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Cecily of Mercia MP (c.1080 - d.)

Also known as Cecilia.

Cyneðryð of Mercia, of Mercia MP (775 - 798)

Cyneðryð (?) (1) F, #152557 Last Edited=27 Nov 2005 Cyneðryð (?) is the daughter of Ecgfrið, King of Mercia. (1) She married Wiglaf, King of Mercia, son of Beor...

Edwin of Mercia MP (c.1017 - d.)

See Darell Wolcott for the untangling of these lines: (January 13, 2016; Anne Brannen, curator)

Eadwine, Earl of Mercia MP (c.1028 - 1070)

Edwin, King of the East Saxons, deposed by the Conqueror, and killed in battle with the Normans, 1071. His sister married, 1st, the Welsh King Gruffydd. “Her name was Ealdgyth and her brothers w...

Amelie of Mercia (of Arques) (1025 - 1086)

Bassa of Mercia (c.680 - d.)

Bassa of Mercia (c.645 - d.)

Beorhtwulf, King of Mercia (deceased)

Beornred of Mercia (b. - 757)

Bernoth of Mercia (deceased)

Bernoth of Mercia, Prince of Mercia (deceased)

Bernthryth of Mercia (deceased)

Bernthryth of Mercia (deceased)

Bernthryth of Mercia (deceased)

Cearl of Mercia (deceased)

Centwine Cundwalhson of Mercia (657 - d.)

Cenwin of Mercia (c.600 - d.)

Clothair of Mercia (Mercia) (c.650 - d.)

Coppa of Mercia (deceased)

Cundwalh Coenwalhson of Mercia (deceased)

CWENBURGA Coenburg Ceorlsdatter Princess of Mercia (585 - 633)

Cwenburh of Mercia (deceased)

Cwenburh (?) (1) F, #156902 Last Edited=20 Nov 2005 Cwenburh (?) married Edwin, King of Northumbria, son of Ælle, King of Deira. (1) Children of Cwenburh (?) and Edwin, King of Northumbr...

Edulph, Earl of Mercia (c.901 - 946)

Elfrid of Mercia (735 - c.783)

Elfwina Countess of Mercia (c.905 - d.)

Elfwynn of Mercia (deceased)

Emenhilda of Mercia (deceased)

Ethelfleda of Mercia (deceased)

Ethelred Countess of Mercia (c.919 - d.)

Godric 'The Saxon' (c.1011 - 1066)

Hugh "The Great", Earl of Mercia (c.835 - 853)

Kenrow of Mercia (c.620 - d.)

Kenwalk of Mercia (c.580 - d.)

Kyneburga of Mercia (b. - 680)

Lady Aelfwyn of Mercia (c.1045 - c.1090)

Leofric of Mercia (b. - 991)

Ælfwine is difficult to identify, but was possibly the Ælfwine killed at the Battle of Maldon in 991, and was possibly a son of Ælfric, ealdorman of Mercia between 983 and 985.

Leofric II Ealdorman of Leicester (of Mercia) (871 - 924)

Mrs. Osher of Mercia (746 - d.)

Mrs. Oswald of Mercia (766 - d.)

Mrs. Webba Queen of Mercia (578 - d.)

Osher of Mercia (742 - d.)

Osher of Mercia (c.720 - d.)

Ostburga Of Mercia England (840 - c.890)

Oswald of Mercia (c.745 - d.)

Oswald of Mercia (766 - d.)

Ricthryth of Mercia (c.762 - d.)

Thor (1030 - 1110)

Walthens Lord of Mercia (1030 - d.)

WALTHENS. Lord of Etchells, Bredbury and Brinnington in the County of Cheshire.

Webba King of Mercia (570 - 614)

Wolfric Lord of Leek, Aldithley, Balterley (c.1009 - c.1059)

HUSBAND: WOLFRIC. Of Staffordshire, England; son of GODWIN He was Lord of Aldithley, Talk and Balterley in the county of Staffordshire, and of Cedde and Mottram Andrew in the county of Cheshire. He w...

Wulfrun of Mercia (c.908 - d.)

Ælfgifu of Mercia (1050 - d.)

Ælfric of Mercia (b. - 985)

Ælfthryth of Mercia (c.940 - d.)

Æthelred of Mercia (c.870 - 912)

Earl Æthelred I of Mercia (822 - d.)