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Margaret Riley (O'Dea) MP (c.1620 - 1689)

Stephen Mark O'Dea MP (1965 - 1995)

Stephen O'Dea was a New Zealander who was a victim of the Cave Creek disaster in 1995.

? O'Dea MP (deceased)

? O'Dea MP (deceased)

? O'Dea MP (deceased)

? ? Stevens (O'Dea) MP (deceased)

? Manzie (O'Dea) MP (deceased)

Ada O'Dea (Roberts) MP (deceased)

Agnes O'Dea MP (1911 - 1993)

Developed Memorial University's Centre for Newfoundland Studies, and became Head of the Centre in 1964.

Agnes Theresa Wood (O'Dea) MP (1915 - d.)

Agnes Mary Dempsey (O'Dea) MP (1913 - 1975)

Agnes Mary Lewin (O'Dea) MP (c.1895 - d.)

Alec O'dea MP (deceased)

Alfred O'Dea MP (deceased)

alfred o'dea MP (deceased)

alice o'dea MP (deceased)

Alphonse O'Dea MP (1860 - 1860)

Amy O'Dea (Shipway) MP (1899 - 1968)

Andrew O'Dea MP (1899 - 1974)

Andrew O'Dea MP (1863 - 1927)

Andrew O'Dea MP (c.1818 - 1883)

Ann Cooney (O'Dea) MP (c.1822 - 1899)

Anna O'Dea MP (deceased)

Anna Theresa Marie O'Dea (Theel) MP (deceased)

Anne Woods (O,Dea) MP (deceased)

Anne McNamara (O Dea) MP (deceased)

Anne O'Dea MP (1943 - 1943)

Anne O'Dea (White) MP (deceased)

Anne Connolly (O'Dea) MP (1894 - 1987)

Annie O'Dea (Byrnes) MP (1921 - 1988)

Annie O'Dea MP (deceased)

Annie O'Dea MP (c.1847 - d.)


Annie Bauerle (O'Dea) MP (b. - 1960)

Annie O'Dea MP (deceased)

Annie Josephine Butler (O'Dea) MP (c.1873 - d.)

On 13 February 1897 Ottywell Butler and Annie Josephine O'Dea were married at St. George's (COI) the witness for the husband was C Pobjoy the witness for the wife was Geo Giffin Her address is listed a...

Arthur Leo O’Dea MP (1927 - d.)

Augusta Winifred Dawes (O'Dea) MP (deceased)

Barbara Mary O'Dea (Burke) MP (1940 - 1994)

Barbara O’Dea (Manzonetta) MP (1929 - d.)

Beatrice Perry (O'Dea) MP (deceased)

Beatrice Mary Cooper (O'Dea) MP (1924 - 2006)

Ben O'Dea MP (deceased)

Benjamin O'Dea MP (deceased)

Bernadetta Stewart (O'Dea) MP (b. - 2010)

Bernard Augustine O'Dea MP (deceased)

Bernice O'Dea (Nemensky) MP (deceased)

bertha O'Dea MP (deceased)

Bettie Ruth Hill O'Dea MP (deceased)

Betty Lou Phillips (O'Dea) MP (1926 - 2013)

SAN MARCOS, Texas -- The wonderful, loving Betty Lou Phillips (nee O'Dea) born on Oct. 8, 1926, in Red Willow, Nebraska, died on Nov. 10, 2013. She was predeceased by her daughter Hollis A. Osburn, and...

Betty Prunster (O'Dea) MP (deceased)

Betty O'Dea MP (deceased)

Betty O'Dea MP (1926 - d.)

Bill O'Dea MP (deceased)

Blanche Turner (O'Dea) MP (deceased)

Bridget Crowley (O'Dea) MP (deceased)

Bridget Scanlan (O'Dea) MP (1815 - 1889)

Sullivan MP (deceased)

Bridget Keane (O'Dea) MP (1843 - 1885)

Bridget O'Dea (Mullany) MP (deceased)

BRIDGET TOBIN (O'DEA) MP (c.1915 - 1995)


Bridget Lynch (O'Dea) MP (deceased)

Bridget Carr (O'Dea) MP (c.1869 - 1906)

Bridget O'Dea MP (1856 - 1918)

Bridget O'Dea (Connolly) MP (deceased)

Bridget O'dea (Kileen) MP (1872 - d.)

Bridget O'Dea (Clancy) MP (deceased)

Bridget O'Dea MP (deceased)

Bridget O'Dea (?) MP (1849 - 1919)

Bridget Scanlan (O'Dea (O'Day)) MP (1815 - 1889)

Bridget Houlihan (O'dea) MP (deceased)

Bridget O'Dea (Barry) MP (deceased)

Bridget Scanlan (O'Dea) MP (b. - 1919)

Bridie o,Dea MP (deceased)

Carlton James O'Dea MP (1938 - 2011)

Jan. 17, 1938 - Nov. 6, 2011 McCOOK, Nebraska -- Carlton James "CJ" O'Dea passed away Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011, at his rural McCook home. He was 73 years old. CJ was born on Jan. 17, 1938, in Red Willo...

Carmalee O'Dea MP (deceased)

Carmella K O'Dea MP (1914 - c.1999)

Carole O'Dea MP (deceased)

Catherine O'Dea MP (c.1829 - 1879)

Catherine O'Dea (Hallinan) MP (deceased)

Catherine O'Dea MP (deceased)

Catherine O'DEA MP (deceased)

Catherine O'Dea MP (1860 - d.)

Catherine O'Dea MP (1828 - d.)

Catherine Molloy (O'Dea) MP (deceased)

Catherine Flynn (O'Dea) MP (1828 - 1904)

Catherine O'Dea MP (deceased)

Catherine McNamara (O'Dea) MP (deceased)

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Catherine O'Dea MP (c.1861 - d.)

Catherine O Dea (Barry) MP (deceased)

Catherine O Dea MP (deceased)

Catherine O Dea (Barry) MP (deceased)

Catherine O Dea MP (deceased)

Catherine O Dea MP (deceased)

Catherine O Dea (Barry) MP (deceased)

Catherine Mary O'Dea MP (deceased)

Catherine O'Dea MP (c.1854 - 1925)

Catherine O'Dea (Guiry) MP (c.1838 - 1876)

Catherine (Kate) Day, O'Dea, O'Day (Austin) MP (deceased)