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Alexandra of Lithuania, Princess of Mazovia MP (c.1370 - 1434)

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Skirgaila Duke of Lithuania (Gediminids) MP (1354 - 1397)

Skirgaila (Belarusian: Скіргайла), also known as Ivan, also known as Casimir Born: ca. 1353 or 1354 Died: 11 January 1397 in Kiev; Bapti...

Agrafenija Princess of Lithuania (c.1326 - c.1370)

Dormundikundas / Dormuninundas of Lithuania (b. - c.1296)

Dormundikundas, born c.a. 1237 Eiragola, Medevial Duchy Samogitia (Lithuania). Marriage; 1257 Eiragola, Samogithia, Lithuania. Died 1295 Eiragola, Samogitia, Lithuania.

Giliginas Prince of Lithuania (c.1229 - 1278)

Glebas Prince of Lithuania, Prince of Lithuania (1211 - d.)

Name Glebas Jagiello Suffix Prince of Lithuania Born Abt 1211 of, Vil'nyus, Vil'nyus Oblast, Lithuania Find all individuals with events at this location Father Utenes Jagiello, Prince of Li...

Helena Yevpraxia of Lithuania (Olgierdovna), Princess of Lithuania (c.1352 - 1438)

Jadvyga Algirdaitė of Lithuania (b. - c.1380)

Jadwiga (z drugiego; †po 1407); × [1395/1396] Jan II, ks. oświęcimski (†1405 po 1.IX.)

Maria of Lithuania (Gediminds), Princess (c.1367 - 1381)

Maria Gediminaitė (of Lithuania), Princess of Tver (1305 - 1348)

Wife of Dmitry of Tver. She retired to a convent at Tver after her husband was killed by the Mongols in 1325.

N1210 of Lithuania (c.1210 - d.)

Niece of Mindaugas She was 2nd wife of Daniel_of_Galicia ∞ bef. 1252 See:[ ;

Treniota Grand Duke of Lithuania (b. - 1264)

Treniota (Belarusian: Транята; Troniata; ca. 1210–1264) was the Grand Duke of Lithuania (1263–1264). Treniota was the nephew of Mindauga...

Vilgeida Kotryna Algirdaitė (Princess of Lithuania) (c.1371 - 1422)