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Ada of Huntingdon, Heiress of Yardley MP (c.1205 - bef.1242)

Ada of Huntingdon1,2,3,4,5,6* F, #6451, d. between 4 August 1241 and 30 June 1242*Father David, 9th Earl of Huntingdon2,3,7,5,6 b. 1152, d. 17 Jun 1219*Mother Maud of Chester3,7,6 b. 1171, d. 6 Jan 123...

Ada de Huntingdon (of Scotland), Countess of Holland MP (c.1146 - aft.1206)

==ADA of Scotland==Daughter of HENRY of Scotland Earl of Huntingdon and Northumberland & his wife Ada de Warenne ([1146/48]-11 Jan after 1205, bur Middleburg Monastery). ADA ([1146/48]-11 Jan after 120...

David, 8th Earl of Huntingdon MP (1152 - 1219)

Descendants under discussion:*Legitimate son David - son of first or second wife?*husband of Maud, John de Monmouth d. between 1241 - 14 Jun 1243*illegitimate son Philip - documentation needed, not in ...

David of Huntingdon MP (c.1195 - 1221)

David & his [first/second] wife had one child: b) DAVID (-after [1200]). "Comes David frater regis Scottorum" founded Lindores Abbey, for the souls of "…Matilde comitisse sponse mee et…David filii mei"...

first wife of Daibhidh of Huntingdon (unknown) MP (deceased)

Henry of Huntington MP (c.1193 - c.1244)

Coat of arms from the Balliol Roll.Huntingdon of Brechin.

Henry de Huntingdon MP (c.1193 - aft.1215)

to Maud de Cauz, but marriage did not take place. Not to be confused with his illegitimate half-brother, Henry de Brechin m. Juliana de Cornhill, or his illegitimate half-brother Henry of Stirling.

Isabel of Huntingdon MP (1199 - 1251)

of Huntingdon (1199 – 1251) was the daughter of David of Scotland, 8th Earl of Huntingdon and Maud of Chester. She married Robert Bruce, 4th Lord of Annandale and through her came the claims firstly of...

Margaret de Huntingdon, Princess of Scotland MP (1145 - 1201)

Margaret of Huntingdon, Princess of ScotlandFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaof HuntingdonPrincess of ScotlandDuchess of Brittany, Countess of Richmond of HerefordReign 1145- 12011160- 20 February...

Marjorie of Huntingdon MP (1152 - 1213)

Disconnected as daughter of Henry, 3rd Earl of Huntingdon & Ada or Ida de Warenne, Countess of Huntingdon profiles wife of Gille Crist & Marjorie de Lindsay

Maud, Countess of Huntingdon, Queen consort of Scotland MP (1072 - 1130)

of Northumbria (1074-1130), countess for the Honour of Huntingdon, was the daughter of Waltheof I, Earl of Northumbria and Judith of Lens, the last of the major Anglo-Saxon earls to remain powerful aft...

Maud (Matilda, Mabel) Huntingdon (D' Aubigny (Albini)), Princess Of Scotland MP (c.1203 - c.1237)

daughter of William II of Belvoir and Maud de Clare.Maud de Clare, daughter of Robert fitzRichard of Clare and Maud de St.LizMaud de St. Liz, daughter of Simon St.Liz of Huntingdon and Matilda (Maud) o...

mistress(es) of David, 8th Earl of Huntingdon MP (deceased)

NN of Huntingdon MP (c.1140 - 1205)

Please see (May 15, 2017; Anne Brannen, curator)**************************From what I could find, there were seven children of David and Maud Huntington (Huntingdon). One of the daughters was married t...

Robert of Huntingdon, Prince of Scotland MP (c.1191 - 1218)

from: , son of David and Maud, died young. No confirmation of his parentage has been found. That said: From: There are many legends concerning the birth, life and death of Robin Hood with many places c...

Ada of Huntingdon (1187 - 1265)

Ada de Huntingdon (c.1170 - d.)

Adam of Huntingdon (c.1148 - d.)

documentation needed. not listed in FMG. not found on web search.

Adelina Huntingdon (deceased)

Adeline de Huntingdon (de Warenne) (1093 - d.)

Lady Alice Huntingdon (1470 - 1546)

Alice (Adeliza) Huntingdon (c.1085 - 1126)

Alice Locton (Huntingdon) (deceased)

Alice (Adeliza) Huntingdon (c.1085 - 1126)

Archibald Huntingdon (deceased)

Aufrica of Huntingdon (c.1140 - d.)

Aufrica of Scotland m. [SAYY091] William de Saye of Kimbolton

Beatrice Huntingdon (1869 - 1952)

Betsy Huntingdon (b. - 1869)

Bruce Clifford Huntingdon (deceased)


Reverend Castel Sherard of Huntingdon (deceased)

Charles George Huntingdon (1860 - d.)

David I The SaintScotland Huntingdon (1080 - 1153)

David Huntingdon (c.1172 - d.)

