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Agnes (Shields - Shales) Parnell - Thorley [Free Settler "Ganges" 1797] MP (1776 - 1823)

Agnes SHIELDS was born c1776 Agnes married Thomas PARNELL 5/11/1795 at Southwark, London and they had the following children Thomas 1796 When her husband was convicted and sentenced to transp...

Agnes Parnell Wolcott (Sweet) MP (1562 - d.)

Anne Fulgham (Parnell) MP (1650 - 1711)

Archie Parnell MP

Archie Parnell is a candidate running in the special election to represent the 5th Congressional District of South Carolina.

Charles Stewart Parnell MP (1846 - 1891)

Notes Lots of photos Charles Stewart Parnell was born June 1846. He was the son of John Henry Parnell and Delia Tudor Stewart. He married Katherine Wood, daughter of Reverend Sir John Page ...

Charles W Parnell MP (1833 - 1879)

Elizabeth Parnell (Rose) MP (1632 - 1687)

Hanna Parnell MP (1656 - d.)

John Parnell MP (1629 - d.)

Mary Adams (Parnell) MP (1655 - c.1691)

Robert Parnell MP (1600 - d.)

Samuel Duncan Parnell MP (1810 - 1890)

DEATH OF MR. S. D. PARNELL. THE FOUNDER OF THE EIGHT HOURS SYSTEM. For some weeks past the working men of Wellington have anxiously kept their eyes upon the humble cottage in Cambridge terrace where ...

Thomas Parnell [Convict "Ganges" 1797] MP (1776 - 1853)

Thomas PARNELL was born c1776 Thomas married Agnes SHIELDS on 5/11/1795 Southwark, London and they had the following children Thomas 1796 Thomas was convicted and sentenced to transportation ...

Chris Parnell MP

Thomas Christopher "Chris" Parnell (born February 5, 1967) is an American comic actor best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1998–2006 and for his role as Dr. Leo Spaceman on NBC's Emm...

Thomas T Parnell [Free Settler "Ganges" 1797] MP (1796 - 1856)

Thomas PARNELL was born c1796 England When his father was sentenced to transportation to Australia, Thomas and his mother accompanied him, arriving in Sydney Cove on 2/6/1797 on "Ganges" as free sett...

Wife of Robert Parnell MP (deceased)

William Charles Parnell MP (1821 - d.)

Wilma Louise Parnell (Fabriguze) MP (1937 - 1975)

Birth: Sep. 5, 1937 Death: unknown Wilma Louisa Fabriquze Parnell Father name is: Pete Fabriquze and Mother name : Bessie Mae Clark. Wilma Fabriquze married William Lee Parnell on Dec ,12,1975 in L...

Parnell MP (deceased)

Parnell MP (1639 - d.)

Parnell MP (deceased)

Parnell MP (deceased)

(u) Parnell MP (b. - bef.1850)

(Unknown) Parnell (Chestnutt) MP (1670 - d.)

--- Parnell MP (1883 - d.)

BIRTH: 1. Monroe County Birth Records 1882-1920 Inclusive Letters A - Z Inclusive. "Name: Parnell Father: Chas L Mother: Martha J Hanson County: Monroe Gender: Female Birth Date: 23 Jul 1883 Book: H-...

----- Parnell MP (1632 - d.)

------ Parnell MP (deceased)

? Parnell MP (1872 - 1872)

? PARNELL MP (deceased)

coal miner

? Parnell MP (deceased)

? Parnell MP (deceased)

? Speight (Parnell) MP (deceased)

? Parnell MP (deceased)

? Parnell MP (c.1847 - d.)

? Parnell MP (deceased)

? Parnell MP (deceased)

???? Parnell MP (deceased)

Aaron Wilmer Parnell MP (deceased)

Abel Stephen Parnell MP (1836 - d.)

Abigail Parnell (Wolfe) MP (1825 - 1858)

Ada Mary Parnell (Huxley) MP (1860 - d.)

