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Guttorm Sigurdsson Orkneyjarl (Orkney) MP (c.870 - 890)

Hallad Ragnvaldsson Orkneyjarl (Mœrajarl), . MP (850 - 894)

Raghild "Hild" Nefja was not the mother of Hallad, he was the illegitimate son of Ragnvald, no records exist of his mother. In the Orkney saga, the brothers Einar, Hallad (Haddad) and Ivar are referred...

Skuli Þorfinnson Thorfinnsson (Orkneyjarl), Earl of Caithness MP (c.922 - 980)

Skule Thorfinnsson, sønn av Thorfinn Hausakljuv og Grelod Dungadsdotter [THORFINN "Hausakliffer/Skullcleaver" ([910/20]-[soon after 977], bur Hoxa, North Ronaldsway). Orkneyinga Saga names &...