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Dymitr Korybut, Prince of Novgorod-Seversky MP (c.1355 - 1404)

Butav - Dimitri Olgierdovich Gediminovichi - Olgierdovichi: Kaributas (Koribut, Korybut, baptized as Dmitry; born after 1350 – died after 1404) was a twelfth (12th) son of Algirdas, Grand Duke of Lithu...

Dormundikundas / Dormuninundas of Lithuania MP (b. - c.1296)

Dormundikundas, born c.a. 1237 Eiragola, Medevial Duchy Samogitia (Lithuania). Marriage; 1257 Eiragola, Samogithia, Lithuania. Died 1295 Eiragola, Samogitia, Lithuania.

Giliginas Prince of Lithuania MP (c.1229 - 1278)

Lizdeyka of Lithuania MP (c.1280 - d.)

Maria Gediminaitė (of Lithuania), Princess of Tver MP (1305 - 1348)

Wife of Dmitry of Tver. She retired to a convent at Tver after her husband was killed by the Mongols in 1325.

N1210 of Lithuania MP (c.1210 - d.)

Niece of Mindaugas She was 2nd wife of Daniel_of_Galicia ∞ bef. 1252 See:[ ;

Treniota Grand Duke of Lithuania MP (b. - 1264)

Treniota (Belarusian: Транята; Troniata; ca. 1210–1264) was the Grand Duke of Lithuania (1263–1264). Treniota was the nephew of Mindaugas, the first and only king of Lithuania. While Mindaugas had co...

Prince Virshpul of Lithuania MP (c.1310 - d.)

Woischund (D:1413) was baptized with his son in 1386.