Ada J Parnell MP (1886 - 1981)

Ada Parnell MP (1881 - d.)

Ada Bartram (Parnell) MP (b. - 1916)

Ada Parnell (Price) MP (deceased)

Ada May Parnell MP (1894 - 1896)

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Ada Benona Parnell (McNair) MP (1919 - 1963)

Ada Lilian Irene Parnell (Baker) MP (1896 - 1986)

Name Ada Lillian Irene Parnell Event Type Death Event Date 17 Jan 1986 Event Place Sidney, British Columbia, Canada Gender Female Age 89 Marital Status Widowed Birth Date 31 Jul 1...

Ada Edith Parnell (Gray) MP (1890 - 1942)

Adalaide Parnell MP (deceased)

Adam Joseph Parnell MP (1871 - 1952)

Addie Parnell (Wilson) MP (deceased)

adoulph parnell MP (deceased)

Agnes O'Keefe MP (1876 - c.1964)

Agnes Parnell MP (1836 - d.)

Agnes Caroline Sophia Howard (Parnell) MP (1889 - 1968)

Agnes Beakbane (Parnell) MP (deceased)

Agnes Edna Sines (Parnell) MP (deceased)

agnes elizabeth 1898 (parnell) MP (1898 - d.)

Agnes Droddy (Parnell) MP (deceased)

Agnes E Purser (Parnell) MP (deceased)

Agneta Parnell MP (c.1839 - d.)

Albert John Parnell MP (1878 - d.)

Albert Parnell MP (1867 - d.)

Albert Edward E Parnell MP (1878 - d.)

Albert Parnell MP (deceased)

Albert J Parnell MP (1889 - d.)

Albert Lawrence Parnell MP (1880 - 1945)

Albert Edward Parnell MP (1913 - 1984)

At the outbreak of war he and his brother Ernie enlisted in the N.Z. Army and served overseas, Bert leaving N.Z. with the 2nd Echelon and going first to England, then to Egypt. He was in the 22nd Batta...

Albert Abner Truitt Parnell MP (deceased)

Alex Parnell MP (deceased)

Alexander Parnell MP (1881 - 1967)

Alfred James Parnell MP (1896 - d.)

Alfred Parnell MP (deceased)

Alfred Parnell MP (deceased)

Alfred Parnell MP (deceased)

Alfred Parnell MP (1874 - d.)

Alfred Parnell MP (1876 - d.)

alfred frederick parnell MP (1877 - 1959)

Alfred Douglas Comer Parnell MP (deceased)

Algie Parnell MP (1894 - 1979)

Alice Parnell MP (c.1699 - d.)

Alice Mary Parnell MP (c.1871 - 1954)

Of The Gift Houses, Harberton, Devon at death. Effects £3742 17s 1d. Probate to Winifred Ellen Austin spinster.

Alice Maud Parnell MP (c.1882 - d.)

Alice Susan Clear Parnell MP (c.1878 - 1963)

Alice Parnell MP (deceased)

Alice Tod (Parnell) MP (c.1868 - 1923)

Alice Bethal Parnell (Crow) MP (1915 - 2010)

Alice Jane Parnell (Woodwell) MP (deceased)

Alice May (Parnell) MP (1854 - 1926)

Alice May (Parnell) MP (deceased)

Alice Mary Parnell MP (1862 - d.)

Alice Isobel Wallace (Parnell) MP (1910 - 1987)

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Alice Matilda Parnell (Howland) MP (1880 - d.)

possible death record: Name Alice M Parnell Event Type Death Registration Quarter Oct-Nov-Dec Registration Year 1968 Registration District Romsey County Hampshire Event Place Romsey, Hampshire...

Alice Benstead Money (Parnell) MP (deceased)

Alice Parnell MP (deceased)

Alice Calhoun Parnell (Calhoun) MP (b. - 2008)


Alice V. Parnell MP (1850 - bef.1930)

Alicia Parnell MP (c.1693 - d.)