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Aggie Dameron (Owl) MP (1737 - 1787)

Children John DAMERON\DAMRON b: 12 JAN 1757 in Northumberland Co., VA *Ann DAMERON\DAMRON b: ABT 1775 in VA Moses DAMERON\DAMRON b: 1768 in Stokes Co., NC Lazarus DAMERON\DAMRON b: ABT 1765 in ...

Abraham Young Chicken Chetiganete Helton (Jack Owl) MP (1743 - 1843)

(Young Chicken Chetiganete) Helton married Katy/Charity (Tsi Na Qui) Owl in Hanging Dog Creek, North Carolina abt 1768. He was the son of Thomas Lithfuss Orledus Creebeck (Helton). A Cherokee, Thomas m...

Adam Quincy Owl MP (1860 - 1946)

Here are the descendants of Adam Q. Owl. I will add them to the tree as I get a chance: Descendants of Adam Quincy Owle 1 [1] Adam Quincy Owle b: 27 Jan 1860 in listed in 1869 roll/census...

Agal Owl MP (999 - 1014)

aggie owl MP (deceased)

Aggie Owl MP (1737 - d.)

Aggie Owl MP (deceased)

Aggie Damron (Owl) MP (1733 - d.)

Aggie "Little Owl" Onacona Dameron (Owl/ Ogle) MP (deceased)

Agnes Owl MP (deceased)

Agnes Owl MP (1896 - d.)

Alan Wise Owl MP (deceased)

Alfred Gather Owl (Owle) MP (deceased)

Alfred Bryan Owl (Owle) MP (1897 - 1977)

US ArmyWW 1* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Jan 2 2016, 19:25:35 UTC

All-si-nih Owl MP (deceased)

Alvin Mark Owl MP (1892 - d.)

Amanda "Mandy" Owl (Wolfe) MP (1883 - d.)

Ammons Sequoyah Owl MP (1890 - 1942)

Ancy Owl MP (deceased)

Anna Nicey Owl MP (1906 - d.)

Awee (Deer) Owl MP (c.1833 - 1838)

Born Cherokee Nation, NC listed in 1848 roll/census; conflicting information: died on Trail of Tears? but listed in 1848 roll/census as age 5: was this her age at death?

Bennie Leland Owle (Owl) MP (deceased)

Betsy Owl MP (1905 - 1929)

Billie Owl MP (1904 - d.)

Callie Magdaline Owl MP (1887 - 1980)

Caroline Eudora "Dora" Owl MP (c.1871 - 1894)

Cathy Tsi Na Qui Helton (Katy Owl) MP (1745 - 1840)

Born in 1745 in Montgomery Co., Cherokee Nation, VA to Jack Senelle Owl who was born between 1705/1720 in the Cherokee Nation, North Carolina. Charity died in Lumpkin Georgia. She is buried at Frogtown...

Charles White Owl MP (deceased)

Charles Silas Owl MP (1910 - 1914)

charles Owl MP (deceased)

Charlotte Henson (Owl) MP (1909 - 1995)

charlotte owl MP (deceased)

Chi-goo-wee Owl MP (deceased)

Chief David wise Owl MP (deceased)

Cordelia Corinth "Delia" Owl MP (c.1866 - 1889)

Cornelius Owl MP (b. - 1867)

Dad Chamois Owl, Cheif/Warrior MP (974 - 1016)

Dahney Owl MP (1881 - 1968)

Dahney or Dinah Owl (Ar-go-la) MP (1858 - 1944)

Daughter Owl MP (deceased)

David Owle (Owl) MP (1833 - 1900)

David Owl served in the Thomas Legion (commanded by Will Thomas) as a soldier for the Confederate States of America. He was a Tribal Councilman for a number of terms and also served as interpreter. 1...

David Owl MP (deceased)

David Lloyd Owl MP (1928 - 2001)

david owl MP (deceased)

David Owl MP (c.1825 - d.)

David or Davis Owle (Owl) MP (1896 - 1959)

In the 1900 Census Record for Swain County, Oconee Lufty Township, in a section entitled Special Inquiries Related to Indians, under the questions "Has this Indian any white blood?", father Adam is lis...

Dewitt Harris Owl MP (1908 - d.)

Dianne Blythe (Owl) MP (deceased)

Dominick Yellow Owl MP (deceased)

Dora Owl MP (1890 - d.)

Dora Owl MP (deceased)

Duke Howell (Owl) MP (deceased)

Edward Owl MP (1910 - d.)

Emma Stuart (Owl) MP (1929 - 1977)

Enoch "Yonagu" Owl MP (1898 - 1983)

Ethel Owl MP (1904 - d.)

Eugene Owl Sr MP (deceased)

Eve Samantha Owl MP (1858 - 1886)

Frell Owl MP (deceased)

Frell (Dr.) MacDonald Owl MP (1899 - 1980)

Geanie Strange Owl (Russell) MP (deceased)

George Owl MP (deceased)

George Owl MP (1848 - 1882)

George Allen Owl MP (1895 - 1978)

George Owl, Jr MP (deceased)

George Owl MP (1895 - 1978)

Grace Owl MP (c.1831 - 1838)

Grandma Owl MP (969 - d.)

Grandpa Owl MP (deceased)

Hanie Owl (Crow) MP (1896 - d.)

Henry W. or P. Owl MP (1897 - d.)

Hilary Owl-Osborn MP (deceased)

Ida Owl MP (1881 - d.)

Indian Ninundekumen/Owl MP (deceased)

Jack Senelle Owl MP (c.1710 - d.)

Jack Senelle Owl was born between 1705-1720 in the Cherokee Nation, North Carolina. Full-blood Cherokee, as was his wife. My 7th great grandpa.

Jacob Owl MP (deceased)

Jake Owl MP (deceased)

James Te-sa-des-kie Owl MP (deceased)

Jennie (Che-ne-li-kih) Owl (Ta-yah-ha) MP (1833 - 1880)

Jenny Che-nu-ya-di-hi Owl (Arneach) MP (1828 - 1862)

John Owl MP (deceased)

John Lewis Owle (Owl) MP (1922 - 1998)

John Owl (Tsinaqui) MP (deceased)

John "Te-tu-te-tah" Owl MP (1860 - 1920)

John (Tsi-na-qui) Owl MP (c.1796 - 1877)

Family went on Trail of Tears to Oklahoma but returned to NC 1851 Chapman Roll in River Valley, Cherokee County NC 1870 Census Cherokee Co, NC (Murphy) age 90 1848 (listing from papers Lloyd Owle...

John C or M Owl MP (1891 - d.)

John Quincy Owl MP (1947 - 1998)

John Sar-gih Owl MP (1828 - d.)

Johnson Owl MP (1829 - d.)

Jonah Owl MP (c.1881 - 1933)

Joseph Allen Owl (Owle) MP (deceased)

Kamie Owl MP (1878 - d.)

Lewis "Li-ew-ih" Owl MP (c.1824 - d.)

Lewis or Louis Owl MP (1908 - 1935)

Linda tipescue (OWL) MP (deceased)

Lloyd Owl MP (1874 - d.)

Lloyd Owl MP (deceased)

Lucille Owl MP (deceased)

Lucy Owl MP (1852 - d.)

Lucy Ann (Lula) Owl MP (1891 - 1895)