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Dara Orbach (Kushner) MP

Dara Kushner is a member of the Kushner family and through marriage also has ties to the US President Donald Trump’s family. She is mostly known for her charity work. Dara Kushner is the eldest child...

Fanny Auerbach Orbach? (Auerbach) MP (b. - 1983)

Jerry Orbach MP (1935 - 2004)

Jerry Orbach From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jerry Orbach Jerry Orbach 1965 press photo.JPG Orbach in a 1965 publicity photo Born Jerome Bernard Orbach October 20, 1935 Bronx, New York, U.S. Died...

Ruchla Perle (Orbach) MP (deceased)

Uri Shraga Orbach (Auerbach) MP (1960 - 2015)

"Uri Shraga Orbach (Hebrew: אורי שרגא אורבך‎; 28 March 1960 – 16 February 2015) was an Israeli Religious Zionist writer, journalist and politician. He served as a member of the Knesset for the Jewish H...

Wolf Auerbach Orbach? MP (deceased)

Orbach (Lipman) MP (deceased)

GEDCOM Source ===@R-2146251968@ Ancestry Family Trees Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. This information comes from 1 or...

Orbach MP (deceased)

- Miriam (Mania) Orbach MP (1914 - 1942)

? Moses (Orbach) MP (deceased)

? Roux (Orbach) MP (deceased)

? Orbach MP (deceased)

? Orbach MP (deceased)

? Orner (Orbach) MP (deceased)

? Brechner (Orbach) MP (deceased)

? Krohn (Zalkind Orbach) MP (deceased)

? Orbach MP (deceased)

?? Orbach MP (deceased)

?? Orbach MP (deceased)

Aaron Orbach MP (1854 - 1931)

Aaron אהרון Orbach MP (c.1850 - d.)

Aaron Shmuel Orbach MP (deceased)

Abby Orbach MP (1891 - d.)

Abracham Mejnia Orbach MP (deceased)

Abraham Orbach (Auerbach) MP (1914 - 1984)

Married Krakow, 14 May 1946

Abram Orbach MP (1891 - d.)

Abram Icek Orbach MP (1908 - d.)

abramo orbach MP (deceased)

Adela De Orbach MP (deceased)

Adele Orbach (Hanfling) MP (b. - 1954)

Adolph Orbach MP (1906 - 1929)

Adolph Orbach MP (deceased)

Agnes Mildred Orbach MP (1900 - 1997)

Albert Orbach MP (1899 - 1979)

Alek Orbach MP (1925 - 1945)

Alf Orbach MP (deceased)

Alfred Orbach MP (1897 - 1970)

Alfred Orbach MP (c.1904 - d.)

Alfred ORBACH MP (1897 - 1970)

Alfred Orbach MP (deceased)

Angela Catharina Orbach (Bühlstahl) MP (deceased)

Ann Orbach (unknown) MP (deceased)

Anna Maria Orbach MP (1795 - d.)

Anna Christina Broichhagen (Orbach) MP (deceased)

Anna Häger (Orbach) MP (deceased)

Anna Maria Busch (Orbach) MP (1809 - 1850)

Anna Maria Josepha Orbach (Müller) MP (1781 - d.)

Anna Catharina Orbach MP

GEDCOM Source ===@R-1783997192@ Ancestry Family Trees Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members. This information comes from 1 or...

Anna Catharina Bonner (Orbach) MP (deceased)

Anna Catharina Orbach (Frielingsdorf) MP (deceased)

Anna Catharina Orbach (Kentemich) MP (deceased)


Anna Catharina Gravers (Orbach) MP (b. - 1768)

Anna Catharina Orbach MP (1720 - 1781)

Anna Catharina Schild (Orbach) MP (deceased)

Anna Gertrud Orbach (Fischer) MP (1759 - d.)

Anna Margaretha Börsch (Orbach) MP (1688 - 1771)

Taufpaten: Johannes Wilhelm Löher und Anna Catharina Grütering

Anna Maria Catharina Orbach (Müller) MP (1774 - 1828)

Anna Maria Gertrud Orbach (Schmitz) MP (b. - 1828)

Heiratsurkunde Georg Orbach & Anna Gertrud Schmitz

Anna Sybilla Orbach (Schmitz) MP (1813 - d.)

Anna Sybilla Orbach (Remshagen) MP (deceased)


Anna Sybilla Engelbert (Orbach) MP (deceased)

Anne Catherine Orbach (Leeper) MP (1922 - 2004)

Annie Orbach (unknown) MP (c.1840 - d.)

Aria Yhoda Liab Orbach MP (b. - 1898)

Arie (Aki) Ben-Or (Orbach) MP (1938 - 1967)

Aron Orbach MP (1901 - 1905)

Arthur Orbach MP (1903 - 1968)

Aryeh (Leivish) MP (b. - c.1943)

Asher Zelig Orbach MP (1939 - d.)

Auguste Levy (Auerbach/Orbach) MP (deceased)

Augustus J. Orbach MP (deceased)

Avraham Izak Beller (Orbach) MP (1870 - d.)

Avraham Orbach MP (deceased)

Avraham David Orbach MP (1894 - d.)

[ ]

Avraham Menachem Orbach MP (deceased)

Avraham Yitzchok Orbach MP (aft.1875 - 1956)


Avrum Orbach MP (deceased)

Awram Orbach MP (deceased)

Basha Taub MP (b. - 1925)

Baila Orbach MP (c.1855 - c.1942)

GEDCOM Source ===@R1401144006@ East Europe, Registers and Listings from Ten Jewish Ghettos, 1939-1942 Volunteers, comp Operations Inc 1,1459::0 === GEDCOM Source ===1,1459::1...

Bajla Orbach (Gnat) MP (1819 - d.)

Bajla Frymeta Krauz (Orbach) MP (c.1882 - 1939)

Bajla Sztybel (Orbach) MP (deceased)

Bajla Bracha "Berta" Orbach (Haskel) MP (1892 - d.)

Baruch Orbach MP (deceased)

Baruch Averbuch Orbach MP (deceased)

Batia Betti Ann Orbach MP (bef.1904 - 1932)

Batya Orbach MP (deceased)

Batya-Basha Orbach (Berkovich) MP (deceased)

Bejla Taub (Orbach) MP (1885 - d.)

Bella (Bajla) Orbach (Appel) MP (1909 - 1993)


Ben Orbach MP (deceased)

Ben Orbach MP (deceased)

Ben Zion Orbach MP (1927 - 2006)

BillionGraves כתבה במקומון גפן המושבה כתבה במקומון גפן המושבה

Ber dov orbach MP (deceased)

Berek Orbach MP (1823 - 1826)

Berek Orbach MP (deceased)

Berek Orbach MP (1880 - d.)

Bernard Meir Orbach MP (c.1900 - 1933)


Bernard/Berthold Emanuel Orbach MP (1937 - 1987)

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