Douglas Huntingdon (deceased)

E Huntingdon (De Beaumont) (deceased)

Earl Huntingdon (deceased)

Earl of Huntingdon Henry of Huntingdon (deceased)

Edith Huntingdon (deceased)

Kay Thomas, Source:

Edith Naomi Huntingdon (Beaver) (1914 - 2001)

parents: J Raymond & Hazeltie Rittenburg Beaver spouse: Kenneth O Huntingdon* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Nov 27 2016, 2:53:34 UTC

Edward Huntingdon (deceased)

Edward Huntingdon (deceased)

Elizabeth of Huntingdon (of Vermandois) (1154 - 1201)

Elizabeth Huntingdon (1844 - d.)

Florence Huntingdon (deceased)

Hannah Huntingdon (1806 - 1876)

Hannah Johnson (Huntingdon) (deceased)

Hannah Huntingdon (1811 - 1885)

Helen Huntingdon (Dunbar) (c.1796 - c.1845)

Helen Dunbar was born at The Forest Plantation, Natchez, Adams County, MississippiParents: William Dunbar Dinah Clark.Spouse: Henry William Huntington married on 24 April 1817 at Forest Plantation, Nat...

Helen Batjer (Huntingdon) (deceased)

Henrietta Wright (Huntingdon) (deceased)

Henry HUNTINGDON (c.1170 - d.)

Henry Huntingdon (deceased)

Henry Huntingdon (deceased)

Henry Huntingdon (1114 - 1152)

Horace Huntingdon (deceased)

Isabell Basset (Huntingdon) (1165 - 1224)

James Huntingdon Huntingdon (1858 - d.)

Jane Huntingdon (Preston) (1678 - c.1720)

jhon huntingdon (deceased)

John Huntingdon (c.1485 - bef.1510)

Joseph James Huntingdon (1853 - d.)

Joseph Huntingdon (1858 - d.)

Judith Alice de Toeni (Huntingdon) (deceased)

confusion:the wives of Ralph I de Toeni and Ralph II de Toeni are unknown.Judith de Lens is the wife of Ralph III de ToeniAlice de Huntington is the wife of Ralph IV de ToeniIs this Judith de Lens or A...

Julia Huntingdon (deceased)

Kay Thomas, Source:

Kenneth O. Huntingdon, Sr (1915 - 2002)

Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Nov 27 2016, 2:53:34 UTC

Kenneth Huntingdon (c.1906 - c.1976)

Lady Selina Hastings-Bass of Huntingdon (deceased)

Lilly Dawson (Huntingdon) (1789 - 1878)

LILLY DAWSON (HUNTINGDON) (1789- 1878)FamilySearch Family TreeBirth: Feb 3 1789 - Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, EnglandDeath: Jan 14 1878 - Newcastle upon Tyne, Northumberland, EnglandParents: J...

Lucy Norton (Huntingdon) (1906 - 1950)

Mabel Elizabeth Huntingdon (Miller) (c.1871 - c.1941)

King Malcolm 3rd Scotland de Huntingdon (deceased)

Margaret Huntingdon (deceased)

Margaret De Angus (of Huntingdon) (deceased)

Margaret De Huntingdon (1134 - 1179)

Maria Rose (Huntingdon) (1848 - 1936)

Marjorie of Huntingdon (deceased)

Marjorie Marshall Huntingdon (Sahm) (1906 - 1999)

She graduated from Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, PA in 1924, and later from Syracuse University.Marjorie M. Sahm married Miles William Huntingdon on October 15, 1932 in Kingston, Luzerne Co., PA.Source: ...

Marjorie Huntingdon (deceased)

Marjory Of Huntingdon (1152 - c.1213)

Marjory de Huntingdon (deceased)

Marjory Of Huntingdon (deceased)

Martha Elizabeth Huntingdon (1863 - c.1908)

Martha West (Huntingdon) (1704 - d.)

Mary Huntingdon (deceased)

Mary Doreen Saunders (Huntingdon) (deceased)

Mary Wilson (Huntingdon) (deceased)

Mary Murray formerly Huntingdon (deceased)

Maud (Mathilda) of Huntingdon (c.1072 - 1131)

Maud De Huntingdon (Huntingdon) (1192 - d.)

Source Medium: Internet Page: Subject: New Scottish Princess: Maud of Huntingdon, wife of John de Monmouth, of Monmouth, Monmouthshire From: Douglas Richardson Date: 6/29/2013 5:15 PM To: gen-medieval@...

1st wife Maud de Monmouth (Huntingdon) (deceased)

Source Medium: Internet Page: Subject: New Scottish Princess: Maud of Huntingdon, wife of John de Monmouth, of Monmouth, Monmouthshire From: Douglas Richardson Date: 6/29/2013 5:15 PM To: gen-medieval@...

Maud Countess Of Huntingdon (1072 - 1130)

Maude [Concubine 2] Huntingdon (c.1146 - d.)

Maud de Senlis (c.1072 - 1131)

May Hartley (Huntingdon) (deceased)

Miles William Huntingdon (1906 - 1991)

Miles married Marjorie Marshall Sahm on October 15, 1932 in Kingston, Luzerne Co., PA."His parents were born in Mazzeppa, PA and his father was a liveryman in 1910, and a shipper in 1920. Miles had a y...

Mrs-David, Concubine 2 Huntingdon (deceased)

Mrs-David, Concubine Of Huntingdon (deceased)

Mrs-David, Concubine 1 Huntingdon (deceased)

Mrs-David, Concubine Of Huntingdon (deceased)