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Étgar, King of Scots MP (c.1074 - 1107)

Edgar or Étgar mac Maíl Choluim of Scotland. Modern Gaelic: Eagar mac Mhaoil Chaluim; Mediaeval English: Eadgar Margotsson), nicknamed Probus, "the Valiant"[1] (c. 1074–8 January 1107), was king of S...

Aiden Born 532 King of Scots MP (532 - 606)

King of Scots Alpin MacEochaid King of Scots (Dalriada) MP (b. - c.841)

Cuilén mac Ilduilb, Rí na h'Alba (11th King of Scots) MP (950 - 971)

King of Scots Domangart MacDonald King of Scots MP (642 - 672)

King Donald VI of Scots MP (862 - 903)

Dougall of Scone, Councillor of David I of Scots MP (1050 - c.1100)

Sean Dubhghail Sgoinne (b. 1050 Taynuilt, Argyll and Bute, UK, d. 1100 Perth and Kinross, Scotland Old Dugald of Scone is described as an Old, just and venerable man. He is also described as being ...

elizabeth 1 england (queen of scots) MP (deceased)

King of Scots IV Eochaid MacFergus King of Scots IV MP (deceased)

King of Scots Eochaid Ruieval MacDomangart King of Scots MP (671 - 721)

King of Scots Eochaid Buidhe MacAidan King of Scots MP (605 - 623)

King Erth (Erec) of Scots MP (360 - d.)

Ethach II King of Of Scots MP (c.640 - 696)

King of Scots II Fergus MacAedh King of Scots II MP (772 - d.)

Ildulb mac Causantin (9th King of Scots), Rí na h'Alba MP (930 - 962)

James V, King of Scots MP (1512 - 1542)

Marry Queen of scots MP (deceased)

Sir Reginald Scott, of Scots Hall, Kent, England MP (deceased)

unknown dau. of Lulach, King of Scots MP (deceased)

William I CANMOREMacCRINAN (26th King) of SCOTS MP (deceased)