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Thomas de Mowbray, 4th Earl of Norfolk MP (1385 - 1405)

Thomas de Mowbray, 4th Earl of Norfolk, 2nd Earl of Nottingham, 8th Baron Segrave, 7th Baron Mowbray (1385 – 8 June 1405), English nobleman and rebel, was the son of Thomas de Mowbray, 1st Duke ...

William Buck, of Norfolk MP (1585 - 1658)

Agatha Countess of Norfolk (b. - 1095)

Agnes Of Norfolk (1501 - 1549)

Alissa Bassett (Countess of Norfolk) (deceased)

Charles of Norfolk (1746 - 1815)

Elizabeth Duchess of Norfolk, Countess Surrey Tilney (Duchess of Norfolk, Countess of Surrey, Tilney) (deceased)

Emma de Guader, Countess of Norfolk (FitzOsbern) (c.1059 - d.)

Francis (5th Husb.) Layer (Layer of Norfolk County), Esq (deceased)

Hugh Bigod Earl of Norfolk (1095 - d.)

John de Cailly, Lord of Owby Manor, High Sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk (Cayley) (1330 - c.1360)

Margaret Stanley, Duchess of Norfolk (deceased)

married a sister of Roger Bigot, Earl of Norfolk (deceased)

Mary Gardiner (Spring (of Norfolk)) (deceased)

Ralph "The Staller" Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk (c.1011 - c.1068)

Roger Bigod 2nd Earl of Norfolk (1144 - d.)

thomas howard 2nd earl of norfolk (deceased)

Thomas Howard, 8th Duke of Norfolk (c.1683 - 1732)

Thomas Howard, 8th Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal (11 December 1683 – 23 December 1732) was the son of Lord Thomas Howard (of Worksop) and Mary Elizabeth Savile. Upon his uncle's death, he ga...

Sir William Paston of Norfolk (deceased)