(Joyee) (Madras Periamma) (deceased)

(Ponnukka) (Madras Periamma) (deceased)

. Sanmugam(madras) (deceased)

. Thangavelu(madras) (Ponnamma) (deceased)

Abraham Madras (deceased)

Alice Madras (Baldwin) (deceased)

Anna Marie Jaros (Madras) (1891 - 1991)

Anna Eliza Madras (deceased)

Anna Zahorchak Madras (deceased)

Anne Madras (Parrat) (deceased)

Anne Madras (b. - 1995)

Augustus van Madras (c.1851 - d.)

Inventories of the Orphan Chamber Cape Town Archives Repository, South Africa* Reference no.: MOOC8/33.2* Testator(s): Johannes Petrus Serrurier * 8 Februarij 1819... Lyfeigenen des boedels ...een mans...

Barbara Madras (Wiesman) (b. - 2000)

Bishop George Spencer of Madras (1799 - 1866)

Catherine Paul Madras India (c.1810 - d.)

Connect to Paul Madras DAD /Ramlal, Ramlal (deceased)

Dathakumar (b. - 2006)

Dr. Lohidakshan Ayurveda Shiromani (Madras University) (deceased)

Dr. Tufail Ahmed Madras (deceased)

Duraisamy JesudossPitchaipillai Madras (deceased)

Elisabeth Madras (1719 - d.)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Aug 7 2017, 21:17:23 UTC * Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Dec 18 2017, 22:51:15 UTC

Eliyakutty ( Madras) (Vellara) (deceased)

Elizabeth Bennett Madras (Gillman) (1840 - 1906)

Entol Haji Madras (deceased)

George Madras (deceased)

Giri (Tandra) Madras (deceased)

JANAKI MADRAS (deceased)

Jannetje Heylon (van Madras) (1671 - c.1713)

She was a slave.

Jeanne Madras (c.1823 - 1828)

Jeanne Bouyssou (deceased)

Johann von Sutholte Madras (deceased)

Rev. John Madras (b. - c.1774)

John Madras (1923 - 2007)

Rev. John Henry Madras (b. - 1852)

JRS MADRAS (deceased)

K. I. Abraham Kattuvelil (Madras - Pravomkudd) (Kattuvelil) (deceased)

KUNJAMMA Md To Dr.David Santhinilayam,Vrindhaj... (deceased)

Lissy (Madras) (deceased)

Martha Madras (Evanson) (1779 - 1845)

Mary Juhasz (Madras) (1867 - 1932)

Residence : 8817 Powell Avenue, 8817 Powell Avenue, Clayton, MOClayton, MO* Residence : Rome, Oneida, New York - 1920* Residence : Brentwood, St Louis, Missouri - 1930* Residence : 8817 Powell Ave, Cla...

Mythily KK Kushalnagar Krishnaiyengar (Madras) (1893 - 1966)

N Ramanujaiyengar (1880 - d.)

Dr N Srinivasan (Ophthalmologist Madras) (Kadaba) (1914 - 2001)

Dear Geni,With due repects & regards to,Late Dr. N Sreenivasan happens to be my Uncel, being the first cousin of my Dad,Could U please Verify Geni.Thanks & regards,Sincerely Lakshmi

Padmavathi Madras Srinivasan Rao (deceased)

PATTABIRAMAN Madras (deceased)

Pauline Pelein (Madras) (1830 - 1865)

Philip Madras (b. - 2007)

Pierre Madras (c.1827 - 1869)

Robert Conner Madras (b. - 1884)

Samuel Madras (b. - 2001)

Sara Johanna Pieterse (Madras v d K) (deceased)

Saramma (Kaku) D/O Rev.Vedanthachari,Madras (1925 - 1947)

Shanta Bai (Madras) (deceased)

Sibylle von Sutholte Madras (deceased)

Siva linka Kedarinath Madras (deceased)

Srinivasa Rao Madras (deceased)

St. Thomas in Mylapore (Madras) (52 - d.)

Sundaram (Madras Periamma) (deceased)



Sylvia Madras (Salzman) (b. - 2021)

Thomachen (Madras) (deceased)

Doctor THOMAS HART DAVIES (1769 - 1845)

Thomas Hart Davies, MD, was born in Portsea and christened at St Mary's Portsea on 3 February 1769. Educated at Merchant Taylor's School, his childhood home was at Portsmouth Common, subsequently calle...

Unknown (from Madras) (deceased)

Vasu Vaidyar Ayurveda Shiromani (Madras University) (deceased)

Venkatesan (Madras Periamma) (deceased)

Visalakshi Madras Athai (deceased)