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Anselan O'Kyan, 1st Laird of Buchanan MP (c.980 - 1016)

Wikipedia: Anselan O Kyan, who was a son of one of the Kings of Ulster, landed on the northern coast of Argyllshire, near the Lennox, about the year 1016. Assisting Malcolm II of Scotland in repellin...

Anselan buey O'Kyan MP (980 - d.)

anselan Buey O Kyan MP (deceased)

1st Laird of Buchanan Anselan Buey O'Kyan MP (c.980 - 1016)

Anselan Buey O' Kyan, 1st Laird of Buchanan (O Cahan / O Kane) MP (c.980 - 1016)

Came to Scotland from Ireland, circa 1016, and was granted his lands by King Malcolm in return for fighting the Danes with said monarch. Anslelan O'Kyan, son of O'Kyan, Provincial King of Southern Ulst...