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Asher Zundel Sterling (Osterun) MP (c.1840 - c.1913)

Asher (Oszer Zundel) Sterling (Szterling) lived in Bakalarzewo, Suwalki with his wife Liba, at least when several of his children's births were recorded. His marriage to Liba Aleksandrowicz is recorded...

R' Chaim Ber Sterling MP (deceased)

See Jewish Gen marriage records for the marriage of his son Oszer Zundel Osterun to Liba Aleksandrowicz in 1863 in Bakalarzewo. Gives Oszer Zundel's mother's name as Sulka and his father's name as Chai...

Note "Nathan" Sterling (Osterun) MP (1844 - 1916)

Living in Bakalarzewo, Suwalki, Poland at the time of the birth of several of his children. Married to Chaya Feiga Borofsky (Borowska). His marriage to Chaya Feige is recorded in 1871 in Bakalarzewo. H...

Liba Sterling (c.1845 - c.1895)

Jewish Gen PRI - J gives the birth of Oszer Szterling and Liba ALEKSANDROWICZ's children in Bakalarzewo: Hirsh (Girsz SZTERLING), born 1870 Malka, born 1871 Chaja, born 1874