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Alexander Benet Paul Hornby Nothcote MP (deceased)

Alice Maria Nothcote MP (deceased)

Anthony Theodore Robert Michael Nothcote MP (deceased)

Arabella Kitty Nothcote MP (deceased)

Auriol Davina Nothcote (Harrison) MP (deceased)

Catherine Nothcote (Bradford) MP (b. - 1802)

Edward Bede Robert Hornby Nothcote MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Lucy, Countess of Iddesleigh MP (1844 - 1928)

Henry Stafford Northcote, 3rd Earl of Iddesleigh MP (1901 - 1970)

Henry Stafford Northcote, 1st Baron Northcote MP (1846 - 1911)

Biographical Summary Henry Stafford Northcote, Baron Northcote of Exeter (1846-1911), governor-general, was born on 18 November 1846 at Marylebone, London, second son of Sir Stafford Henry Northcote,...

Hilda Cardew Nothcote (Farrer) MP (b. - 1908)

Hon. Edward Frederic Nothcote MP (deceased)

Rev. Hon. John Stafford Northcote MP (1850 - 1920)

Lady Catherine Cecilia Mary Nothcote MP (deceased)

Lady Hilda Susan Mary N Nothcote MP (deceased)

Lady Mary Louise Nothcote MP (deceased)

Mabel Stafford Nothcote MP (1889 - 1959)

Stafford Henry Northcote, 4th Earl of Iddesleigh MP (1932 - 2004)

Stafford Harry Northcote, styled Viscount St Cyres MP (1869 - 1926)

Sir Stafford Henry Northcote, 7th Baronet MP (1762 - 1851)

Sir Stafford Northcote, 6th Baronet MP (c.1736 - 1770)

Vivien Sheena Nothcote (Hornby) MP (deceased)

Walter Stafford Northcote, 2nd Earl of Iddesleigh MP (1845 - 1927)