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Eberhard I, Graf von der Mark MP (1249 - 1308)

Medlands Eberhard, Graf von der Mark was the first born son of Engelbert I von der Mark and Kunigunde von Blieskastel. First he married Irmgard von Berg. Maria van Loon was his second wife. In 12...

Duke Robert IV of the Mark MP (1512 - 1566)

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Matilde of the Mark (de La Marck) (c.1350 - c.1400)

Seigneur Robert of the Mark (1460 - 1536)

Théodred Second Marshal of the Mark (deceased)

Théodred held the title of Second Marshal of the Mark, and was slain in the First Battle of the Fords of Isen defending the islet in the middle of the ford. With no siblings, this made his cousi...