann Robinson (Not known) (1816 - c.1890)

Ann Wightman (Not Known) (c.1774 - d.)

Ann Not known (deceased)

Ann Richards (not known) (1800 - d.)

Ann Not Known (deceased)

Ann Almond (Not Known) (1808 - d.)

Ann Lewis (not known) (1812 - d.)

ANNA LESS (NOT KNOWN) (deceased)

Anna No Married name (not known) (1941 - d.)

Anna Maria BOHMANN (Not known) (1823 - 1889)

Anna not known (deceased)

Anna B. Montanye (Not Known) (deceased)

Anna Rose (not known) (deceased)

Anne George (Not known) (c.1790 - 1876)

Anne Harwood (not known) (deceased)