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Aiakides, King of Epirus MP (-345 - -313)

Aeacides of Epirus Aeacides (Greek: Aἰακίδης; died 313 BC), king of Epirus (331-316, 313 BC), was a son of king Arymbas and grandson of king Alcetas I. Family Aeacides married Phthia, the daugh...

Aeacus of Epirus MP (c.-1780 - d.)

Ирина Комнина MP (1211 - 1241)

Irene Komnene of Epirus From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Irene Komnene or Eirene Komnеnе (Greek: Ειρήνη Κομνηνή, Bulgarian: Ирина Комнина) was the third wife of tsar Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria...

Phithia of Epirus MP (100 - d.)

Phthia of Macedon Phthia (in Greek Φθια; lived 3rd century BC) was a daughter of Alexander II (272–260 BC), king of Epirus, who was married to Demetrius II (239–229 BC), king of Macedonia. The matc...

1Alcetas I (King) of EPIRUS MP (deceased)

1Neoptolemus I (King) of EPIRUS MP (deceased)

Alcon of Epirus MP (-525 - d.)

He is said to have been father of Admetos, King of Epirus .

Alcon myth of EPIRUS MP (deceased)

Andromache of Epirus MP (deceased)

Helenus King of Epirus MP (c.-1202 - d.)

N.N. of Epirus MP (deceased)

Nikephoros II ORSINI of Epirus MP (deceased)

Pielos/Pylades of Epirus MP (deceased)

Pielus myth of EPIRUS MP (deceased)